Shocking: 16 Kg tumour removed from 13-year-old’s stomach

Since two years, this 13-year-old was living a painful life, with a swollen stomach. The doctors from the Cama and Albless Hospital removed a 16 kg tumour with surgery. Now, she is free from the agony and she is getting back on track

Savera Ahmed (13) who belongs to a small village in Uttar Pradesh, studies in standard 5th. Two years ago, she experienced an excruciating stomach pain and was taken to a resident doctor for the treatment. She was fine after the treatment. Later, she started bloating up. She visited many doctors and also took X-rays but nothing helped.

One doctor from Uttar Pradesh predicted cancer after which her grandmother was shocked. The girl’s financial condition is poor. Her father decided to take her to Mumbai at The Tata Memorial Hospital. But, before that, an X-ray and CT scan at the Cama and Albless Hospital revealed that there was an ovarian tumour which was touching her heart and lungs. After the surgery the 16 kg tumour was removed.

Dr Rajshri Katke, medical superintendent and gynaecologist at the Cama and Albless Hospital said, “When she came to us. Her stomach was bloated. Her CT scan revealed that there was a tumour in her right ovary. Hospital revealed that there was an ovarian tumour which was touching her heart and lungs. Owing to which, she found it difficult to walk, sit and breathe. We save her life with a successful surgery.”

While taking the treatment, the girl weighed 45 kg. Now, after the surgery, she weighs 31 kg. She was treated for a month in the hospital and will be discharged soon.

Rahis Ahmed, Savera’s father said, “In the year 2017, I saw my daughter when I visited home during Diwali. Her stomach was appearing big. Doctors were not been able to diagnose. One of the doctor predicted cancer. To avoid further complications, I took her to Mumbai. The doctors at the Cama and Albless Hospital have saved my life.”

Dr Rahul Mayekar, Gynaecologist, LTMG Sion Hospital said, “The small tumour can become big. I have seen many cases like this. At such a young age, it is difficult to live with a 16 kg tumour. It is called ovarian tumour.  This is a non-cancerous tumour. In such situation, it is difficult to remove the tumour with a surgery as it is stuck to the body organs.”