Neurologists say they are getting 5 to 6 new migraine cases everyday

Doctors observe that in India, migraine has become a major health concern as it is most common in youngsters and women; 6 out of 10 women suffer from it

Neurologists say they are getting 5 to 6 new migraine cases everydayMany people who suffer a headache heavily rely on a pain reliever or quick nap to get rid of it. But, so is not the case with those who suffer from migraine headaches, as the debilitating pain can get so intense that relief may seem impossible. Doctors observe that in India, migraine headache has become […]

‘Good sleep helped me remain active,’ says wrestling champion Geeta Phogat

The Olympic gold medallist in wrestling also said not only is sleep necessary for good health, but sleeping in right place is also important. 93% Indians are reportedly sleep deprived

Emphasising on the importance of getting adequate sleep, India’s first gold medallist in wrestling, Geeta Phogat said sleep hygiene is extremely important. Phogat was speaking at the launch of Godrej Interio mattress and its [email protected] campaign in Mumbai on Wednesday (February 22). She said not only is sleep necessary for good health, but sleeping in […]

New 3D technology used to construct a new jaw for 62-year-old woman

Often the only solution is to fully remove the region containing the tumour, resulting in damage to the patient’s face in Sujata’s case doctors reconstructed the jaw bone with the help of left leg bone

Sujata More, a Ratnagiri resident suffered from ameloblastoma tumour (it is a rare tumour, commonly appearing in the jaw). “She often used to complain that something is biting her from the inside and also she was not able to have food properly. So we thought of getting her admitted to KEM hospital” said Aruna Rahatwal, […]

An essential list of do’s and don’ts to help students prepare for exams

As the SSC/HSC exams are just around the corner, it is very common for students and parents to feel panic and be tensed. We spoke with experts who gave a quick do’s and don’ts to follow before and during the exams

Psychiatrists say all work and no play makes students dull and depressed. Dr Hozefa Bhinderwala, Psychiatrist and Author of the book ‘Small steps to Big Reading’ said that, students should believe in themselves rather than doubting things. “Along with students it is also important that their parents should stop torturing their kids about ‘Board’ exams. […]

Lack of fibre can play havoc with your health

Colon cancer is one rapidly increasing cancer in India especially in Mumbai and one of its reasons is a lack of fibre intake

The amount of fibre consumed by people is dropping at an alarming rate. This has led to a rise in health problems among people, say doctors. They believe westernisation of our food habits has led people to be prone to diseases like colon cancer, obesity and health problems related to obesity, constipation, etc. Dr Nupur […]

Crash diets do not serve their purpose and put an immense pressure on the body

Proteins, sodium, potassium and carbohydrates are very essential for your body. While on a crash diet, people concentrate more on reducing calories and do not intake adequate amount of nutrients

Every second person out there is trying to lose weight and there are many who believe that crash diet is the apt solution to lose weight quickly. But, crash diet comes with its own pros and cons. Doctors say many Mumbaikars are falling prey to various diseases because of crash dieting. From college students to […]

Uncommon rise in brain stroke in young generation due to unhealthy lifestyle, say doctors

Neurologists explained that strokes in the younger generation are caused due to factors such as developing blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, extensive smoking and consumption of alcohol and junk food

Uncommon rise in brain stroke in young generation due to unhealthy lifestyle, say doctorsRecently, a 24-year-old youth suffered from a brain stroke and was declared brain-dead at Wockhardt Hospital. But, this is not a rare occurrence as city neurologists have observed an upsurge in brain stroke among youngsters in the last few years. Today, people as young as 18 suffer from brain stroke and neurologists blame unhealthy lifestyle […]

Over 2,000 children treated for cancer last year at TMC

On the eve of International Children Cancer Day, Tata Memorial Centre addressed the issue of rising cancer cases among children in India. In a discussion meet, doctors said cancer is curable in kids if diagnosed early and with proper treatment

Every year, 55,000 new cancer cases among children are registered in India and last year, over 2,000 children below age 18 were treated for cancer at Tata Memorial Centre (TMC). The data was given by TMC in a conference held on February 14 on the eve of International Childhood Cancer Day. The doctors discussed issues […]

This Valentine’s Day, let us celebrate these mature love stories

Live-in relationships and companionship is the latest trend among senior citizens and older generation

This Valentine’s Day, let us celebrate these mature love stories“Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be,” said Robert Browning in 1864 and his words aptly describe lives of two couples. Studies have shown that love plays a vital role in increasing longevity and on the eve of Valentine’s Day, stories of these couples’ to walk that extra mile for their […]

Doctor removes pendant stuck in year-old child’s food pipe for 5 days

Child was rushed to Fortis Hospital, wherein the small pendant was removed using endoscopy procedure under full general anaesthesia

An accidentally swallowed pendant stuck in food pipe of a one-year-old Mumbai child was removed by doctors of Fortis Hospital, Mulund. Aarav Koli (name changed) had swallowed a small pendant with Lord Ganesha’s picture on it and it remained in his body for five days. Dr Nutan Desai, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Fortis Hospital who treated […]
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