Arthritis is 200 per cent curable, says wrestler, actor and a motivational speaker Sangram Singh

He was a frail kid, struck with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of three and was confided to wheel-chair for eight years. Still, Sangram Singh defied all odds and went on to become the world’s best professional wrestler in 2012. And he is also a Commonwealth heavyweight champion in the year 2015-2016

Sangram who hails from Madina village, (located in Rohtak district Haryana) had a tough childhood. He was frail kid.  “When I was three, I was stricken with gathiya (rheumatoid arthritis) which almost paralysed me.  I wasn’t even able to do my daily chores. My joints were so weak that I kept falling. My worried family took me to various desi vaids and the doctors. But nothing helped. Finally, I was put on chair and that was the only way I could get around. But when I crippled, I just wanted to stand on my own feet, averred Sangram.”

Despite his humble background, he underwent rigorous therapy sessions at home with sheer grit and determination. Believe it or not, there was a time when he could not even move his hand, get up from the bed or answer a nature’s call. Also, I used to get tired while walking,” tells Sangram.

Sangram believes that battling with arthritis was 90% a mind game. While, 10% it was due to the medicines. “My mother and me, both are strong. My mother used to massage me with til oil throughout the day. Due to which, my condition improved. I used to try and pick up a glass or a bucket. And despite of failing while making an attempt, I dedicated kept pushing my limits and my family continued to motivate me, tells Sngram .”

Sangram’s condition miraculously disappeared when he entered his teens. He strongly emphasises on Ayurveda and natural foods. He explains “I took ayurvedic herbs like amla, kali mirch, tulsi and did a lot of yoga and strength training exercises. My hard work paid off and finally I was able to stand on my own feet.”

Sangram had an adrenaline rush for wrestling and turned his life’s struggles into one big achievement, by becoming a gold medallist in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship. “My father didn’t approve of me being a wrestler. “But by the god’s grace and my mother’s support; I achieved name, fame and success,” said a joyous Sangram.

Today, Sangram is one of the anomalies of fitness, “I am a pure vegetarian and I believe in eating less and working more. Eat home-cooked food. Up your water intake, eat seasonal fruits, exercise and smile a lot,” tells Sangram. 

Sangram believes that the champion is not the one who wins medals. In fact, the champion is one who never gives up.  “FAIL means First Attempt In Life. And End means Efforts Never Die. Keep trying and progressing”, states Sangram.”

Sangram who is gearing up for a film, said “Now, I am free from arthritis. And neither has it relapsed.”

He signs off by informing, “I am tying up with a channel and coming out with my online YouTube channel, to create awareness on healthy living.

Sangram’s fitness and diet 

  • I consume water, after waking up
  • Then, I freshen up and have an apple. Then, I drink amla and aloe Vera juice (diluted with water)
  • I work out from 8 a.m-11 a.m. My workout includes: power yoga, body-weight training and running. I also practice wrestling
  • After workout: I have narial pani and watermelon juice
  • Post workout: I consume dalia with honey
  • Then, I eat a banana
  • I drink  milk with ashwagandha powder
  • After shower, I have lunch at 2:oo p.m : 2 rotis, subzi, salad, dal, dahi or lassi
  • After 40 minutes: I consume warm water
  • At 4 p.m: I have milk with honey and a fruit
  • At 6:00 pm : I have an apple
  • Then, I consume ashwagandha after workout
  • After shower, I dine at 9:oo p.m: 1 roti, subzi  and salad
  • Before bedtime: I drink haldi milk with jaggery or chyawanprash