Larger waistline interlinked with anxiety in middle-aged women

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders, and it's more likely to affect women, especially middle-aged women. Although anxiety can be caused by many factors, a new study suggests that the amount of abdominal fat a woman has could increase her chances of developing anxiety

Larger waistline interlinked with anxiety in middle-aged womenAccording to a new study published in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), a larger waistline may be a strong indicator of anxiety in middle-aged women. The researchers analysed data from 5,580 middle-aged women from 11 Latin American countries who were between 40 and 59 years old. Of the participants, 57.9% […]

Short kids are 10% more likely to suffer a stroke as adults, reveals study

People who were very short as children may have to pay closer attention to their brain health. A new study suggests that your height during childhood can be a deciding factor for your risk of having a stroke as an adult

Children who are just a few inches shorter than their peers are more likely to suffer a stroke in adulthood, a large Danish study suggests. Adult women who were unusually short girls at age 7 years were 11 per cent more likely to have what’s known as an ischemic stroke, the most common kind, which […]

Heavy alcohol consumption tied to higher dementia risk

Alcohol use disorders are the most important preventable risk factors for the onset of all types of dementia, especially early-onset dementia. This is according to an observational study of over one million adults diagnosed with dementia in France

Heavy alcohol consumption tied to higher dementia riskHeavy drinkers may be more likely than other adults to develop dementia, especially in middle age, a French study suggests. For the study, researchers examined data from 2008-2013 on more than 31 million French hospital patients, including more than 1 million who were diagnosed with dementia. About 5% of the dementia patients had so-called early […]

What is REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) and how it affects your sleep

To ensure that we do not injure ourselves while sleeping, we go into a state of sleep paralysis, but in people with REM sleep behaviour disorder, this mechanism is somehow disturbed

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a natural part of the sleep cycle; it is when dreaming happens. Around 20 percent of our sleep is spent in REM, most commonly toward the latter half of the night. REM sleep is characterized by a low muscle tone, with muscles in a state of relaxation. This phase […]

Exposure to green spaces enhances brain development in children

Green spaces are suggested to provide children with opportunities for psychological restoration and prompt important exercises in discovery, creativity and risk taking, which, in turn, are suggested to positively influence different aspects of brain development

Children growing up amid greenery may benefit as their brain development is positively affected leading to better working memory and reduced inattentiveness, a study has said. According to the researchers, primary school children raised in homes surrounded by more green spaces will tend to have larger volumes of white and grey matter in certain areas […]

Excess calcium levels in the brain may lead to Parkinson’s disease

Calcium links nerve endings with a protein for critical brain cell communication. Parkinson's disease occurs when these proteins fold into the wrong shape Excessive calcium can trigger cell death regardless of dietary-calcium intake. The findings offers new hope as drugs, such as calcium blockers, could treat the disorder

Researchers have found that excess levels of calcium in brain cells may lead to the formation of toxic clusters that are the hallmark of Parkinson’s disease. The international team, led by the University of Cambridge, found that calcium can mediate the interaction between small membranous structures inside nerve endings, which are important for neuronal signalling […]

‘His brain popped out still he survived’

Six months after marriage, Vinod Sambre met with a serious accident. Doctors thought that the chances of his survival are less. But, Vinod responded well to the treatment and he is improving now

His brain squeezed out of the skull during the accident There were less chances of his survival He suffered 30 fractures on face His eyes popped out 4 complicated surgeries took place He took treatment for 3 months in the hospital But, he fought like a warrior Vinod can stand with the help of walker, […]

New study investigates how our brain processes fear

New research uncovers the brain circuit involved in processing fear, which could eventually lead to new treatment options for people with mental health disorders.

From an evolutionary perspective, fear and anxiety are quite useful. These deeply ingrained emotions used to protect our ancestors from predators, and in our times the “fight-or-flight” response is still a healthy reaction to dangerous situations. When fear is proportionate to the danger a person is in, it is a normal, adaptive response. However, some […]

Seasonal allergies may be affecting your memory, new study

This study has given important insight into the link between the immune system and the brain.

Seasonal allergies are an inconvenient nuisance, but a recent study suggests their long-term effect may go further than simply ruining a perfect spring day. New research has found that seasonal allergens are able to change the brains of mice in ways still not completely understood. The study found that brains of mice exposed to grass […]

How does the body cope with a night of no sleep, the answer is: not well

 Getting no sleep, let alone an hour too little, throws your body’s regular processes for a loop, jostling the delicate balance of hormones out of whack and signalling to your brain that something is definitely wrong. A number of things happen when you pull an all-nighter, and not one of them is good

How does the body cope with a night of no sleep, the answer is: not wellWho among us has not pulled an all-nighter, the practise which is generally seen among college students or working professionals, wherein, people will generally be up all night either studying or working very hard to complete a certain given task or assignment before a nearing deadline. All-nighters mark the full surrender to academic demands — […]
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