Hungry? Know how to calm hunger pangs

Hunger pangs strike at the wrong time, mostly before lunch or before dinner, ruining your appetite. They can even strike at night or an hour after you've eaten lunch. Owing to which, you end up gorging on unhealthy food. Experts give you healthy options to help you block those hunger pangs

Hungry?  Know how to calm hunger pangsYou’ve probably experienced gnawing, painful feelings in your stomach at some point, in the upper left side of your abdomen. These are commonly known as hunger pangs. Hunger pangs, or hunger pains, are caused by strong contractions of the stomach when it’s empty. This uncomfortable sensation is often accompanied by hunger, or the desire to […]

25 tips for finding fun on the run

Running is boring. It's hard. It hurts. It's lonely. And it doesn't give you immediate results. Right? While we don't think any of these are necessarily good excuses (or altogether true!), we do understand it's not always love at first run for anyone who ever decides to lace up and hit the pavement

25 tips for finding fun on the run1. Forget the past: Whatever feelings or fears you associate with running — leave them in your dust! “Forget about the coach who made you run as a punishment,” says Sara Johnson, a coach at Reality Running. “Forget about those childhood memories of not being ‘the athlete.’ Just because running wasn’t fun for you in […]

Yoga and meditation are beneficial for physical and mental well-being, says research

Yoga and meditation have both become increasingly popular in the Western world, and practitioners praise their psychological and physical benefits. Current research also suggests that meditating and doing yoga can boost overall well-being and resilience to stress factors

Yoga and meditation are beneficial for physical and mental well-being, says researchIncreasingly, yoga practice and meditation have been the focus of research aiming to test their benefits. Recently, Medical News Today have reported on a wealth of studies pointing to many different advantages of yoga and meditation, including countering cognitive decline, acting on genetic factors that predispose individuals to stress, improving lower back pain, and easing depression. A new paper published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience now shows […]

Meet a doctor who is a ‘mother’ to 600 diabetic children

It is important to remember that type 1 diabetes is not a lifestyle disease and children who are trying to live with it have to fight a daily battle for survival. With scant government resources, children with type 1 diabetes in rural India do not live a long healthy life

Meet a doctor who is a ‘mother’ to 600 diabetic childrenDiabetic patients have to take insulin thrice-a-day. It costs Rs 4,000 per month. Many people cannot access treatment due to poor financial condition. Due to which, Dr Archana Sarda, diabetologist has adopted 600 children, who suffer from type 1 diabetes, by sponsoring their treatment. Since 19 years, Dr Sarda has been taking care of these […]

October heat: Personal hygiene tips for women

The infamous October heat is already making Mumbaikars hot under their collars. People are carrying umbrellas and covering their heads to avoid the sun. In this haunting heat, women find it difficult to maintain their personal hygiene. Doctors offer some useful tips for better personal care. As, a good personal hygiene is the first step to good health

October heat: Personal hygiene tips for womenThe October heat is here, with maximum temperatures in Mumbai on the rise. Personal hygiene goes for a toss owing to heat and humidity. Keeping your body clean is an important. As it helps you feel good and keep you free from viruses, bacteria, allergies, infections and diseases. Dr Uday Rane, a Mumbai-based Gynaecologist said, “Urinary […]

How your breast develops: A guide for teens

Breasts are made of fatty tissue, blood vessels, and milk ducts. The biological reason they get bigger is so that a woman can feed a baby, if or when she has one later in her life. Most girls develop breasts between the ages of 8 and 13 years old

How your breast develops: A guide for teens  Young women’s bodies go through many changes during puberty, and one of the biggest is when their breasts begin to grow. A question many girls and teenagers may ask themselves is should their breasts hurt when they grow? In this guide, we address common questions about breast development. We will also explore the signs […]

Know how to treat diarrhoea during pregnancy

If you experience three or more loose bowel movements in one day, you may have diarrhoea. Diarrhoea during pregnancy is common. However, just because you have diarrhoea doesn’t necessarily mean it’s directly related to your pregnancy

Know how to treat diarrhoea during pregnancyDiarrhoea during pregnancy: Digestive difficulties, such as constipation and diarrhoea, may occur frequently during pregnancy. Blame it on shifting hormones, changes in diet, and added stress. The fact is, pregnant women deal with diarrhoea quite a lot, and if they aren’t cautious, it can cause problems. Find out what you can do to ease the discomfort when it strikes. […]

10 steps to cure smelly feet

No one wants to deal with the embarrassment of stinky feet. While most people will experience a case of smelly feet from time to time, some people live in fear of taking their shoes off. The medical term for smelly feet is bromodosis. The good news is that there are many treatments available to reduce the incidence of the condition

10 steps to cure smelly feetFootwear tips: 1. Socks: Wearing socks at any time can help with smelly feet. Socks, especially those made from sweat-wicking materials, can absorb sweat and reduce odors. They can also easily be changed, reducing the odors that may otherwise linger inside a person’s shoes. 2. Shoes: Shoes that have some breathability can help to reduce […]

Avoid kidney stones in 11 easy ways

Researchers still are not exactly sure how and why kidney stones occur, although they are one of the oldest medical conditions known to affect humans

Avoid kidney stones in 11 easy waysKidney stones are solid deposits of minerals and salts that have crystallized together in the kidneys. Usually, the fluid in urine prevents waste products from coming into contact with each other. Kidney stones begin to form when there is not enough fluid or too much solid waste content in the urine. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 1 in […]

Diabetes prevention tips for women

Diabetes management requires awareness. Know what makes your blood sugar level rise and fall, and how to control these day-to-day factors

Diabetes prevention tips for womenDiabetes is a disease in which blood sugar (glucose) levels in your body are too high. Diabetes can cause serious health problems, including heart attack or stroke, blindness, problems during pregnancy, and kidney failure. Diet plays an important role in fighting diabetes. Diet and exercise are both key components of a successful strategy to beat or manage diabetes: […]
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