7 common causes of miscarriages

There is no experience more difficult than having to go through a miscarriage during pregnancy. Miscarriage is not only physically taxing, but very emotionally challenging as well. Yet, pregnancy loss can be even harder to deal with especially when it occurs time and time again

7 common causes of miscarriagesOne out of every 5 to 6 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage i.e. the pregnancy is lost. And if it happens three times in a row to a woman, then it can be disastrous. Recurrent pregnancy loss is one such situation which carries the burden of immense emotional stress to the couple concerned. To understand […]

Impact of viral infections on diabetics

Dr Tejal Lathia, a consultant endocrinologist at Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi shares how viral fever can have an impact on diabetes

Impact of viral infections on diabeticsThere is an intricate relationship between the viruses and diabetes. A virus is a microscopic organism, which leads to commonly occurring diseases like cold, cough, diarrhoea, and also, diseases like dengue as well. Viral infections are common in young children and the elderly. There are very few medicines that work in viral infections. Diabetes mellitus […]

Here’s why it is important to eat and not drink your food

Humans develop a set of teeth from an early age, for a good reason. We are supposed to chew and swallow our food. Many robust defences are built into this process. These days millions of people all over the world, consume smoothies for better health. Every year, few of them lose their life in unforeseen circumstances due to toxicity developed in certain juices

Here’s why it is important to eat and not drink your foodRecently, cases of people who died due to consuming bottle gourd (dudhi/lauki) juice have been reported in the country. The juice that they consumed, unfortunately, was bitter due to excess content of cucurbitacin. This is a natural toxin produced by the cucumber family of vegetables. Its bitterness is a warning sign to avoid it. What […]

#BacktoSchool: 5 topics to discuss with your child

While it is slightly difficult to keep an eye on your child, all the time during school, maintaining a communicative relationship will help ease these gaps and ease your mind. Encouraging healthy habits at a young age will soothe this process

#BacktoSchool: 5 topics to discuss with your childAt school, a child may be facing pressures, and this certainly affects the parents as well. As a parent, one may be worrying about certain things like their child’s academic performance, mental health, stability and relationships with fellow classmates and teachers Here are a few topics to discuss with your child, as they head back […]

International Yoga Day: 5 reasons why yoga is good for your kidneys

Yoga is an ancient practice and a form of therapy which harmoniously combines the mind-body relaxation techniques

International Yoga Day: 5 reasons why yoga is good for your kidneysRegular practice of yoga improves the musculoskeletal system that provides form, support, stability and movement to the body. It also positively influences the autonomic nervous system that helps the body rest, relax, and digest food. This is turn improves many lifestyle diseases including kidney disease. The five main ways in which yoga helps a kidney […]

How can yoga help during menstruation?

On the eve of World Yoga Day, Prajakta Borse, Sports Nutritionist, and Yoga Expert shares how Yoga helps in our daily routine. And what impact does it have on women in their menstruation cycle

How can yoga help during menstruation?The World Yoga Day indeed gives us an opportunity to build a healthy nation with adaptive inner senses and increased awareness. Yoga also improvises emotional threshold, so that you are less likely to get frustrated, angry or upset. Yoga helps you to stay positive during difficult phases in life. Staying healthy and positive from inside […]

Back to school: Watch the weight of your child’s backpack!

A consultant joint replacement and spine surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan - Dr Raghavendra KS, shares how to reduce the burden of your child’s backpack and to keep them healthy

Back to school: Watch the weight of your child’s backpack!The holidays are now over, and as the new academic year commences, parents must prepare as much as their children for a long year ahead. The preparation includes readjusting schedules, restructuring meal times, homework schedules, television and bedtime routines, and on the top of the list is keeping your child healthy. While focusing on the […]

5 reasons why yoga is good for your heart

With International Yoga Day just around the corner approaching soon, Dr Santosh Kumar Dora, senior Cardiologist at Asian Heart Institute, informs us how yoga can have a positive impact on heart health

5 reasons why yoga is good for your heartMany studies have shown tremendous health benefits of yoga including that of cardiac health.  Yoga is a body-mind activity which helps in flexibility, muscle strengthening, balance, relaxation and concentration. Followings are the cardiac benefits of yoga: Decreases stress Stress leads to increase in stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which increase heart rate and blood […]

Seven tips to follow this monsoon for skin and hair care

Dr Amit Karkhanis, a Medical Cosmetologist and founder of Dr Tvacha Clinic, shares tips for monsoon skin and hair care

Seven tips to follow this monsoon for skin and hair careOnce the monsoon sets in, people get a feeling of satisfaction that they no longer need to deal with the sweltering heat. However, with this feeling, comes the problem of rising humidity and unprepared drenching, that can be dangerous for your skin and hair. Here are some tips which can save your skin and hair […]

Monsoon mantra: A nutritionist’s guide to a healthy monsoon

Many people are climate sensitive and often experience cold, cough, allergies, headache, joint pains and triggering of existing complaints. Following a healthy lifestyle can help you get rid of it

Monsoon mantra: A nutritionist’s guide to a healthy monsoonWe all enjoyed mangoes, jack fruit, ice apples (tadgolas) in summer and now the rains are here to give us respite from prickly heat. Fill in your plate with all seasonal greens and fruits. Some vegetables many of which you may not have even heard of should be the part of your meal, now, since […]
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