All you need to know about female sexual disorders

Sexual problems in females are very prevalent and commonly associated with physiological concerns and the quality of life. Many women experience problems with sexual function at some point. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage of life

All you need to know about female sexual disordersFemale sexual disorders (FSD) include:  Sexual desire disorders Lack of interest in sex Unable to achieve orgasm Sexual pain disorders: Dyspareunia: Pain during intercourse Vaginismus: Painful spasmodic involuntary vaginal contractions  Risk Factors for FSD  Psychological factors: Anxiety Depression Persistent daily and acute stress Individual and partners variables such as history of abuse, self-esteem, relationship conflict, lack […]

What is dengue shock syndrome?

Dengue shock syndrome is one among the stages of dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is a fatal condition, usually occurs in extremes of ages as in young children and in elderly people

What is dengue shock syndrome?Who are more prone to dengue fever? It is believed that people with weak immune system and those who are developing a second dengue infection, are more vulnerable to dengue fever. The severity also depends on multiple reasons such as immunity, recurrent dengue infection, and multiple co morbidities and so on and also who are suffering […]

‘Healthcare sector should strive to reduce patient’s dissatisfaction’

The gap between patient’s expectations about his/her treatment, including cost of treatment, and actual treatment model which includes various factors like drugs, technology, surgeries etc. is widening and needs to be bridged to avoid unpleasant incidents

‘Healthcare sector should strive to reduce patient’s dissatisfaction’The Indian healthcare sector is at crossroads. In recent past, there have been incidents of various types with wide publicity in print and visual media, as well as social media, creating doubts about efficacy, honesty and rationality of private as well as public health sector. There is a strong need for dispassionate analysis of the […]

How does sex addiction affect personal relationships  

A person with sexual addiction is obsessed with sex or has an abnormally intense sex drive. Their thoughts are dominated by sexual activity, to the point where this affects other activities and interactions. If these urges become uncontrollable, the person can have difficulty functioning in social situations

How does sex addiction affect personal relationships  What is ‘Sex Addiction’? A ‘compulsive preoccupation’ with any activity that can make the person ‘dysfunctional’ in the very primary areas of life such as studies/work, relationships, health, hygiene etc. could be classified as addiction. Sexual addiction, therefore, implies an unrelenting inability in a person to control one’s sexual urges/behaviour/preoccupation despite having a complete knowledge […]

A hygienic start: Teach your kids the basics of personal hygiene  

Poor personal hygiene makes your children vulnerable to infection. You can keep your kid away from bacteria causing disease by teaching them personal hygiene habits. It’s quite rewarding if your children already practice good hygiene. If not, now is a right time to teach them

A hygienic start: Teach your kids the basics of personal hygiene  Children are remarkably good at getting soiled and messy, either while playing in the muck, or by using their sauce-smeared dirty hands to scratch themselves or wipe their nose without a tissue. Childhood is the perfect time for you to start training your kid about healthy hygiene regimes. Teaching good hygienic habits is much more […]

Women at a higher risk of heart disease post menopause

After menopause, there is a risk of increase in cardiac disease as the protection offered by estrogen declines. At the age of 50 years more than 50 per cent of the deaths occur in women, due to problems related to cardiac health

Women at a higher risk of heart disease post menopauseCardiovascular health has had its fair share of exposure. People have heard of it, even if they haven’t undergone a procedure personally. However, when it comes to women symptoms become more evident after the onset of menopause. While heart disease is considered as a man’s disease, globally it claims more lives among women than men. […]

A guide to understand and tackle falls among the elderly

Recurrent falls are a critical cause of morbidity and mortality in elderly and a marker of poor physical and cognitive status. Studies in Indian population have shown that incidence of falls in elderly (60 years of age and above) ranges from 14 per cent to 52 per cent

A guide to understand and tackle falls among the elderlyWhen a person grows older, mobility concerns come in to play. Falls are one of the major health problems amongst senior citizens and a common cause of injury in this age group; an event which is most of the times accidental and seen mainly in elderly individuals. Recurrent falls are a critical cause of morbidity […]

Here’s how to identify and treat exercise addiction

Exercise addiction usually starts with a desire for physical fitness. An eating disorder, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, may lead to an unhealthy obsession with exercise. A body dysmorphic disorder, or body image disorder, may also cause exercise addiction

Here’s how to identify and treat exercise addictionAddiction to ‘drugs’ (or substances; a better scientific term) are known since ages. Not much surprisingly, certain behaviours can be addictive too, though the attention over them is a recent development. The increased usage of smartphones, the Internet, and online gaming is a real cause of concern by the end of 2017. And to add […]

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?

One of the questions that we are all constantly asked by people is – are multi-vitamin supplements really good for us or are they just overrated?

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?There is no right or wrong answer to this question, to be honest, so I decided to list out these common lifestyle reasons that shows us missing out on valuable nutrients: Many of us tend to overcook food, either by using too much oil or by reducing vegetables to a pulp, which is then over-seasoned […]

What is digital pathology? Here’s what you need to know

In essence, digital pathology extends the limits of microscopy, enabling students, educators, researchers, and clinicians to share tissue samples. Images sent or shared over the Internet or through specific analysis software open the path to a new and exciting microscopy tool ensuring optimal patient treatment

What is digital pathology? Here’s what you need to knowFrom simply remotely viewing patient slides, to consulting specialists real time within India and other parts of the world – the applications of digital pathology are endless. Until the advent of this technology, histological slides and photographs the primary ways images seen under a microscope lens could be shared with others. Digital pathology eliminates some […]