Obesity major contributor to liver failure disease

Fatty liver is an accumulation of fat in the liver. Obesity is the biggest cause of fatty liver. This is especially true in urban cities like Mumbai. With majority of Mumbaikars following unhealthy lifestyle and junk food eating habit, doctors say non-alcoholic fatty liver related liver failure is on a rise and obesity is the reason for it

Obesity is a major contributor to liver failure disease, say experts. With majority of Mumbaikars following unhealthy lifestyle and having junk food eating habits, doctors say non-alcoholic fatty liver related liver failure is on a rise and obesity is the reason for it. Dr Samir Shah, Head of the Hepatology, Liver Intensive Care and Transplant […]

In a rare surgery, Iraq boy born with eight limbs gets new lease of life in India

A baby born with eight limbs, including two protruding from his stomach, has undergone surgery in India to successfully remove the extra arms and legs, in an operation being hailed as a world first

In a rare and unique surgery, doctors remove eight extra limbs from a seven-month-old baby brought to India from Iraq for the operation. Karam was born with an extremely rare condition where a conjoined twin did not fully develop and was partially absorbed, which resulted in additional limbs. Sarwed Ahmed Nadar, the boy’s father, flew […]

To make medicines affordable, Centre set-up panel to revisit pharma pricing policy

The committee will review and suggest major improvements in the Drug (Prices Control) Order, 2013, (DPCO, 2013). This step has been taken to provide affordable medicines by taking measures for pricing policy

“I have been buying medicines for my mother’s diabetes and hypertension treatment since 15 years. I am a labourer and the expenses have made a big hole in my pocket. Every month, I have to spend around Rs1,000, whereas my total income is Rs7,000. I need to look after other expenses also,” said 35-year -old, […]

Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh joins ongoing Save Aaradhya campaign, appeals to the nation to spread a word

Following the #SaveAaradhya campaign held on the social media sites on April 8, many eminent personalities and commoners have joined the cause. The momentum continued and increased over the weekend as the fight to find a heart continues

Following the #SaveAaradhya campaign, which received an overwhelming response on social media on April 8, many have been showing their support for the campaign as the momentum continued over the weekend and even on Monday, April 10. Aaradhya Mule, a four-year-old Mumbai girl, who is battling dilated cardiomyopathy, an end-stage heart disease, is in dire […]

Patient attacks doctor in Mumbai with blade, arrested

The accused had come to the hospital around 12am to treat his minor injuries. While doctors were attending him, he took the surgical blade from the tray and attacked a resident doctor

A resident doctor associated with Mumbai’s civil-run KEM Hospital was attacked on Monday morning by a patient. The patient, who was under the influence of alcohol, attacked the doctor with blade around 12.45am on Monday. The accused identified as a Sunil Bhamle (22) is a Shivadi resident and had come to hospital around 12am to […]

Knee pain an increasing complaint among young women too

Doctors say lack of proper diet and vitamin deficiency and other problem among younger women when they reach 30 years is also reported.  Women are genetically inclined to joints’ pain and arthritis in comparison to their male counterparts, but it has increased due to sedentary lifestyle

Kalpana Shinde (58), Andheri (Mumbai) resident, is suffering from knee pain since a year-and-half. Even after medication for over a year, she has found no relief from her pain. “I often get knee pain when I stand or walk for a longer period of time. I own a small shop so I have to stand. […]

Natural killers: Fruits and veggies that can be poisonous for you

Not all that we eat is beneficial for our health. Here is a list of fruits and veggies which can even kill you

Underneath its spiky exterior, the fruit is smooth, juicy and beautifully sweet. The spikes of the lychee fruit – also known as litchi – may be a deterrent for some animals, but for humans willing to break it away, it’s an exotic and tasty treat. And often, just one is not enough. But if eaten […]

Nagpur’s intern doctor experiences his moment from 3 Idiots, delivers baby in train using WhatsApp

An intern from Nagpur medical college, 22-year-old Dr Vipin Khadse used his presence of mind and technology to deliver a baby while on board the Ahmedabad-Puri express on April 7. What sets his case apart is the fact that he had never assisted a delivery procedure before and has been an intern only for a month

Even in the times when technology has made notable progress, it would be difficult to imagine if doctors can use that technology in a train to deliver a baby. For Indians, it is a fictional incident which can be easily portrayed in a movie, for instance Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. But, for 22-year-old Dr Vipin […]

Save Aaradhya campaign reaches over 20,000 people in just three hours on social media

The campaign was run on April 8 between 6pm to 9pm and it received close to 10,000 tweets on Twitter and it reached close to 12,000 people on Facebook. Many volunteered to go live on Facebook, including Aaradhya’s father Yogesh Mule

My Medical Mantra is glad to inform its readers that the social media campaign #SaveAaradhya received an overwhelming response on social media platforms Twitter and Facebook. The campaign’s motto was to spread awareness on four-year-old Mumbai child Aaradhya Mule’s struggle to find a donor heart. The campaign was run on April 8 between 6pm to […]

Save Aaradhya: A call to the nation to save a life

This documentary tracks one-year-long painful journey of three-year-old Aaradhya Mule who is fighting an end-stage heart disease. It shows the struggle of her hapless parents who are running from pillar to post in search of a heart for transplant

Save Aaradhya: A call to the nation to save a life#SaveAaradhya - Do you have a ‘Heart’ for this 3-year-old? (An English Documentary)   Who is Aaradhya Mule? Aaradhya Mule is a three-year-old Mumbai girl who is suffering from end-stage heart disease (Dilated Cardiomyopathy). She was diagnosed with the disease in April, 2016. Aaradhya has viral myocarditis, which is a viral infection affecting function of […]
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