Pune: Fitness craze among youngsters taking a toll on their bodies

In the digital age of mobile phones, companies are using adults’ favourite devices to help motivate them to become active. It is an uphill and urgent battle: More than a quarter of adults worldwide are not getting enough exercise. As a result, thousands of fitness apps are available in the Play Store, ranging from run trackers through dieting and specific workouts to meditating

It is extremely important to remember that over-doing your workout routine or religiously following the six pack diet because this can result in cramps, muscle sprain and strain, and bursitis – muscle injuries that could be dangerous.

A 30-year-old youth from Pune fell prey to exercise applications available online. After following a rigorous exercise schedule for weight loss for a month, he started having a stomach ache, back and neck pain. Instead of becoming healthy he started feeling weak and dizzy.

There is the rage in youngsters to use such applications for weight loss or for bodybuilding. Doctors say that unmindful use of such applications is making people develop many side effects.

Mandar Supe (name changed), came with a complaint of back and neck pain, a stomach ache to a physician from Pune. After basic diagnosis doctor could not find any concrete reason for his weakness.

After interrogating on his daily routine, they found that it was heavy and faulty exercise routine that led the patient to develop ill health.

“I had downloaded the application because I wanted to lose weight. The application promised that I could lose 3 kgs of weight in one month. Accordingly, I started my exercise schedule and started feeling back pain. After a week I started feeling weak and dizzy,” said Mandar.

Dr Vivek Deshpande, a physician from Pune, said, “He had come to me with the complaints of back pain and weakness. But I could not find any reason. Then when I asked him about his routine he mentioned about application based exercise schedule. It had rigorous exercises. Such exercises without anyone’s supervision became harmful to him. People should avoid unmindful and unregulated applications.”

It necessary that before starting a regime of exercise one should consult a qualified trainer who can help you lose weight in a systematic way.

Dr Tapan Mehta, another physician from Pune said, “These days people are using mobile-based applications for weight loss. But many of such applications are not authentic. Exercise should be done under someone’s supervision.”