Monsoon: Emergency aid every parent should be prepared for

Since monsoon has started to pour early this year it is important for each one of us to be prepared in tackling emergencies, especially when children are involved. Read and remember these measures well, as they can be utilised when medical emergencies strike

At most times, parents and immediate caregivers are the first responders when their child faces an emergency; medical aid and ambulatory services come second. It is therefore important that the parents be prepared for and be aware of want to tackle emergencies such as bleeding, fits, choking, burns, bleeding nose and diarrhoea. Bleeding: Lay the baby […]

Daytime wounds heal faster than injuries at night, discover researchers

The key to accelerated daytime wound healing, the scientists found, was that skin cells moved more rapidly to repair the wound and there was also more collagen, the main structural protein in skin, deposited around the wound site

Our internal body clocks cause wounds such as cuts and burns sustained during the day to heal around 60 per cent faster than those sustained at night, scientists have discovered in a finding that has implications for surgery and wound-healing medicines. It found burns sustained at night took an average of 28 days to heal, […]

Soon: State govt to start a burns centre in Mumbai

The burns victims are treated in BMC hospitals or the government medical colleges. Or, they are admitted at the National Burns Centre, Airoli, as there is no special burns centre in Mumbai. Owing to which, the state government will start a new burns centre, consisting of 30 beds in Malad, Mumbai

Right in the beginning of the New Year, the health department takes an important decision. As per the information received by My Medical Mantra: The burns centre will be started at Malad, Mumbai It will consist of 30 beds The government will fund it Hospital will have a skin bank Awareness would be created regarding […]

Mumbai Kamala Mills fire: ‘He’ is alive but ‘he’ lost his friends

Mumbai’s Hemang Zakiya had gone to Kamala Mills Compound with his wife and friends from the United States. Hemang was happy to meet his friends after a long time. Fortunately, Hemang survived. But, he lost his friends

Hemang Zakiya had gone for a dinner party with his wife Pallavi and his 2 friends from the Unites States at Kamala Mills Compound. Suddenly, the fire broke out. And, the things worsened. As, his wife and friends were caught in fire, as they were finishing their meals. Though, Hemang and his wife were fortunate […]

Mumbai Kamala Mills fire: Her dream of celebrating new year was ruined

A massive fire broke out at 12.30 am at ‘1 Above’ restaurant in Kamla Mills compound, Mumbai. Many people were present in the pub when the fire broke. Yasha Thakkar, a 22-year-old Ahmedabad resident lost her life in this gruesome incident

People all over the world are gearing up to celebrate the New Year. Likewise, 22-year-old Yasha Thackar, an Ahmedabad resident had come to Mumbai to celebrate the New Year. But, destiny had something else in store for her. She went to celebrate at ‘1 Above’ restaurant in Kamala Mills compound, Mumbai and never came back. […]

‘He was brought here with burns on his hands, face and back’

For this 23-year-old boy (name with-held on request), going to Kamala Mills was just as exciting as it was for four of his other friends. He was there at the mills to party along with his friends where the fire broke out and has got 12 per cent burns. He is currently getting treated at the National Burns Centre (NBC), Airoli

It’s the end of the year and partying is just the way we are going about it. However, this day turned into a nightmare for this 23-year-old from South Mumbai. “He was brought here with burns in his hands, face and back. We are treating him here. It is very early to comment anything but […]

‘If not for the hotel staff and god’s grace, I wouldn’t have survived’

One of the eyewitnesses at 1 Above restaurant where the rooftop caught fire on Friday morning around 12.15am, says she got lucky to have been saved and also that the disaster management team did a wonderful job

“After work on Thursday, I and my friend had planned to dine at 1Above at Kamala Mills. We reached at around 10pm and had finished eating by 12.15 am. We were just to pay the bill when we saw a small portion of the roof catching fire. It looked so minor that everyone thought it […]

Simple ways to treat pain at home

Pain can strike anytime; you need to do something about it. We have listed simple ways on how you can manage it efficiently, but do see a physician if it does not subside

Pain from injury, accident, or illness can happen to anyone at any time. You can do a number of things at home to feel better. But go to a doctor if it suddenly gets worse or changes — especially if there’s tingling, numbness, or burning — or if nothing you try makes you feel better. […]

Woman suffers burns while lighting diya

Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights, involves colours and fireworks. But it could also turn dark if you do not take proper care. This year too, the plastic surgeons and burn specialists witnessed people suffering from burn injuries due to fireworks. Experts say that it’s not so much about lighting crackers but more so about the way to light it

The festival, which signifies the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, people decorate their houses with oil lamps, burst firecrackers and prepare delicious sweets. Like most of us, on Thursday evening Nita Pandey (name changed) was lighting diya at her house in Thane, when her saree caught fire. Immediately, she rushed to the local […]

A TO Z guide for a safe Diwali

The Supreme Court has recently passed a directive to ban the sale of firecrackers in the National Capital to curb potential rise in pollution and health issues during Diwali. However, other cities and metros will continue to indulge in the festive celebrations with fireworks. Dr Sandeep Gore, Consultant and Head, Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, tells you how to handle medical emergencies in a time of distress

“With the festival of light drawing closer, emergency services are gearing up to tackle medical emergencies. Always have a first aid box handy while bursting crackers, this should consists of - Band-Aids, gauze pads, crêpe rolled bandages, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes or ethyl alcohol, thermometer, sanitizer and distilled water for cleaning […]