How to prevent suicidal thoughts?

Dr Fabian Almeida, a Consultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, shares how to prevent the suicidal thoughts coming to your mind and how to tackle them

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In this fast-paced, competitive world, mental health problems are on the rise. In fact, statistics reveal that one in every four persons is likely to experience mental health problems in a lifetime.\By 2020, depression will be major direct or indirect killer. Suicide, therefore, has become a more common sought-after solution amongst the disturbed and the depressed.

Recurrent suicidal thoughts can cause much emotional damage to the individual. It is important to have a sense of self-awareness to understand the intensity of these thoughts — mild, moderate or severe. It can, more often, be picked up by the caregivers or the Counsellor/ Psychiatrist, when professional expertise and intervention is sought. The mind is capable of mastery as well as miserable mayhem. Hence, attempting to tame the turbulent mind by methods, such as Yoga, meditation, exercise, auto-suggestion (positive self-affirmations) and others, is more successful when the intensity of such suicidal thoughts are between mild and moderate.

It is said that it must be remembered that impulsive suicidal ideations, too, cannot be taken for granted. Distracting mind with challenges like Crossword, Puzzles, Sudoku, spot-the-difference, Ludo, among others, is an attempt to utilise the brain gym approach towards positivity and stability.

The severe category of such thoughts would mandate the discretionary use of psychiatric medications. Supportive help and counselling from trained therapists, sensitised caregivers, and barefoot counsellors is a step in the right direction. Counting your blessings, focus on that one important reason to live rather than the 1000 indications for ending one’s life must be emphasised.

Sharing sorrows and enhancing levels of communication with your support systems helps to gradually reduce our suicidal thoughts. Positive lifestyles and positive people help to improve and increase the positive cognition of the individual. Therefore, there are various dimensions to dealing with our suicidal thoughts – but recognising them, communicating them, and taking supportive steps towards a more stable, balanced mindset is the favoured approach.