Every day yoga can have a radical impact on the mind and body

Yoga has been credited to reduce the risk of chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS in women) by regulating metabolism and keeping all the organs of the body healthy and fit

Every day yoga can have a radical impact on the mind and bodyYoga is an art which connects our soul, mind and body. Today yoga is mostly practised to attain weight loss, physical fitness and stamina. Yoga basically revolves around elevating the life force or ‘Kundalini’ at the base of the spine. It can be achieved by a series of physical and mental exercises. Mind-body interventions such […]

‘Fertility yoga is one of the best ways to support reproductive health’

Fertility Yoga is one of the best ways to support reproductive health as it reduces stress in your life and subsequently prepares you for conception and pregnancy

‘Fertility yoga is one of the best ways to support reproductive health’As professional success has become one of the priorities among the modern-day individuals, stress and its associated health problems have also become increasingly prevalent. Even though their consequences may not be visible immediately; late nights, short deadlines, packed schedules, and hurried lifestyles impact both your physical and mental well-being. Infertility is one of the most […]

Here’s why you should encourage your kids to do yoga

It helps with the child’s posture correction, which should be done at an early age for a better lifestyle. It helps the kids to improve their concentration and focus. They understand how to use their bodies in a healthy way

Here’s why you should encourage your kids to do yogaThere was a time when it was thought that yoga was for the old and ailing and especially for those who had a limited range of activities. But we soon saw a revolution happening with yoga and it became a favourite among young children. Parents are enthused about it and are encouraging their kids to […]

In pictures: International Yoga Day across India

From the mighty peaks of Himalayas to the coast of Kaniyakumari, young and old alike are marking Yoga Day by performing yoga asanas, PM Narendra Modi, Indian Army soldiers, Mumbai's Dabbawallas, and Bollywood stars get their groove on

In pictures: International Yoga Day across India  ‘Surya namaskar’ by #Himveers of #ITBP from icy height in high #Himalayas#InternationalDayofYoga #IYD2018 pic.twitter.com/n8cwdJbZGn — ITBP (@ITBP_official) June 21, 2018 Renowned celebrities put their best foot forward while practicing yoga asanas #KanganaRanaut practicing the ancient science of #Yoga this #InternationalYogaDay2018 The key to practice Yoga is patience & stillness #YogaDay2018 #WorldYogaDay #Chakrasana #suryanamaskar #adhomukhasvasana […]

International Yoga Day: 5 reasons why yoga is good for your kidneys

Yoga is an ancient practice and a form of therapy which harmoniously combines the mind-body relaxation techniques

International Yoga Day: 5 reasons why yoga is good for your kidneysRegular practice of yoga improves the musculoskeletal system that provides form, support, stability and movement to the body. It also positively influences the autonomic nervous system that helps the body rest, relax, and digest food. This is turn improves many lifestyle diseases including kidney disease. The five main ways in which yoga helps a kidney […]

5 must know yoga poses for beginners  

Learning how to practice yoga can be intimidating at first for any beginner. But rest easy, the ancient spiritual discipline is all about patience. As long as you can maintain the discipline necessary to develop flexibility and strength through beginner routines, you’ll be able to do more advanced poses

5 must know yoga poses for beginners  Yoga dates back to 3000 B.C., with focus on applying and understanding your place in the world and how to live harmoniously with others in it. Poses and meditation weren’t implemented until the sixth century B.C., when Buddhist teachings became incorporated into the five basic principles used today. Modern yoga still revolves around proper relaxation, […]

Bikram yoga doesn’t need hot room to benefit heart health, finds study

Previous research has linked Bikram yoga to improvements in the elasticity of blood vessels, which can help lower blood pressure and reduce the potential for arteries to harden and cause heart attacks

Bikram yoga doesn’t need hot room to benefit heart health, finds studyBikram yoga, a series of 26 poses typically done in a sweat-inducingly hot room, may not need to be practiced at steam-bath temperatures to help improve blood vessel health, a small experiment suggests. Millions of people worldwide practice Bikram yoga, typically in 90-minute sessions that involve breathing exercises and holding poses for up to one […]

How can yoga help during menstruation?

On the eve of World Yoga Day, Prajakta Borse, Sports Nutritionist, and Yoga Expert shares how Yoga helps in our daily routine. And what impact does it have on women in their menstruation cycle

How can yoga help during menstruation?The World Yoga Day indeed gives us an opportunity to build a healthy nation with adaptive inner senses and increased awareness. Yoga also improvises emotional threshold, so that you are less likely to get frustrated, angry or upset. Yoga helps you to stay positive during difficult phases in life. Staying healthy and positive from inside […]

5 reasons why yoga is good for your heart

With International Yoga Day just around the corner approaching soon, Dr Santosh Kumar Dora, senior Cardiologist at Asian Heart Institute, informs us how yoga can have a positive impact on heart health

5 reasons why yoga is good for your heartMany studies have shown tremendous health benefits of yoga including that of cardiac health.  Yoga is a body-mind activity which helps in flexibility, muscle strengthening, balance, relaxation and concentration. Followings are the cardiac benefits of yoga: Decreases stress Stress leads to increase in stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which increase heart rate and blood […]

Yoga poses for thyroid patients

Yoga is an accessible, low-impact exercise that reduces stress and supports well-being. Yoga can help reduce stress and studies also suggest it can help treat thyroid problems

Yoga poses for thyroid patientsThe thyroid is a small gland in the throat that secretes hormones. These hormones affect a person’s metabolism, body temperature, and growth. They also affect the way a child’s brain develops. When a person has a problem with their thyroid, it can affect both their physical and mental health. This article explores yoga as a […]
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