These last minute exam tips are really helpful

Dr Harish Shetty, Psychiatrist at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, shares 51 tips for students and their families on what needs to be done a day before board exams

It is again that time of the year when students who are appearing for their board exams are under immense stress. Not just them, but even their parents and family members are under pressure. Most of the times, the expectations set by parents and family members prove to be an impediment in exam preparations for their kids.

So, Dr Harish Shetty, Psychiatrist at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, shares these easy-to-follow 51 tips for parents, families and students to ensure that board exams do not be a burden.

exam tips

  1. Pack your bags the previous night with the hall ticket
  2. Sleep early
  3. Eat well and have fruit juices, if appetite is less
  4. Avoid phone calls from curious relatives
  5. Read as much as you can. Avoid revising every line a day before
  6. No last minute revision while going to the exam hall
  7. No last minute discussions about the subject
  8. Do not think about the entire syllabus, focus on the page
  9. Wear light cotton clothes with a couple of pockets, avoid fancy clothes or blazers
  10. Stay away from social networking sites
  11. Wish your friends profusely, it will relax you
  12. Avoid very anxious friends
  13. Avoid sermonising your children just before exams
  14. Do not carry chits, books, mobile to exam hall
  15. Do not chase leaked question papers or very important questions
  16. Do not meet or talk to too many teachers before the exams
  17. Travel early to the hall and avoid driving or cycling on your own
  18. Pray if you feel and ask God to help you enjoy exams
  19. Breathe deep and slow for a few minutes just before exams
  20. Take a break for few seconds after every answer
  21. Begin by answering best question and do not read entire question paper
  22. Do not try to communicate with anyone in class while papers are on
  23. If you go blank, take deep breaths and be quiet for some time, answer will pop up
  24. Move to next answer in case of difficulty with the one in hand
  25. Check answer paper once it is over
    Dr Harish Shetty
    Dr Harish Shetty
  26. Do not discuss answer paper once it is over
  27. No post-mortem of paper with parents or teachers
  28. Focus on next after going home
  29. Do not plan for post exams party while exams are on
  30. No excessive coffee or tea for staying awake
  31. Scan what you know, read what you know less and skip a little that you find tough
  32. Do not watch excessive TV during exams
  33. Drink enough water and have fruits and vegetables
  34. While studying, avoid calling friends, except during ten-minute breaks after every 45 minutes of studying
  35. During breaks, avoid touching TV remote
  36. Eat at home and avoid restaurant food
  37. Share your feelings with loved ones whom you trust
  38. Take bath regularly, twice if you can
  39. When tensed, do some relaxation exercises and listen to music
  40. When the page does not turn, move on to the next
  41. Do not smoke, consume alcohol or intoxicants
  42. Be in touch with friends, boyfriend or girlfriend if it helps you
  43. Crack jokes with parents, siblings to lighten the mood
  44. While having lunch or dinner with parents, avoid discussions about studies
  45. Ask parents to maintain house atmosphere. No angry outbursts
  46. Sit next to the child if it helps him / her while studying, stay away if it is harmful
  47. Play for 30 minutes during exams. Avoid playing games that can cause injuries, especially to your fingers
  48. Use mosquito net, tackle flies and mosquitoes to avoid dengue and malaria
  49. Do not bother about prospective colleges or careers
  50. Do not have long afternoon naps and sleep continuously for 7 hours
  51. If a paper is difficult share the pain with friends, favourite teachers or relatives

If you feel sleepless, irritable, sad, scared, worthless, want to run away from the house, then see a counsellor immediately or call 1860 266 2345/02225706000

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