World Malaria Day: Only 8 per cent cases detected in India

In 2016, India witnessed a total of 331 malaria deaths in 2016, making it the highest in the entire Southeast Asia. WHO's report added that India had the highest number of malaria deaths in 2016 among all other countries in the Southeast Asian region

World Malaria Day: Only 8 per cent cases detected in IndiaAlthough, the Union Health Minister, J P Nadda stated that India has reduced its new malaria cases by one third, and even crossed the malaria mortality targets of 2020 a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests otherwise. The report released by the WHO stated that India is still struggling to eliminate the disease. […]

Bloating: The ovarian cancer symptom most women don’t know about

New research reveals women who dismiss the symptom as minor and opt to self-treat are risking their lives. Worldwide ovarian cancer claims more than 4,000 lives a year

Bloating: The ovarian cancer symptom most women don’t know aboutOnly a third of women would see a doctor when they experience a major symptom of ovarian cancer, according to the charity Target Ovarian Cancer. When faced with persistent bloating, 34% of 1,142 women questioned by YouGov said they would visit their general physician. Half said they would change their diet by doing things like […]

Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?

Breastfeeding does acts as a method of birth control. This is due to the LAM idea meaning Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM). While ‘lactational’ refers to breastfeeding, ‘amenorrhea’ means not being able to menstruate. This means that when you feed your baby breast milk, you do not ovulate, and when you do not ovulate, you don’t have chances to get pregnant

Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for a newborn. Infection rates are lower as mother’s milk is rich in antibodies. Importantly, breastfeeding enhances the bond between mother and the child. We are also aware that breastfeeding is equally beneficial to the mother as it decreases the chances of post-partum […]

Breast cancer can affect men too, here’s what you need to know

Being extremely rare, male breast cancer is not among the discussion points in our lives. In many cases, the disease being undetected leads to its spreading to the lymph nodes or other areas. It develops in the small amount of breast tissue men have behind their nipples. The most common symptom is a hard, painless lump in one of the breasts

Breast cancer can affect men too, here’s what you need to knowBreast cancer, as we all know it, is usually assumed to be a worry only for women. It is true, however, men are also at risk but do not even know it. Male breast cancer is very rare and accounts for only 1% of all breast cancer cases. Despite the rare occurrence of breast cancer […]

Know about the top 5 illnesses which affect women

Women and men share most of the common illnesses; but there are few distinctions that set them apart from each other. The health of a woman can be differentiated and deserves special attention. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, doctors elaborate on the five common illnesses witnessed largely in women

Know about the top 5 illnesses which affect womenMenstrual Irregularities These can have various presentations right from puberty to menopause. Periods may be prolonged, heavy, scanty, delayed or frequent. Often, this can be physiological; however, it is important to rule out any underlying medical cause. In young adolescent girls, the cause of an irregular bleeding pattern could be a polycystic ovarian disease, thyroid […]

Here’s what to do if an elderly person suffers a heart attack

A heart attack happens when there is a sudden complete blockage of an artery that supplies blood to a section of the heart. As a result, some of the heart muscle starts to die. Most of the time, older adults are dependent on family members or caregivers to understand the signs and to get medical aid

Here’s what to do if an elderly person suffers a heart attackHeart attacks are very common amongst the elderly. According to the 2016 Global Burden of Disease Report, heart disease is the leading cause of death in India (17.8% of all the deaths), figures rising by 53% compared to 2005. Over the last 60 years, congenital heart disease prevalence has increased from 1% to 9-10% in […]

IIT-B scientists develop artificial pancreas to benefit diabetes patients

Scientists from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai, have created an artificial-pancreas, which would benefit the patients suffering from diabetes. Researchers say that they have implanted this device in the mice and conducted a 30-day trial and found that these implants caused no abnormalities to other organs

IIT-B scientists develop artificial pancreas to benefit diabetes patientsThe researchers from IIT-B have developed a bioartificial pancreas using a polymer-based fiber membrane, which is hollow, porous thread.  Its special feature is that it is biocompatible, so it can be put inside an animal for and can stay there for a long time. This device is a thin thread and can be injected using a […]

US doctors perform world’s first full penis and scrotum transplant

In what could be the first-of-its-kind surgery in the World, a US war veteran, who lost his genitals while fighting a war in Afghanistan, has received a full penis and scrotum transplant. Surgeons at Baltimore's John Hopkins University have rebuilt the veteran's entire pelvic region from the parts of a deceased donor

US doctors perform world’s first full penis and scrotum transplantDoctors in the United States have performed the World’s first full penis and scrotum transplant, on a soldier who was wounded while fighting in a war in Afghanistan. The surgery went on for 14 hours and surgeons connected tiny nerves, blood vessels, skin, muscles, and tendons to rebuild both, the man’s penis and its extensive surrounding […]

Heatwave: Maharashtra witness rise in fever, diarrhoea cases

Since the past few years, the temperature in the country has witnessed a steep increase in the summers. And this year as well, the temperatures are soaring high. Doctors are witnessing a rise in the number of cases of fever, vomiting, and various infections. So, the doctors form Maharashtra share what precautions need to be taken in order to beat the heat

Heatwave: Maharashtra witness rise in fever, diarrhoea casesMaharashtra state is reeling under a severe heatwave for the past few days. The rising mercury has already crossed the 40-degree mark, in Vidarbha and Marathwada districts. Also, the people staying in central and north Maharashtra, too have no respite from the rising temperature, and the Mumbaikars’ are sweating it out in the scorching sun. The […]

Dhol pathak group crowdfund for Deepali’s treatment

Deepali Dhomse, a 16-year-old girl from Dombivali, Maharashtra, had fallen from a crowded local train. She hails from a middle-class family, and her parents can not afford the cost of medical treatment. In order to raise funds for Deepali's treatment, 'Adishakti', a dhol pathak group from Dombiwali, has started crowdfunding. Deepali was also a one-of-the member of this dhol pathak group

Dhol pathak group crowdfund for Deepali’s treatmentDeepali Dhomse had met with an accident between Diva and Koper railway stations on the central railway, Mumbai on April 15. Deepali was immediately rushed to a private hospital, where she is currently undergoing treatment. Deepali hails from a lower-middle-class family, and the family can not afford the huge costs of treatment, so ‘Adishakti’– a dhol pathak […]
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