‘Good sleep helped me remain active,’ says wrestling champion Geeta Phogat

The Olympic gold medallist in wrestling also said not only is sleep necessary for good health, but sleeping in right place is also important. 93% Indians are reportedly sleep deprived

From L to R: Anil Mathur, COO, Godrej Interio with wrestler Geeta Phogat and Dr Preeti Devnani at the launch of Godrej Interio initiative [email protected]

Emphasising on the importance of getting adequate sleep, India’s first gold medallist in wrestling, Geeta Phogat said sleep hygiene is extremely important.

Phogat was speaking at the launch of Godrej Interio mattress and its [email protected] campaign in Mumbai on Wednesday (February 22). She said not only is sleep necessary for good health, but sleeping in right place is also important.

“Discipline in daily life plays a vital role in life. My father ensured that my sisters and I sleep at 9pm and wake up at 3.30am. This has helped me in my sports career. Good sleep has helped me be active,” Phogat said.

Also present at the launch was Dr Preeti Devnani, Clinical Director at Sleep Disorder Clinic, who explained that factors like light, sound, temperature and place of resting also plays a crucial role in getting good sleep.

“Maintaining sleep hygiene rejuvenates people’s mind. But, unfortunately, sleep is the single most compromised aspect of life. Addiction to technology and multiple devices throughout the day as well as using them just before sleeping is also on the rise, which is playing havoc with people’s health,” Devnani said.

Godrej’s [email protected] campaign aims to help people follow a sleep routine which will help them inculcate healthy sleeping habits in them and eventually, avoid stress as well as other health diseases which are caused due to insomnia.

“It is medically proven that the best time to sleep is 10pm, since it perfectly coordinates with sun’s patterns. Therefore, if one aims to win in life, attain a stress-free mind and healthier body, then one needs to [email protected],” said Devnani.

Shockingly, 93% of Indians are believed to be sleep deprived and Godrej’s campaign is to encourage people to give sleep the due importance.

Commenting on the concept, Anil Mathur, COO, Godrej Interio, said, “[email protected] is a concept which emerged at the product development stage of our healthcare range. We realised the concern was much larger than just selecting right mattress. Most Indians are deprived of sleep, and this mattress will help them sleep properly.”

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