Miracle: 35 weeks pregnant lady delivers baby after her accident

While, India witnesses one of the highest number of accidental deaths in the world, a 35 weeks pregnant woman from Pune, successfully delivered a baby boy, immediately after she met with an accident

Miracle: 35 weeks pregnant lady delivers baby after her accidentIndia witnessed 17 deaths and 55 road accidents every hour in 2016, one of the highest in the world, according to the latest report released by the Union road transport and highways ministry. To make Indian roads safer and to initiate responsible driving among people, the National Safety Council of India along with the Ministry […]

‘Develop hospital management system of global standards,’ Kejriwal to health officials

Hospital Management Systems of International Standard focus on efficient and accurate administration of finance, improved monitoring of drug usage, and the study of effectiveness and use of modern technology

‘Develop hospital management system of global standards,’ Kejriwal to health officialsDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday directed officials to work on developing a hospital management system of global standards. A tweet by Kejriwal mentioned that, “Directed Health Dept. today to develop most modern hospital management information system of international standards to integrate all Delhi government hospitals, Mohalla clinics and polyclinics.” Doctors from Maharashtra have […]

School girls to participate in Mumbai Marathon, demand tax-free sanitary pads

Sanitary napkin which is the necessity of every woman is currently in the 12% GST slab. Women’s organisations across the country have protested against the decision of the government. Now, four schoolgoing girls from the rural areas will participate in the Mumbai Marathon by demanding to make the sanitary pads available at an affordable price. Thus, stressing on maintaining the menstrual hygiene as well

School girls to participate in Mumbai Marathon, demand tax-free sanitary padsOn the issue of tax-free sanitary napkins, Supriya Sule, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP is ready to take on the Modi government. She tweeted, “Women’s health, cleanliness and the facilities should not be the government’s medium of generating revenue. Tax-free sanitary pad is every woman’s right. We will put forward these demands amongst the people.”#NoGSTForSanitaryPads […]

Soon: Mumbai to get 10 new ‘Bike Ambulances’, informs Dr Deepak Sawant

Ambulance takes a long time to reach the congested areas in Mumbai. Even a thought of our beloved one falling sick and after that a long wait for an ambulance scares us. So set all your worries free as ‘Bike Ambulance’ was started. It is convenient option as the patients would get the necessary treatment on time. The ‘Bike Ambulance’ will have a trained paramedic doctor and well equipped with medical gears. In just a few months, 'Bike Ambulance' has saved lives of 1,302 patients

Soon:  Mumbai to get 10 new ‘Bike Ambulances’, informs Dr  Deepak SawantNow, 10 new ‘Bike Ambulances’ will be introduced in Mumbai and 20 new  in the remote areas. In the remote areas, where the ambulance can’t reach, the ‘Bike Ambulance’ will be of a great help. Owing to which, the medical facilities will be provided through 20 ‘Bike Ambulances’ in Palghar, Jawahar, Mokhada, Nandurbar and Melghat areas, informed […]

Five tips for maintaining your eyesight

Your eyes play a significant role in your health. Many steps can be taken to ensure that your eyes are protected and remain as healthy as possible. Here are the best vision-boosting tips to help you protect your eyes into your golden years

Five tips for maintaining your eyesightMillions of individuals experience eye problems each year. Some eye issues result in permanent vision loss or blindness, while others can be corrected with contact lenses or glasses. Many of us are resigned to the fact that as we age, our eyesight will deteriorate. But could we improve our vision, protect our sight, and prevent […]

Pune: One in five people above 50 are diabetic, says survey

Diabetic retinopathy is curable in early stages but if it advances it can cause permanent damage and a person might lose eyesight. In the survey, it was found that nearly two thirds of those who were surveyed had never done an eye check-up

Pune: One in five people above 50 are diabetic, says surveyIn a recently conducted survey in Pune, it was found that every fifth person over the age of 50 years was diabetic and nearly 13 per cent of them had diabetic retinopathy. The survey also revealed that over two third of them had never got their eyes checked for diabetic retinopathy. H V Desai eye […]

Neurodevelopmental disorders in children: Solution for parents

Neurodevelopmental disorders are characterised by developmental deficits that usually show up early in a child’s development, many times before the child enters elementary school, and can run throughout the individual’s lifetime. These brain function deficits can affect a person’s emotions, memory, ability to learn, socialise and maintain self-control. Coming Saturday, a conference will be held for parents at the LTMG Sion Hospital about neurodevelopmental issues among children

Neurodevelopmental disorders in children: Solution for parentsNeurodevelopmental disorders are disorders related to the development in the central nervous system. This includes variety of dysfunctions like that of the brain or motor functioning which could be rather difficult for any individual to handle without the help of experts. For parents with any doubts about neurodevelopmental issues in children, Dr Samir Dalwai is […]

Breastfeeding can cut diabetes risk by 47%, reveals study

Scientists believe that there are good biological reasons why breastfeeding may protect against diabetes. For example, it is known to boost hormones which control blood insulin levels and lower blood sugar. It can also help new mothers lose pregnancy weight

Breastfeeding can cut diabetes risk by 47%, reveals studyBreastfeeding for six months or longer cuts the risk of developing type 2 diabetes nearly in half for women during their childbearing years, the longest ever study has shown. Researchers in the US analysed data from women who enrolled in a heart health study more than 30 years ago, and whose lifestyles and health were […]

Mumbai Marathon: ‘We are well equipped to handle any kind of medical emergency’

With the Tata Mumbai Marathon round the corner, organisers of the marathon are taking precautionary steps, for the benefit of the participants. A dedicated team of doctors at the Asian Heart Institute is gearing up for the grand event to be held on January 21, 2018

Mumbai Marathon: ‘We are well equipped to handle any kind of medical emergency’The Asian Heart Institute (AHI) has been the medical partner for the Mumbai Marathon for the past fourteen years in succession. From AHI, 70 rehabilitated cardiac patients (13 half marathoners and 57 dream runners) are participating in the marathon this year. Dr Ramakanta Panda, Vice Chairman, Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeon, Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai says, […]

Mumbaikars under the grip of viral gastroenteritis

As the mercury is on rise in the city, a number of people are being affected by viral gastroenteritis. Viral gastroenteritis is an intestinal infection marked by diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea or vomiting, and sometimes fever. According to experts, along with gastroenteritis, there is surge in patients suffering from rotavirus. Here, the experts’ advice some preventive measures to tackle it

Mumbaikars under the grip of viral gastroenteritisViral gastroenteritis (stomach flu) is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines caused by one of any number of viruses. It can affect anyone. Dr Pratit Samdani, General Physician from Jaslok Hospital said, “Since the last three weeks, I am witnessing a surge in the number of viral gastroenteritis and rotavirus patients in the age […]
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