Maha: Health workers and police department save two pregnant women in Gadchiroli

Providing healthcare services in the remote areas is a daunting task in front of the health workers. However, the Asha workers ceaselessly do their job and save thousands of lives. Recently, two different cases emerged from Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, where the coordination of between different agencies helped to save two pregnant women and their children

Zareguda, a small tribal village, in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, is surrounded by water throughout the year. The only way to reach the interior parts of the village is through small boats, which the tribal people call Donga. In addition to that, during heavy rains, the Pamalu-Gautami river swells up, and it becomes more difficult to reach the village.

Around one week ago, the Asha health workers were informed about a pregnant woman, Shanti, who needed medical attention. The Asha workers did not waste any time, and crossed the river, and shifted her to the nearest Primary Health Centre, where she delivered her baby.

However, the question was, how will she go back, as the river was overflowing. The police and district administration immediately came forward and dropped the mother and the baby safely to their village.

Similarly, in another case, on July 13, doctors and the health workers attached to Zingalu Primary Health Centre made a frantic call to 108 Ambulance, as a to-be mother, during the delivery, had lost too much blood. The women needed urgent medical attention and had to be shifted to the sub-district hospital.

It was raining heavily, and the doctors could not make a call as the cell phones were not working. Finally, doctors managed to contact the 108 Ambulance. The ambulance reached the PHC, but the question was how to take the women out, as the water level was rising.

The doctors and the ambulance driver took an immediate decision to wade through the water. They managed to reach the sub-district hospital in time, where the blood was given to her, and they managed to save her life.

While speaking to  My Medical Mantra, Dr Shashikant Shambharkar, Health Officer, Gadchiroli, said, “Both the mother and the infants’ are safe. The police department and the district administration staff has helped us a lot to save the precious lives. Though the swell of the river was dangerous, and the streets were flooded, our staff provided emergency medical services to both the women.”

Ankush Shinde, Deputy Inspector General of the Gadchiroli range, said, “In areas like Bhamargad, the river swells up during monsoon, making it very difficult to cross. In situations like this, providing medical aid to the people is risky. However, the police department and health workers keep doing their job and save a number of lives.”