‘Focus on the health of children to build a healthy state’

We are all well-aware of the term – Health is Wealth. But how many of us have ever given a thought about what health truly means? When we talk about Healthy Maharashtra, we need to understand the meaning of health, and whose responsibility it is

‘Focus on the health of children to build a healthy state’Health is a shared responsibility of the government and parents. One cannot merely pass the buck on the government. As parents, we must share equal responsibility when it comes to ensuring healthy lives for our children. A healthy child will help build a healthy home, and healthy homes are the bricks that build a healthy […]

‘Awareness can help prevent chronic kidney ailments’

Kidney disease is a serious illness. While ‘acute’ kidney ailments can be cured completely, others called ‘chronic’ progress to reach end-stage, where lifelong dialysis or kidney transplant are the only options for survival

‘Awareness can help prevent chronic kidney ailments’In India, the burden of chronic kidney disease is huge and rising fast. An estimated 2,00,000 new patients are added to the dialysis patients’ pool each year. Only 15,000 continue dialysis after a month into their treatment, the rest drop out due to financial challenges or because of difficulties in reaching a dialysis centre on […]

‘Health and well-being is the backbone of happiness’

We are a country blessed with brilliant youth and we are committed to keeping them interested in the field of medicine. The government has invested so much money and passion in the health care industry.

‘Health and well-being is the backbone of happiness’Despite all this, we are still churning out young physicians who are not well trained. Despite the long years in medical college and the hard work, they do not seem to be able to hold their own in the world of real diseases and patients. While they are exposed to a variety of clinical situations, […]

‘We need to change the narrative about health in rural areas’

When we talk about Health, or a Healthy state, one must keep in mind the three major aspects by which the term Health is defined

‘We need to change the narrative about health in rural areas’First, our own family Second, our house and community And the Third, is village or city We generally tend to make a mistake of associating health on the physical or mental parameters only. But, what we forget is, our family, cleanliness, right to the clean environment, clean water and nutritious food also coincide with health. […]

‘Neurorehab centres are the need of the hour’

The aim should be to provide medical facilities to all regardless of the patient’s background. Medical facilities should not be a privilege but priority for all, to get proper treatment neurorehabilitation centres are the need of the hour

‘Neurorehab centres are the need of the hour’Healthy people make a healthy state. For every government, affordable and state-of-the-art patient care should be a key responsibility. I believe the concept of a healthy state rests on the principle of ‘PYRAMID’. The foundation of the pyramid has to be solid in order to support the superstructure of a robust healthcare system. Only then […]

‘Aim is to make women safer, stronger and smarter’

Women are the pillars of every home, every nation. A healthy woman builds a healthy family, healthy families build healthy nations. Only an educated, aware, informed and empowered woman knows how to keep herself healthy and binds a healthy family together

‘Aim is to make women safer, stronger and smarter’As we take strides into 2020, we, as women in India, need to be confident and take up the onus of uplifting fellow women. Though Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecologist Society of India’s (FOGSI) vision and mission is Healthcare for Woman, we are going much beyond that. FOGSI has launched a mission, which is WE […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Give special attention to organ donation and transplant’

The government needs to look at how they can fund transplants. One solution using a portion of tax collections into providing health insurance for everyone. This is crucial and will benefit a lot of people as most insurance companies do not cover transplants

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Give special attention to organ donation and transplant’I performed my first transplant surgery in 1995. When I received training, except for kidney, no other transplants would take place in India. While the scenario has drastically changed, our medical colleges in India are still not equipped to train students in conducting transplants. Except for AIIMS, no other medical college in India can conduct […]

‘Make every medical college a cancer treatment hub’

The rising number of cancer cases is a matter of great concern for the whole nation. The battle with Big C is no longer an individual’s; we need to stand united as a nation against it

‘Make every medical college a cancer treatment hub’Infrastructure, trained manpower, early detection and treatment and affordable medicines are the four vital limbs of cancer care. Health is a state subject, and if we want to make cancer care accessible to all, medical colleges across Maharashtra should be able to provide the same. They should be equipped with diagnostic and treatment facilities to […]

‘Watch what you eat to beat the diabesity monster’

The world is being plagued by the epidemic of ‘diabesity’. Diabetes and obesity are two non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that are spreading like an epidemic, and the worst affected are the youth. They are falling prey to diabesity because of the lifestyle they lead

‘Watch what you eat to beat the diabesity monster’Obesity and diabetes are two silent killers. While we are aware of their perils, we do not pay much attention to them. We are so caught up in the rut that we do not pay attention to what we eat and how much sugar, salt and trans-fats we consume. The looming threat of obesity has […]

‘Bring back our friendly neighbourhood family physicians’

Sound health is a combination of physical, mental and social wellbeing. A state can be healthy only if every individual is physically and mentally fit and socially active. The one person who we can rely on to make us 100% fit with complete assurance is the friendly neighbourhood family physician

‘Bring back our friendly neighbourhood family physicians’A family doctor is like a friend who provides preventive care, teaches us to follow a healthy lifestyle, identifies and treats medical conditions on time. They become a guide who shows us the right path to lead a healthy life. However, today, family doctors hardly exist. The trend is to run to specialists even when […]
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