‘Physical fitness is linked to mental health’

Fitness is synonymous to Dr Nirmal Surya, a senior consultant neuro-physician at Bombay hospital and the founder trustee and chairman of Epilepsy Foundation. Along with the patient’s health Dr Surya equally takes care of his wellbeing

‘Physical fitness is linked to mental health’Dr Nirmal Surya, a senior consultant neuro-physician at Bombay hospital and the founder trustee and chairman of Epilepsy Foundation, never compromises with his fitness routine. Dr Surya said, one needs mental energy to stay fit. Our brain should indicate that ‘We are fit’. Dr Surya is an early riser. “I go for a walk at 6:30 am […]

#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for Holi

Holi is all about colours, but it’s also an excuse to eat foods that awaken the senses and keep your spirits high. Not only for the bevy of colours, we love to be immersed with but also for the mouth-watering delicacies like puran poli, sweet gujiyas, crisp papads, masala kachoris and so on. With variety of deep fried food dishes and sweets in front of you, it is really difficult to control yourself. So, if you cannot lose weight, at least try not to put on extra pounds. Here, experts list out what to eat and avoid

#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for HoliDon’t make Holi an excuse to binge on unhealthy calories and invite health risks. Just make them in a healthier way which does not affect your waistline or disrupt your weight loss plans. Dr Ankita Ghag, Clinical Nutritionist, Vacchan Aarogya and Diabetes Care 365 said: Instead of bhang consume milkshakes, aam panna, jal jeera, thick lassi, veggie smoothies, lemon […]

Team India’s opening batsman Punam Raut shares her keep-fit secrets

Punam Raut has earned plenty of praise for her batting in the ICC Women’s World Cup. Raut set a world record opening partnership of 320 runs with Deepti Sharma, contributing 109, On 15 May 2017, in a WODI verses Ireland. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Punam shared her fitness formulas

Team India’s opening batsman Punam Raut shares her keep-fit secretsIn any sport, fitness is of great importance. Power, speed, stamina, energy levels and concentration matters. Not only physically an athlete is required to be fit mentally as well. To stay mentally fit, Punam emphasises on meditation. Along with all this, running between the wickets is equally important. Punam Raut, who is an icon, unravels […]

Nair Hospital starts a human milk bank

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide infants with the nutrients they need. WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding starting within one hour after birth until a baby is 6 months old. Nutritious complementary foods should then be added while continuing to breastfeed for up to 2 years or beyond. But, sometimes mothers cannot provide breast milk to their children. Owing to which, BYL Nair Hospital has started a milk bank

Nair Hospital starts a human milk bankA human milk bank essentially stores breast milk of lactating mothers and feeds babies of mothers unable to produce enough milk. Causes for lactation issues range from tension to weakness. The milk bank is a simple set-up, comprising a cold storage, breast pumps and storage bottles or packages. There are 517 milk banks around the […]

‘Fitness is about loving oneself’: Dr Dalwai

Dr Samir Dalwai believes that being fit should go hand in hand with being happy. As it is easier to follow if the activity brings you joy. He says that any activity for fitness should make you excited and cut you off from your daily routine

‘Fitness is about loving oneself’: Dr DalwaiCan you believe that a music reviewer, anchor, drum player, salsa trainer and avid reader would find a perfect balance between all these activities and neurodevelopmental paediatrics? But, surprisingly, Dr Samir Dalwai can! And the best part about him is that he always makes time to maintain his fitness. Ask him what his fitness mantra […]

‘Exercise, diet and good sleep hygiene is a secret to healthy living’

Dr Vikas Agrawal, who is an ENT and sleep apnoea surgeon, believes in healthy eating and living a happy and an optimistic life. Despite of suffering from diabetes and hypertension, at 46, Dr Agrawal follows a strict fitness and diet routine and never give sit a miss

‘Exercise, diet and good sleep hygiene is a secret to healthy living’‘The greatest wealth is health’ says Dr Vikas Agrawal, ENT and sleep apnoea surgeon who aspires to lead a healthy life. Since last 20 years, Dr Agrawal weighs 67 kgs and has been successfully maintaining it. “I was never on a heavier side. And since last 10 years, I am suffering from diabetes and hypertension […]

Dr Nitin Shah reveals his mantras for fitness

Dr Nitin Shah swears by his fitness routine and never misses out on exercise. He is disciplined and he ensures that he follows a healthy diet by eating right

Dr Nitin Shah reveals his mantras for fitnessIf you happen to meet Dr Nitin Shah at P.D. Hinduja Hospital, you will surely notice his smiling face and positive aura. The 57-year-old doctor is a fitness enthusiast who aspires to stay healthy, fit and fine. Speaking about his fitness routine, Dr Shah who is a Consultant Paediatrician at P.D. Hinduja Hospital said, “I walk […]

Fitness formula of Dr Nadkarni, who shed 60 kgs

Lifestyle modifications, exercises and yoga can be of great help to make you fit. Renowned psychiatrist and social worker, Dr Anand Nadkarni says the aim should always be to enjoy the process rather than rush into completing deadlines to attain weight-goals

Fitness formula of Dr Nadkarni, who shed 60 kgs“While travelling in the plane I often had to ask for an extra seat belt. When I decided to reduce my weight I always imagined myself in a single seat belt. I am really happy that I have managed to do that now,” said Dr Anand Nadkarni, a well-known psychiatrist and a social worker. In […]