Researchers discover sleeps instrumental role in protecting us against germs

German researchers have discovered one way sleep improves the body’s ability to fight off a cold. Sleep, it seems, strengthens the potency of certain immune cells by improving their chances of attaching to-and eventually destroying-cells infected with viruses

The researchers focused their attention on T cells, which battle infections. When T cells spot a virally infected cell, they activate a sticky protein known as an integrin that allows them to adhere to that cell. The researchers were able to prove that lack of sleep, as well as sustained periods of stress, lead to […]

Five ways music could improve your health and well-being

For some people, going even a day without listening to a few songs can be rather difficult. Rather than being a mere source of entertainment, studies have shown that music can have a beneficial effect on our physical and mental health

Five ways music could improve your health and well-being  More effective workout Most of us prefer listening to music when we go out for a run or when sweating it out at the gym. But is there a scientific basis to explain why? Turns out, a good soundtrack can increase the efficiency of your workout by delaying tiredness. In a recent study, researchers […]

Here’s how health shots can perk up your immunity

Health shots are mini doses of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in a concentrated liquid form. These small nutrient dense shots made using few spices, veggies and fruits increase your immunity, helps prevent diseases and maintains overall health

Here’s how health shots can perk up your immunityIt is miraculous to know that mere 2-3 ingredients from your own kitchen can actually turn into your own pharmacy. Just mix various combinations like ginger and cinnamon powder, lime and jeera seeds powder which definitely helps combat minor issues like cold, cough and acidity naturally. I believe a lot in Neem shots. According to […]

Researchers discover link between immune system and postpartum depression

The study by researchers at The Ohio State University was presented November 06 in San Diego at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting

Researchers discover link between immune system and postpartum depressionThe immune system might play an important role in the development of postpartum depression after a stressful pregnancy, new research suggests. Areas of the brain responsible for mood regulation showed signs of inflammation in the study, which used an animal model of postpartum depression to examine the possible connection between the immune system, the brain […]

Kids affected with cancer more prone to malnutrition, reveals AIIMS study

It underlines that malnutrition which is often seen as point of diagnosis in childhood cancer or may develop during the course of treatment has consequences on tolerance to chemotherapy, wound healing, immune status, survival and quality of life. The report mentions that it is important to obtain data on the prevalence of malnutrition in paediatric […]

A mother’s breast milk is the birthright of a newborn child

In continuation with our series on women who made a lasting impression in the medical field we bring to you the story of a pioneer. Dr Jayashree Mondkar is a doctor who helped utilise the idea of the human bilk bank, conceptualised by Dr Almeida Fernandez, into fruition. Since the past 30 year she has overseen the work-related to the milk bank and as seen it evolve from a small idea into a bigger movement, which has helped save countless lives of innocent newborn children  

We all know, no other product available in the market, can substitute human breast milk. Mother’s milk for an infant acts as a protector, builds immune power and also helps in the overall development of a child. But, there are a few children, who are deprived of their mother’s milk. Due to various reasons, their […]

Polio vaccine: ‘Maharashtra is safe,’assures state health minister

Amid the polio vaccine contamination controversy which has spread like wildfire across the country, Maharashtra health minister, Dr Deepak Sawant has assured the citizens of the state that the polio vaccine being used is completely safe

Ahead of a polio dose day, Maharashtra health minister has clarified doubts regarding the status of polio vaccine in Maharashtra. The use of virus infected polio vaccine produced by a certain company has been stopped in the state as per the directions of the central government. While speaking to the press, state health minister, Dr […]

Health ministry directs states, UT’s to furnish data of the contaminated polio vaccine

On Wednesday, October 03, the union health ministry dispatched a letter to all the states; and the UT’s to provide data of the contaminated polio vaccine. The health ministry is also increasing surveillance in the affected states

The union health ministry has directed all the states and the union territories to furnish information about the contaminated Polio vaccine. The ministry has asked for the information about the stock of batches B100318 supplied by a Ghaziabad based company. The polio vaccine supplied by this company was found to be contaminated with polio 2 […]

Contaminated batch of polio vaccine was not sent to Maha, clarifies state health min

The polio vaccines infected by Type 2 virus and produced by a certain company was not supplied to Maharashtra, clarified the Central Vaccination Department, according to Maharashtra health minister Dr Deepak Sawant. Meanwhile, a high level meeting in this regard will be held at Delhi tomorrow (October 03)

Giving detail information in this regard Dr Sawant said that the World Health Organization (WHO) is cooperating in India for polio survey as per the international quality parameters. As a part of this survey, sewage water samples from 45 places in different states including Maharashtra were collected. These samples were examined in five recognised laboratories […]

Drug controller begins investigation in polio virus vaccine contamination case

The Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has formed a 3 member investigation team, to investigate the polio vaccine contamination case. The three-member committee begins the probe in this week. The team will try and find out the cause of contamination

The Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has begun an investigation into the recent polio dose virus case. The three-member team constituted by the CDSCO will investigate the possible cause of contamination in the poliovirus Recently, polio vaccines contaminated with a strain of type 2 virus were found in some batches of the oral vaccine […]
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