India: Medical tourism to see a threefold rise by 2020, says Tourism Minister

A Large number of patients come from abroad for the treatment of heart and liver transplants, kidney and many more diseases in India. Enhancing value in MVT’, published in 2016 -- India is amongst the top 6 MVT (Medical Value Travel) destinations of the world which include Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Mexico (India ranked third in the world in 2015). Indian Medical Value Travel, pegged at 3 billion USD in 2015, can be a 9 billion USD opportunity by 2020

About 50 thousand patients are admitted every year for treatment in the state’s five-star hospitals. Late Eman Ahmed, ‘World’s Heaviest Woman,’ was undergoing treatment in Mumbai. Also, Ever since the civil war broke out in Yemen, thousands of people struggle to find accessible and trustworthy medical care in their homeland and come to seek treatment […]

Coming soon: A web portal to boost medical tourism in state, informs Dr Deepak Sawant

About 50 thousand patients are admitted every year for treatment in the state’s five-star hospitals. Even late Eman Ahmed, ‘World’s Heaviest Woman,’ was undergoing treatment in Mumbai. Dr Deepak Sawant, the state health minister said, that state government will provide quality health facilities to the patients coming from abroad, for treatment in Maharashtra

Since last few years, medical tourism is growing rapidly in cities like Mumbai and Pune. A Large number of patients come from abroad for the treatment of heart and liver transplants, kidney and many more diseases in Maharashtra. On Friday, in a meeting with Health Minister, representatives from several hospitals were present. In which, it […]

Fitness mantra: Dr Muffazal Lakdawala reveals how he keeps his weight in check

India's leading Bariatric Surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala is the President of IFSO- Asia Pacific chapter. His clientele includes eminent personalities like India's Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Nitin Gadkari, Union water resources minister and Ganesh Acharya, choreographer. He has also operated the late Eman Ahmed and actor Hrithik Roshan’s sister, Sunaina Roshan. He is the author of ‘The Eat-Right Prescription’, book and he has worked with countless people helping them save their health by eating right. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Lakdawala spilled the beans on his keep-fit formulas

If you happen to meet Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, you are sure to get mesmerise by his charming persona and his impeccable fitness. He is passionate about nutrition and wellness, both personally and professionally. Dr Lakdawala who helps people to lose weight is also a fitness enthusiast and swears by his fitness and diet routine. Dr Lakdawala […]

‘It was disheartening to see Eman’s failing spirits in the past few days’

Said Abu Dhabi’s doctor who was in-charge of Eman Ahmed’s care at the ICU in Burjeel hospital. He talks to My Medical Mantra about his fondness for her. He explained that she had a multi-organ failure and her condition deteoriated very fast in 24 hours. Her body left the hospital at 1am (Abu Dhabi time) today morning. She will be buried at Alexandria today after few hours

‘I will miss Eman. She was more than a patient to me. She had become a family,” said Dr Nehad Halawa, head of intensive care unit, who was also in-charge of her treatment at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Eman Ahmed, who is well known as the ex-heaviest woman in the world, died at 4.35 am on Monday morning […]

Eman Ahmed’s Mumbai journey to remember

After staying in India for 82 days for her obesity treatment at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, Egyptian Eman Ahmed flew to Abu Dhabi for further treatment. Passes away at the Burjeel Hospital today

Eman Ahmed, the world’s ex-heaviest woman left for the heavenly abode on September 25, 144 days after she left Mumbai for her medical treatment. At Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, where she was flown to from Mumbai on May 04. The hospital has also issued a press release to confirm her death. The release said she passed […]

World’s ex-heaviest woman passes away in Abu Dhabi

Once the world’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed passed away, a week after celebrating her 37th birthday owing to heart disease and kidney dysfunction on Monday morning

Eman Ahmed, once the world’s heaviest woman, weighing 500kgs passed away on Monday morning owing to various comorbid factors like ‘heart disease and kidney dysfunction’, according to a statement issued by the Burjeel Hospital where she was currently undergoing treatment. She was at the hospital under the supervision of about 20 doctors from different specialties […]

World’s heaviest man, Juan Pedro Franco undergoes gastric bypass surgery in Mexico

Franco, who at his peak tipped the scales at 595 kilogrammes, was told that in order to be eligible for surgery, he had to lose a large amount of his initial bulk. He also had to get his diabetes and blood pressure under control

The world’s heaviest man Juan Pedro Franco, who at once weighed almost 600 kilogrammes (1,300 pounds), has undergone successful gastric bypass surgery, his doctors in Mexico said. This procedure is intended to reduce his weight by half, and is expected to be followed up with another operation, his surgeon Jose Castaneda said Tuesday. “The surgery […]

Emotions overflow as Eman leaves one ‘home’ for another

Eman left for further treatment to Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital on Thursday from Mumbai. During her departure from Saifee Hospital, the staff, who attended to her, bid a tearful goodbye

For the last couple of months, this was her home. That special cabin at the Saifee Hospital, those known caretakers, the nurses had become all too familiar for Eman. She didn’t want to leave them all. The nurses bade a farewell to Eman in room No701 on the seventh floor of the hospital. There were […]

It will be a miracle if Eman stands, let alone walk, says Saifee doctor

As Eman Ahmed is headed to a hospital in Abu Dhabi which has promised to make her walk, doctors treating her in Mumbai say the feat is close to impossible

Eman Ahmed will shortly leave Mumbai after her 81-day stay at Saifee Hospital, where she lost not only 325 kilos, but also the tag of the ‘world’s heaviest woman’. Eman is headed to the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, which has promised to make her walk. In fact, her inability to do so had prompted […]

Eman to remain in city for next few days as transport issues delay her shifting to Abu Dhabi

Eman’s journey to Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Hospital from Mumbai will be around six hours and the hospital is ensuring that she doesn't face any discomfort while travelling as she is not used to sitting for long hours. Eman was to be shifted on either April 30 or May 1, but now it has been delayed by a few days

World’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed will remain in Mumbai for next few days before being flown to Abu Dhabi for further treatment. Her shifting to Abu Dhabi has been delayed due to transport issue. After the much publicised displeasure of Eman’s sister Shaimaa Selim on her course of treatment at Saifee Hospital, VPS Healthcare which […]