Movie violence doesn’t make kids violent in their day-to-day, finds study

There is no relation between violence shown in films suitable for teenagers and violence in society, a study has suggested. Researchers found that violence is attributed to several other factors, but media is not among them

Research carried out in the United States on PG-13 rated films – similar to India’s U/A rating, analysed the trends portrayed in such material against real cases of violence, including murder and youth violence. While many parents try to monitor the content their children are watching to avoid inappropriate language or other mature themes, a […]

Mumbai: ‘Doctor at school’ an initiative to tackle emergencies

Whenever a child falls ill in schools, the schools have medical aid facility with them. However, the facility is like basic first aid. To tackle the emergency conditions, the Mumbai’s Pediatrics Network have suggested the schools on having a medical facility unit

Whenever a child falls ill in schools, the schools have the medical aid facility with them. However, the facility is more or like the basic first aid. Having noted that, if some unfortunate condition occurs, then these schools do not have the facility to cater such needs. If not treated in time, then it may […]

Doctor couple help gift new life to a 4-yr-old on their deceased daughter’s birthday

A doctor couple has funded heart surgeries of two children, who were detected with a hole in their hearts, on August 21, the day it would have been their deceased daughter's first. The lost their child in a car accident. The girl was not covered under any health scheme and the boy received an approval of funds, at the last minute

“We lost our daughter, as we could not save her life. But our wish is to save the lives of other children. That is the reason why we decided to financially aid the heart surgery of a young girl, to give her a new life,” said Dr Umesh Sawarkar, who lost his three months old […]

Hepatitis awareness: Here’s what you need to know

Viral hepatitis has been recognised as a serious public health problem in India by the World Health Organisation (WHO) with over 50 million people infected with chronic hepatitis in the country

Hepatitis awareness: Here’s what you need to knowQ. Does sedentary lifestyle cause hepatitis? A. Yes, poor eating habits, lack of exercise can lead to hepatitis. It is the sedentary lifestyle that leads to build up of fat in the liver, which is 5 to 10 per cent more than normal. But, if timely diagnosis and treatment occurs the condition can be reversed. Following […]

DizzBoard, an app to find hidden TB cases

The doctor has to register his clinic address in the app. He has to upload the patient's information and reports as well. This application can be downloaded free of cost from any android mobile phone.

DizzBoard, an app to find hidden TB casesThe app has been launched by Aseem Systems (India), and the main aim behind launching the app is to find out hidden TB cases  The doctor can upload the TB patient’s reports and information on this app. DizzBoard app can be downloaded from any android mobile phone for free   While speaking to My Medical Mantra, […]

Maha: Health workers and police department save two pregnant women in Gadchiroli

Providing healthcare services in the remote areas is a daunting task in front of the health workers. However, the Asha workers ceaselessly do their job and save thousands of lives. Recently, two different cases emerged from Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, where the coordination of between different agencies helped to save two pregnant women and their children

Zareguda, a small tribal village, in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, is surrounded by water throughout the year. The only way to reach the interior parts of the village is through small boats, which the tribal people call Donga. In addition to that, during heavy rains, the Pamalu-Gautami river swells up, and it becomes more difficult […]

Mumbai: FDA revokes licenses of four blood banks

The Food and Drug Department of Maharashtra has revoked the licenses of four blood banks in Mumbai. The FDA has carried out an inspection in 55 blood banks across the city. In which, lapses have been found in four blood banks

The Maharashtra state Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked the licenses of four Blood banks in Mumbai. According to an FDA official, several lapses were found during an inspection which was carried out in around 55 blood banks across the city.  Among the lapses were, less number of staff, wastage of the blood collected, […]

All you need to know about menopause

October 18 is observed as World Menopause Day to throw light on the less relevant, yet important phase in a woman's life

October 18 is marked as World Menopause Day and the day is not observed to laud the fluctuating hormones or the phase. It is an attempt on part of the World Health Organisation, in collaboration with the International Menopause Society to throw light on the health of menopausal women. This day is a way to […]

NMC Bill: WMA warns the Indian govt

In a letter to the Chairman of India’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare, The World Medical Association (WMA) leaders warn that the Indian Government’s Bill the (National Medical Commission Bill) to replace the Medical Council of India would lead to more Indian doctors leaving the country, affecting patient care

The Indian Government’s plan to dismantle the professional self-governance of Indian physicians has been strongly criticised by the WMA. The letter, jointly signed by WMA President Dr. Yoshitake Yokokura and WMA Chair Dr Ardis Hoven, says that ‘there is absolutely no evidence from anywhere in the world that the regulation of a profession is better […]

Air pollution linked to kidney disease

A new analysis, in The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, followed 2,482,737 veterans for an average of eight and a half years. The Department of Veterans Affairs database includes information on glomerular filtration rate, or G.F.R., a measure of kidney function

Air pollution linked to kidney diseaseAdd a new potential ill to the list of problems linked to air pollution: kidney disease. Previous studies have linked high levels of the fine particulate matter known as PM 2.5 to cardiovascular disease and stroke.  Using data on air pollution from NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency, the researchers found that increases in PM […]