Organ donation: Meet a health ambassador who creates awareness on railway stations

After retirement, people go on a world tour, celebrate every moment of life, go on get-togethers, engage in leisurely activities and so on. But, this 68-year-old health ambassador is on a mission to spread awareness on tobacco related diseases and organ donation

After retiring from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 68-year-old Ramesh Dongre took up the mission to educate people about the ill effects of tobacco, about organ donation, noise pollution, cleanliness and so on with the help of a board on Kandivali railway station, Mumbai, for an hour daily. He wears the banner and creates awareness on different railway stations.


Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ramesh Dongre said, “After retiring in the year 2011,  started creating awareness. There is no awareness regarding people about tobacco consumption, organ donation and maintaining cleanliness. There are misconceptions regarding organ donation. Owing to which, I made a banner on organ donation. Through which, I create awareness.

Dongre doesn’t make any announcement. If, someone approaches him, he educates them on the same topic. “People are giving a good response regarding organ donation. I carry organ donation forms with me. In the month of February, around 20 members took these forms from me. The importance of organ donation is increasing amongst people. Not only this, due to awareness regarding tobacco consumption, 81-year-old quit smoking, which he informed me.’’

Dongre is trying to create maximum awareness. For which, he has taken out a train pass from Virar to Churchgate.