Immunity boosting nutrients which you should include in your kid’s diet

The right nutrition in early years of life, starting from birth, is crucial in building a strong immune system of your child; and parents play a pivotal role in laying this foundation. A well-balanced nutritious diet can strengthen your children’s immune system resulting in fewer episodes of runny noses, colds and gastrointestinal symptoms

Immunity boosting nutrients which you should include in your kid’s dietA balance mix of all major nutrients along with essential vitamins and minerals, can keep your child’s immune system strong. Good nutrition helps in early recovery, more efficiently and leading to less complications. When children get exposed to viruses or pathogens, someone with a weakened immune system is more vulnerable to catch infection than one […]

Here’s how you can tackle these 5 deadly monsoon related diseases

When the monsoons hit the country, a whiff of damp Earth engulfs our senses; we are often habituated to sipping on a cup of hot tea with a plate of our favourite comfort snacks, listening to 90’s retro music and enjoying the sound of raindrops. However, the reality of the seasonal situation is a bit different

Here’s how you can tackle these 5 deadly monsoon related diseasesMost common difficulties faced are seasonal illnesses, which are a package monsoon deal. Often caused due to environmental factors, here are the five most common monsoon diseases that you need to look out for. Preparing to tackle them effectively is half the battle won. Dengue A disease spread by mosquitoes that typically bite early in […]

Enjoy monsoon, but with proper care

In the past few years, we have witnessed the monsoon season bring with it a series of calamities. Therefore, it is very important for each one of us to be prepared during this monsoon

Enjoy monsoon, but with proper careIn the past few years, Mumbai is witnessing the monsoon season bring along with it a series of calamities. The 2005 floods are still fresh in the minds of many Mumbaikars, and every season, a sentimental feeling of doubt towards the rains stems in people’s minds. People should be prepared to face the possible disaster […]

Monsoon: How to deal with fungal infections and other skin conditions

It is that time of the year when we welcome rains with open arms. Heavy downpour reminds us lazy days, umbrella, masala chai, samosas and just chilling in a blanket at home. But, the rains bring not only a welcome respite from the heat of summer; they also bring a whole new set of problems for your skin

Monsoon: How to deal with fungal infections and other skin conditionsLong hours of staying in wet clothes, repeated exposure to contaminated water and constant high environmental humidity cause physical discomfort as well as myriad of skin problems and allergies. Humidity is a very familiar breeding ground for a host of bacteria, fungus & other infections that grow on the skin unchecked. Also the high acid […]

7 Tips for dentists and surgeons to prevent occupation-based back pain

Most of us do not quite enjoy our periodic visits to the doctor as sympathy often lies fairly and squarely with the patient. However, what many people fail to appreciate is that these situations place considerable musculoskeletal demands on health professionals, such as dentists and surgeons while they are treating us in an attempt to improve the quality of our lives

7 Tips for dentists and surgeons to prevent occupation-based back painThe cause of this lies in the fact that, for a patient, medical visits typically involve sitting in a comfortable reclined position, while the dentist often has to bend to perform the oral work. In the case of a surgeon, while the patient is usually unconscious or supine, the medical professional must contort their own […]

#DoctorsDay: A 6-step plan to help doctors deal with occupational stress

On the occasion of doctor’s day, here are a few factors contributing to a doctor’s stressful life along with an expert plan for stress relief

#DoctorsDay: A 6-step plan to help doctors deal with occupational stressAll over the world, individuals are generally advised to speak to a doctor when stress-related issues feel too challenging, and rightly so. Doctors are trained to understand the causes and effects of stress which enables them to point us to health resources for stress management. While they may be quite adept at managing their own […]

Don’t ignore your skin this monsoon!

Dr Smriti Naswa Singh, a Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetic Dermatologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, shares her insights on different types of skin and tips to prevent the skin from getting damaged during monsoon

Don’t ignore your skin this monsoon!Monsoon season brings a sigh of relief after the scorching heat in summers. It, however, comes with its share of problems; skin, for example, needs utmost care and nurturing in this season. A multitude of myths and misconceptions prevail, which make us treat our skin with harsh chemicals, detergents, resort to aggressive methods like overzealous […]

Understanding acute encephalitis syndrome

Dr Sanjith Saseedharan, Head, Intensive Care Unit, SL Raheja Hospital, clears the doubts about the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome, which is a condition, and not a disease. He also shares his insights about the syndrome

Understanding acute encephalitis syndromeAcute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) is not a disease; it is a condition where the brain and its associated structures get inflamed. This neurological and medical emergency is a part of a spectrum of conditions, which may or may not include meningitis, which is inflammation of the coverings of the brain, inflammation of the brain matter […]

Know how menstruation affects your oral hygiene

Menstruation gingivitis is a common oral problem women go through. It occurs due to hormonal fluctuations during the course of menstruation or before. Further gingivitis can also make you fall prey to periodontitis (tooth mobility)

Know how menstruation affects your oral hygieneThe surge in the production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone that occurs during menstruation increases the blood flow to the gums. In this process the gum tissues become red, soft, swollen and tender, further leading to conditions like bad breath, bleeding gums, bleeding while tooth brushing, gingival pain and discomfort while chewing hard foods. This condition is experienced one […]

Tackling common illnesses in monsoon

Dr Upasana Sharma, Head, Emergency and Trauma, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, shares her insights about the monsoon-related ailments, its symptoms, and its prevention

Tackling common illnesses in monsoonEnjoying the first showers of the season, eating at roadside stalls, and playing in puddles, is how many of us wish to be associated with the monsoon. However, it is a busy time for doctors, as the season brings with it a multitude of illnesses; Prompt examination and treatment is of utmost importance. It is […]