First cadaver donation of 2017 at Sion Hospital

The deceased person’s heart was allocated to Fortis hospital. The liver was allocated to KEM Hospital. One kidney was allocated to Hinduja hospital, while other was allocated to Sion Hospital

First cadaver donation of 2017 at Sion HospitalThe first cadaver donation of the year happened in Sion Hospital on Sept 28. Abraham John, a 35-year-old man’s organs were donated to the various hospitals in the city. Abraham who was from Kerala was hospitalised in Sion Hospital on Sept 26 after he met with a railway accident. His heart was allocated to Fortis […]

Amyra Dastur reveals her fitness and beauty secrets

Super svelte, toned and beautiful Amyra Dastur, who debuted with the flick ‘Issaq’ mesmerised the audiences with her pretty looks and acting skills. Having started her career as a model at the age of 16, Amyra is an absolute fitness freak. She is a popular face in TV commercials. The gorgeous actress, who is gearing up for her debut Telugu flick ‘Raju Gadu Yama Danger’, shares her fitness and beauty formulas with My Medical Mantra

From being a pretty damsel to having a captivating personality, there isn’t anything that actress Amyra Dastur doesn’t have in her kitty.  Well, let’s have a look at how she keeps her body into shape. MMM: What is your fitness regime like? Amyra: When I’m in Mumbai, I attend dance classes thrice-a-week for two hours. […]

‘India a hub of training and teaching EUS,’ says Dr Maydeo

The three-day Asian Endo-ultrasound (EUS) conference that kick-started with a bang on Thursday, it will play host to a number of invitees from India as well as doctors and endoscopists from abroad. Dr Amit Maydeo, organising chairman of the conference and the director of Baldota Institute of Digestive Sciences (BIDS), Global Hospital, Mumbai, said, “The idea of the […]

‘EUS conference is all about combining the endoscopy and ultrasound technology for better research’

EUS conference will be full of knowledge, experience and fun-filled teachings for the young endoscopists that focus on finding solutions to demography-specific ailments

The Endoscopy Ultra Sound (EUS) technique is the newest indispensable part of endoscopy procedure and will be the key point of focus at the Asian EUS conference that has commenced on Thursday. Dr Vinay Dhir, the organizing secretary of the conference, said, “EUS conference is all about combining the endoscopy and ultrasound technology that is […]

Do women sweat more than men? New study breaks the myth

Women, even the fittest, don't sweat as much as men. Fit men perspire most, especially during more intense exercise, but do not use more sweat glands, whereas a fit female body has just as many glands active and pumping, although they produced less sweat from glands

Do women sweat more than men? New study breaks the mythWhen we think of male hygiene, foul smells, excessive sweating, and awkward bodily noises come to mind. Meanwhile, the fairer sex is depicted as sweet-smelling, glowing, and poised. Now, a study published in Experimental Psychology has found it’s our body shape and size that determine how much we sweat, not our gender. “We found that […]

Mumbai doctor bags ‘Honoris Causa honour’ for excellence in gynaecology

As a first, doctor from Mumbai gets a ‘Fellow Honoris Causa’ award for her excellence in the field of gynaecology. It is an award of excellence issued by The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)

The All India Coordinating Committee (AICC) of RCOG, UK in association with The Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) committees and The Mumbai Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society (MOGS) held a felicitation event at Hotel Trident, Mumbai. “This award means a lot to me. I have been admiring and inspiring RCOG ever since […]

Mumbai building collapse: Three friends cheat death

Three men, who shifted to Mumbai, just before a month, for their job, suffered injuries in Mumbai building collapse. Fortunately, they didn’t suffer any major injuries. Currently, they are taking treatment at Sir JJ group of hospitals

Mumbai building collapse: Three friends cheat deathMumbai, a city of dreams, where people from every nook and corner of the country, come to try their luck. Unlike others, three men thought of coming to Mumbai and living a life they dreamt of. Salim Hussain (41), a Karnataka resident, Haryana’s Gaurab Chaudhary, (24) and Punjab’s Iqbal Khan came just before a month […]

Yoga and meditation are beneficial for physical and mental well-being, says research

Yoga and meditation have both become increasingly popular in the Western world, and practitioners praise their psychological and physical benefits. Current research also suggests that meditating and doing yoga can boost overall well-being and resilience to stress factors

Yoga and meditation are beneficial for physical and mental well-being, says researchIncreasingly, yoga practice and meditation have been the focus of research aiming to test their benefits. Recently, Medical News Today have reported on a wealth of studies pointing to many different advantages of yoga and meditation, including countering cognitive decline, acting on genetic factors that predispose individuals to stress, improving lower back pain, and easing depression. A new paper published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience now shows […]

BMC responsible for Dr Deepak Amarapurkar’s death, says IMA

Indian Medical association (IMA) holds Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) responsible for Dr Amarapurkar’s death. Doctor's association has decided to take a stern action against the corporation. Dr Amarapurkar’s body was found on Thursday morning

BMC responsible for Dr Deepak Amarapurkar’s death, says IMAOn Thursday morning, Bombay hospital’s noted gastroenterologist Deepak Amarapurkar’s body was found in Worli. His death has created a huge stir in the medical field. Doctors have blamed BMC for Dr Amarapurkar’s death, by demanding a strict action against BMC officials. Dr Sudhir Patil IMA president Mumbai Chapter “Every person’s life is important. This is an […]

Simple fixes for neck pain

If your day involves using a smartphone or laptop, reading a book or magazine, or curling up on a couch to watch TV, your day may also include some nagging neck pain

Simple fixes for neck pain  Sit up straight, keep electronic screens at eye level, and try some strengthening exercises to reduce pain and feel better. Since you bend your body, in an unhealthy position for a prolonged period of time, “It’s an overuse injury. Your body was designed to move, but you’re forcing your neck and shoulders into one […]
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