‘VPS Healthcare docs have promised Eman will be able to walk. That’s the difference,’ says Shaimaa Selim

After circulating a video claiming that her sibling, Eman Ahmed, was critically ill and the claims of her recovery made by the doctors at Saifee Hospital were a lie, Shaimaa Selim awaits to fly to Abu Dhabi for her Eman’s further treatment

Eman Ahmed had recently undergone a CT Scan at Saifee Hospital. Also seen in the picture is her sister Shaimaa Selim

“They have promised that Eman will be able to walk. That is the difference between Saifee Hospital doctors and VPS Healthcare doctors,” says Shaimaa Selim, sister of Eman Ahmed who was once the world’s heaviest woman, as they wait to be flown to Abu Dhabi on Sunday (April 30).

On April 23, Shaimaa had circulated a video where she claimed her sibling was critically ill and the claims of her recovery made by the doctors at Saifee Hospital were a lie.

Eman was admitted to Saifee Hospital on February 11, 2017, weighing 500kg after she was flown down from Alexandria to Mumbai. She underwent a bariatric surgery on March 7. She presently weighs 176kg, but her sister refuses to believe Eman has lost those many kilos.

On April 26, a team of four doctors from VPS Healthcare visited Eman and volunteered to take her to Abu Dhabi for further treatment.

“We have done our best and it is a medical miracle that with all the odds in terms of number of health complications she had, we did the surgery and she has lost significant number of kilos. She was 500kg as per her family and sister. We had weighed her before the surgery and she was 378kg and today she is 176kg. She can now sit with support for hours. She now needs a good neurological rehabilitation,” said Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, one of her treating doctors.

The hospital had planned to send Eman home where she could continue her physiotherapy and enrol her for new drug trial after six months for further weight loss as genetic testing revealed she had a rarest genetic defect. Shaimaa, however protested saying Eman is not fit for discharge.

With VPS Healthcare of Abu Dhabi now volunteering to take care of Eman’s further treatment, Saifee Hospital doctors has now started preparing her discharge procedures.

Eman Ahmed, her sister Shaimaa Selim with VPS Healthcare doctors and bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala in Egypt last year

They said they will be very happy if VPS manages to make Eman walk.

“Her legs are deformed. They are underdeveloped due to disuse for more than 25 years. They are bowed because of the weight and she has paralysis of right side of the body. Walking is not a possibility,” said Dr Bhasker.