After shedding tag of world’s heaviest woman, Eman set to leave India on Thursday

Eman spent 81 days in India for her obesity treatment and after undergoing a surgery, she now weighs 175kg. A team of doctors and staff from Burjeel Hospital is in India to assist Eman in her shifting

After spending more than 81 days in India, Eman Ahmed, once considered as the world’s heaviest woman, is set to bid adieu to india. Eman, who underwent bariatric surgery in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital, will be leaving for Abu Dhabi on Thursday evening for further treatment. Speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, Mumbai’s renowned […]

It will be a miracle if Eman stands, let alone walk, says Saifee doctor

As Eman Ahmed is headed to a hospital in Abu Dhabi which has promised to make her walk, doctors treating her in Mumbai say the feat is close to impossible

Eman Ahmed will shortly leave Mumbai after her 81-day stay at Saifee Hospital, where she lost not only 325 kilos, but also the tag of the ‘world’s heaviest woman’. Eman is headed to the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, which has promised to make her walk. In fact, her inability to do so had prompted […]

EAM Sushma Swaraj calls Dr Lakdawala to take updates on Eman’s health, Maha health minister visits Saifee Hospital

Following the verbal spat, which went viral on social media and shook the Indian medical fraternity, not only did External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj took a detailed report on Eman’s health from her doctor Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, but even state Health Minister Dr Deepak Sawant visited Saifee Hospital. Dr Sawant has taken a stand in support of the Saifee doctors

EAM Sushma Swaraj calls Dr Lakdawala to take updates on Eman’s health, Maha health minister visits Saifee HospitalAfter the ugly spat between Eman Ahmed’s sister Shaimaa Selim and doctors treating her, the escalation of war of words has caught External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s attention. Swaraj took the stock of situation on Thursday morning (April 27). Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala said, “Minister Sushma Swaraj spoke to me today […]

Eman likely to be shifted to Abu Dhabi? Team of Abu Dhabi doctors visit Eman today

Eman Ahmed’s sister Shaimaa Selim has been flooding the social networking sites with videos and messages on Eman’s deteriorating health status post her bariatric surgery. Another set of doctors from renowned health care institutes will be visiting Eman on Thursday

A team of four doctors from VPS Healthcare in Abu Dhabi visited Saifee Hospital to review Eman Ahmed’s medical reports on her sister’s insistence. Highly placed sources who are close to the team of doctors treating Eman, said that there are talks of her being shifted to Abu-Dhabi. Eman was once considered as world’s heaviest […]

‘Eman’s sister planned to abandon her in Mumbai, but we did not allow it,’ says a Saifee doctor

A day after Eman’s sister Shaimaa peddles defamatory video against the doctors treating Eman and puts up her pictures on social media platforms, Saifee Hospital calls for a joint meeting with her and Consul General of Egypt

Egyptian woman Eman Ahmed, who weighed 500kg when she landed in Mumbai on February 11 this year,  is fit enough to return home, say doctors treating her at Saifee Hospital. However, her sister Shaimaa Selim has alleged that her recovery is nothing but a lie fed by doctors. A day after Shaimaa circulated a video […]

After video, Eman’s sister attacks Dr Muffazal Lakdawala with ‘picture proof’

The sister of the ‘world’s heaviest woman’ posts pictures as ‘proof’ refuting Saifee Hospital’s claims that Eman is doing well, Shaimaa has even raised question on social media saying “You still believe him that all he said is true”

Eman Ahmed’s sister, Shaimaa Selim, has refused to back down. A day after Shaimma Selim released a video of her sister saying, there was no improvement in her health and that the doctors at Saifee Hospital, where she is being treated, were ‘liars’, she has now posted photographs of her sister on social networking site, […]

Eman’s sister calls Dr Lakdawala a liar, doctor says I have kept my promise

Bariatric surgeon treating the ‘world’s heaviest woman’ says, her sister has been defaming treating doctors the moment she was told that Eman can go home

In a dramatic turn of events, a two-and-half minute video released by the sister of Eman Ahmed, alleges that the ‘world’s heaviest woman’ is very sick and the Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, where she is being treated, are not taking care of her sister. Calling Eman’s doctor Muffazal Lakdawala a liar, Shaimma Selim, in a […]

World’s heaviest woman Eman sheds half of her weight, now weighs 238kgs

Doctors say unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for this rare genetic condition currently. The operation that she has had may have some benefits, but does not deal with the underlying problem

Eman, whose weight was 500kg until March 7, underwent bariatric surgery earlier in March at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai now weighs 238 kg. Dr Muffazal Lakdawala who has performed the surgery siad Eman has lost 262kgs .  She had been flown down from her home in Alexandria in Egypt to Mumbai by a cargo plane […]