Ways to protect your brain from developing free radicals

Worried that free radicals will get into your brain and cause illnesses? Here are some surefire ways to avoid them

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When one pictures ageing, there are almost always two scenarios that play out. One is where you start getting wrinkly and basically “old,” scared of being dependent on others but really needs it, while there are those that picture it by living “in the moment” until the very end, staying healthy and youthful even as your hair starts to grey.

While you may have pictured one or the other, the likely outcome you’re hoping for is the latter, right? Thanks to modern technology and medicine, a human’s life expectancy rate has significantly gone higher through the years, but can you make sure that those later years will still be good? Turns out you can, and here are some easy ways to do it.

Avoiding free radicals

They might not sound nasty, but they are, especially for your brain. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging. Here are some ways to protect your brain from them:

Antioxidants – One way to fight off free radicals is to supplement yourself with antioxidants. As an extra boost, you can also take polyphenol supplements and vitamin C along with it.

Intermittent fasting – This may sound strange, but you need it. That’s because when your body goes for a long amount of time without food, your cells get “notified” that some housecleaning is due. A few times a week should suffice.

Veggies – This should come as no surprise since all vegetables contain polyphenols that prevent free radicals from making a mess. Just remember, the brighter the colour of the vegetable, the better.

Keep stress levels in checkStress translates to oxidative stress that then translates to more free radicals. So keep the stress levels at bay and incorporate meditation techniques into your daily routine.

These might all seem like small things, but you can’t build a castle without a brick, and all these tiny practices can help you take more control of your ageing, making sure you and your brain are still in the best possible shape even as the years go by. So take action and start ageing wonderfully today.

Source: Medical Daily