#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Mutual trust will improve doctor-patient relationship’

Since ancient times, in India, doctors have been treated with respect and, sometimes, even worshipped like gods. Patients have believed, trusted and had enormous confidence in them. The faith has been so strong that the medical profession was regarded as a noble profession, and their work was honoured with recognition

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Mutual trust will improve doctor-patient relationship’However, the situation has changed drastically over the past few years. Over a decade, or so, patients have increasingly started losing faith and trust in doctors. This is a grim reality, which we cannot afford to ignore anymore. We have to accept this bitter truth, and work towards regaining the lost faith of patients. With […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Tackle the problem of childhood obesity on priority’

The world is currently fighting a war against obesity, and India is no exception. One of the biggest health hurdles our country is facing is childhood obesity. If we want to win this battle, we need to act now! As responsible citizens, we need to join in the crusade against junk food to safeguard our next generation. On the occasion of World Obesity Day, My Medical Mantra shares an excerpt from the coffee table book Healthy Maharashtra - A vision document by eminent doctors. He speaks about the threat of childhood obesity and his opinions on it

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Tackle the problem of childhood obesity on priority’Obesity is spreading like an epidemic even in Maharashtra, which also faces an acute problem of malnutrition. There are three aspects to obesity. Adult obesity, which is mainly due to faulty eating patterns and erratic lifestyle. Genetic obesity, which affects around 20-25%. And, lastly, hormonal or metabolism-related obesity. The youth of India is our main […]

‘Doctors should devote their time in talking to patients’

Doctors, nurses, paramedical and support staff form a strong and robust framework of the ‘Health Pyramid’. Providing health services to a state is a herculean task, but stronger the pyramid, more robust the health system will be. If we can develop this pyramid, especially in rural areas, nothing can stop Maharashtra from becoming a healthy and prosperous state

‘Doctors should devote their time in talking to patients’Unfortunately, rural areas still do not have an adequate number of doctors and paramedical staff. We face an acute crunch of nursing staff as well. Due to non-availability of trained manpower, there is a disparity in the health services at urban and rural areas. Healthy Maharashtra should cover two major aspects: availability of specialised human […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Laproscopic surgery should be made available in rural areas’

Women are the pillars of strength of every home. The stability of a home depends on the health of women. A happy and healthy woman builds a strong foundation of a happy home. If a woman is unwell for a day, the home is in disarray

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Laproscopic surgery should be made available in rural areas’Women, today, are career-oriented and put in the same hours as the men. During the process, they are subjected to severe stress from the work and home fronts. Sustaining this pressure for a long time takes a massive toll on their bodies, and they end up paying a heavy price. Earlier, in case of complications, […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Medical students should go beyond academics’

I would like to draw your attention to a basic fact that is prevalent across India. We tend to focus all our energies on theoretical education and less on the practical aspect of learning

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Medical students should go beyond academics’Clinical acumen does not figure on the priority list of our undergraduate students, and all the efforts go into cramming to secure high grades. At the Post Graduate level, even the entrance exam focuses more on theory-based education. We need to give medical students a chance to train their minds to think about what’s beyond […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: Let’s wage a war against junk food right now and win it’

The baton of India’s future is in the hands of our youth. India can prosper only if they are geared up to fire, and for this, we need to build a healthy army. We must unite and fight against the menace of junk food, which is and will continue to ruin the health of generations to come

#HealthyMaharashtra: Let’s wage a war against junk food right now and win it’Junk food is unhealthy, to say the least. It is one of the reasons for the rise in obesity, heart ailments, hypertension and countless other health problems. We use the term ‘health is wealth’, but do we really encourage our children to eat and stay healthy? This is the first question that every parent must […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘This book will help strengthen policies on health,’ states Eknath Shinde

On September 28, My Medical Mantra presented the coffee-table book titled ‘Healthy Maharashtra – A Vision Document by Eminent Doctors’ to Maharashtra’s Health Minister Eknath Shinde and MP Shrikant Shinde. Thr minister appreciated this initiative of My Medical Mantra and stated that the book will help be of reference to policymakers

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘This book will help strengthen policies on health,’ states Eknath ShindeThe book was launched by the hands of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Wednesday, September 18 in Nashik. This book is a compilation of opinions and suggestions of various doctors whose aim is to make Maharashtra a healthy state. My Medical Mantra has been focusing on health-related issues that are of public importance. The organisation has […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Sustained efforts bearing fruits; Maharashtra 3rd on Healthy State Index’

A robust, efficient and accessible public health infrastructure is the chief support system of the healthcare apparatus of every state. Strong healthcare system will pave the way for a vigorous healthcare framework across the state

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Sustained efforts bearing fruits; Maharashtra 3rd on Healthy State Index’Once the mechanism is powerful, it can withstand any pressure. In the past few years, the government has taken serious efforts to build a concrete structure, with the aim to provide health services to all citizens. The NITI AAYOG has recognised our endeavour towards quality and assessable healthcare as well. In its recently released Healthy […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Education holds key to making Maharashtra a healthy state’

Maharashtra is a progressive and culturally rich state with a booming economy. Healthy people or the health of citizens is the prime objective of the state as it helps improve the entire nation's health and well-being

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Education holds key to making Maharashtra a healthy state’A state can be healthy if healthcare services are patient-centric. Affordable, assessable and advanced medical care facilities are the three paramount pillars of the healthcare system. As a state, we need to create a robust mechanism, by which we can strengthen our medical professionals by equipping them so they can tackle the health issues as […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Let’s join hands and build a Healthy Maharashtra,’ states Maha CM

Maharashtra is one of the most resourceful states in India, contributing almost 15 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Around 50 per cent of its people live in urban areas where our cities offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy a better lifestyle

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Let’s join hands and build a Healthy Maharashtra,’ states Maha CMHowever, in pursuit of becoming urban, we, as a state, must not ignore, overlook and forget prioritising the health of its citizens. Healthy individuals are the heartbeat of a nation, and improving citizens’ health must be one of the state’s core objectives. We are marching towards our goal to build a healthy and disease-free Maharashtra, […]