Here’s what you really need to know about detox drinks

To some extent, the present generation is obsessed with losing weight via the ‘removal’ of toxins in the body. This is evidenced by the numerous detox drinks that are advertised during the summer season and the endless choices that are available all year round

Here’s what you really need to know about detox drinksTypically, a person will include these drinks in a detox diet, which they follow along with an exercise regimen. But did you know that there is very little evidence of these drinks being able to really ‘detoxify’ the human body? Of course, the idea of detoxification itself is based on science, although it is normally […]

Can drinking celery juice help you lose weight?

Celery juice cannot be the miracle weight loss drink it is hyped to be; rather it can play a role in an integrated plan consisting of exercise and low-calorie foods

Can drinking celery juice help you lose weight?Celery juice is made by juicing the celery stalk of the vegetable derived from the Apiaceae plant family. The consumption of the juice is becoming an early morning ritual prior to eating breakfast for many people hoping to lose weight and benefit from its vitamins as well as minerals. About 475 ml or 16 ounces […]

Drinking more sugary drinks of any type can increase type 2 diabetes risk, cautions study

People who increase their consumption of sugary beverages, whether they contain added or naturally occurring sugar, may face moderately higher risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Drinking more sugary drinks of any type can increase type 2 diabetes risk, cautions studyDrinking more sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), like soft drinks, as well as 100% fruit juices, were associated with higher type 2 diabetes risk. The study also found that drinking more artificially sweetened beverages (ASBs) in place of sugary beverages did not appear to lessen diabetes risk. However, diabetes risk decreased when one daily serving of any […]

Spinach extract improves athletic performance, shows study

According to a study conducted by a group of international researchers, including experts from Freie Universität Berlin, a chemical extract from spinach plants can be used to boost the performance of competitive athletes

Spinach extract improves athletic performance, shows studyThe World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) commissioned researchers to study the effects of ecdysterone, a kind of phytosteroid, on strength training. Their findings indicate that the substance greatly affects muscle cells. Among the researchers who suggested to consider adding ecdysterone to the list of prohibited substances was Maria Parr, a professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Freie […]

Mother’s sugar intake during pregnancy linked to asthma risk in kids

Children whose mothers  drank the equivalent of two cans of a sugary drink or two glasses of fruit juice a day during pregnancy were roughly 63 per cent more likely to be asthmatic than a child whose mum avoided sugary drinks

Mother’s sugar intake during pregnancy linked to asthma risk in kidsWith the increasing prevalence of childhood asthma since the 1980s, there has been a concerted effort to identify factors that could be the cause of the observed rise in the number of children developing asthma. Since caloric intake from added sugars, most notably in sugary drinks, has also increased over this time frame, researchers have […]

Effective ways to reduce knee pain

Experiencing knee pain lately? From including certain foods in your diet to wearing the right kind of shoes, here are some easy ways to get relief

Effective ways to reduce knee painWhether your knee pain is due to arthritis, injury, or some other reason, there are simple tips you can follow to ease the pain and prevent further damage to the vulnerable joints. Do not skip your warm-up Remember to stretch and warm-up before your workout, especially if it involves high-intensity exercises. Jeffrey Duarte, a performance […]

What is fat fasting? Learn about when and how to do it

If you have digressed from your diet and wants to get back on track quickly, fat fasting can be the solution to your problem. Fat fasting is found to be a great tool to have control over your appetite once again after having eaten large amounts of carbohydrates

What is fat fasting? Learn about when and how to do itThis type of fasting works effectively, especially among diabetic people. According to Megan Ramos, program director at the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) program, they began utilising fat fasting several years ago in the IDM program wherein one diabetic patient was having difficulties to fast again The patient was asked to eat bacons and eggs as […]

Learn about the health benefits of Mandukasana

In Sanskrit the word ‘Manduk’ means frog. It is consisted of two words manduk and asana. The meaning of manduk is Frog and asana is showing a yoga posture. In the final stage, the asana seems to like frog, hence the name. It is one of the important yoga poses to give appropriate massage to the abdominal organs. It is helpful to make your stomach flat by burning the extra fats from the belly

Learn about the health benefits of MandukasanaAmidst of all the amazingly sitting poses, Mandukasana or frog pose is one of the easiest yet extremely effective yoga asana to practice for good health and lifestyle. So here is the list of amazing health benefits of frog pose. Health benefits of Mandukasana (Frog pose) It massages the entire abdominal organs. Thus, good for […]

Bleeding ulcers: Diagnosis and treatment

The term ulcer means a sore that doesn't heal quickly. Ulcers can occur almost anywhere on the body, usually resulting from injuries, illnesses, or infections. They can be short-lived or ongoing. Most commonly, when people refer to an ulcer, they are referring to peptic ulcers that develop in the digestive tract. The term peptic means it is related to acid

Bleeding ulcers: Diagnosis and treatmentPeptic ulcers may be in the stomach, the small intestine just below the stomach, or the food pipe above the stomach. Sometimes, peptic ulcers can bleed (known as bleeding ulcers). More severe bleeding, known as hemorrhaging, can be life-threatening. Minor bleeding in an ulcer, however, is usually not as immediately serious and may go unnoticed, […]

Walking after a meal can improve digestion and help manage blood sugar

It’s well documented that exercise can help improve your digestion, but, contrary to belief, you don’t have to be out of breath and sweaty to do so. One of the best exercises for digestion is right under our noses (read: a few feet beneath our noses): walking

Walking after a meal can improve digestion and help manage blood sugarAt the end of a long day, it’s tempting to dive into your social feeds or Netflix queue the minute you’ve finished eating. But back before screens bogarted all our free time, an after-dinner stroll was a popular activity and one associated with improved health and digestion. “Italians have been walking after meals for centuries,” […]
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