Daytime wounds heal faster than injuries at night, discover researchers

The key to accelerated daytime wound healing, the scientists found, was that skin cells moved more rapidly to repair the wound and there was also more collagen, the main structural protein in skin, deposited around the wound site

Daytime wounds heal faster than injuries at night, discover researchersOur internal body clocks cause wounds such as cuts and burns sustained during the day to heal around 60 per cent faster than those sustained at night, scientists have discovered in a finding that has implications for surgery and wound-healing medicines. It found burns sustained at night took an average of 28 days to heal, […]

Woman suffers burns while lighting diya

Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights, involves colours and fireworks. But it could also turn dark if you do not take proper care. This year too, the plastic surgeons and burn specialists witnessed people suffering from burn injuries due to fireworks. Experts say that it’s not so much about lighting crackers but more so about the way to light it

Woman suffers burns while lighting diyaThe festival, which signifies the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, people decorate their houses with oil lamps, burst firecrackers and prepare delicious sweets. Like most of us, on Thursday evening Nita Pandey (name changed) was lighting diya at her house in Thane, when her saree caught fire. Immediately, she rushed to the local […]

A TO Z guide for a safe Diwali

The Supreme Court has recently passed a directive to ban the sale of firecrackers in the National Capital to curb potential rise in pollution and health issues during Diwali. However, other cities and metros will continue to indulge in the festive celebrations with fireworks. Dr Sandeep Gore, Consultant and Head, Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, tells you how to handle medical emergencies in a time of distress

A TO Z guide for a safe Diwali“With the festival of light drawing closer, emergency services are gearing up to tackle medical emergencies. Always have a first aid box handy while bursting crackers, this should consists of – Band-Aids, gauze pads, crêpe rolled bandages, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes or ethyl alcohol, thermometer, sanitizer and distilled water for cleaning […]

Benefits of drinking hot water

Drinking hot water will not cure any diseases but, as long as the water is not scalding, the risks are minimal. So people who already enjoy hot water or who want to try a simple method for improving their health should feel assured that they are benefitting from it

Benefits of drinking hot waterDrinking enough water can support skin, muscle, and joint health. Water helps the body’s cells absorb nutrients and fight infections. Drinking a few glasses of warm or hot water each day might offer even more benefits. Although there is little scientific research on the benefits of drinking hot water, alternative health advocates argue that hot […]

Safe Diwali: Let’s teach children to prevent burns

The National Burns Centre in Airoli has been an extra mile to spread awareness about prevention of fires and skin donation among children from July to December each year. With Diwali round the corner, NBC talks to My Medical Mantra about its School Education Programme which aims to educate children about preventing burns

Safe Diwali:  Let’s teach children to prevent burnsBurns and its treatment has been quite a task in the country. Time and again there have been immense discussions about primitive care. Yet, experts have always said that it is best to prevent burns. “In India, maximum burns occur in women and children especially during Diwali which is a Festival of Lights and crackers. […]

Many burn patients die in the first 48 hours owing to inappropriate primary management

Given the inadequacy for treating burns, it is unfortunate that even among doctors there is a lot of unawareness regarding the same. The need for primary burns treatment is a matter of discussion since a very long time. However, doctors now say that if this problem is solved, a lot of lives could be saved 

Many burn patients die in the first 48 hours owing to inappropriate primary managementMany lives could be saved in the country if there was adequate primary management specifically in terms of burns patients, say doctors. Let’s take the case of Sheetal Patkar (name changed). Had she been treated on time, she could have been alive, say doctors. “The problem is that most of these patients are treated by […]

Accepting a firm ‘NO’ must be taught to your kids

Three years ago, in a fit of rage, an impulsive action proved to result in dire consequences for this child. And that is what Rohit Kumar is facing even today. So deep were his burns that he had to undergo multiple surgeries and is still under treatment, he is trying very hard to gain confidence

Accepting a firm ‘NO’ must be taught to your kidsWhat would a typical 11-year-old do if you refuse to buy him jeans of his choice? In most cases, the kid would be disturbed, cry or scream. However, would you expect the kid to burn himself? That’s exactly what Rohit Kumar (name changed) did. Kumar was the only son of an army officer who, on […]

I have become strong and independent now, says burn victim

For five years now, operation RESTORE camp has been reaching and providing medical facilities to those suffering from burn deformities and who cannot afford them. As many as 23 patients are to undergo free correction surgeries as a part of the operation RESTORE camp, at the National Burns Centre (NBC) in Airoli. The Centre sees doctors across the country coming voluntarily to perform these surgeries

I have become strong and independent now, says burn victimFrom being a confident, jovial person to becoming the strong and independent person, Nafisa Khan (name changed) had gone through a rough journey. It all happened back in 2015, while she was cooking on a stove, at her residence in Sangli, when her kurta caught fire. What seemed like an end to her life, turned […]

Simple ways to treat pain at home

Pain can strike anytime; you need to do something about it. We have listed simple ways on how you can manage it efficiently, but do see a physician if it does not subside

Simple ways to treat pain at homePain from injury, accident, or illness can happen to anyone at any time. You can do a number of things at home to feel better. But go to a doctor if it suddenly gets worse or changes — especially if there’s tingling, numbness, or burning — or if nothing you try makes you feel better. […]

Shocking statistics of women burn victims in India and steps to rehabilitate them in society

The study was conducted by PCVC in Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi. This study reveals that among the total burn injuries 50% were women, 20-25% were men and 10-15% were children. In women burn cases, 90% are suicidal or homicidal

Shocking statistics of women burn victims in India and steps to rehabilitate them in societyAccording to National Burns Programme, burn injuries have claimed 91,000 lives of women in a year in India. The startling figures were revealed at a conference ‘Building a Holistic Support System for Women Burn Survivors of Violence’, which was held on Saturday, wherein women dying of burn injuries was the central theme of discussion. The conference […]