Here’s how you can deal with acidity during summer

Acidity or acid reflux, is a common problem caused by excessive acids being present in the stomach. In summer, the chance for acidity is more, when food habits and routine face some changes. Some of the common symptoms of acidity include stomach bloating, vomiting sensation, frequent blood stools and frequent burping

Here’s how you can deal with acidity during summerIt is important to stay ready to face this common summer health issue. Before thinking of medications, understand that there are natural ways to prevent stomach acidity during summer. Let’s first see what causes acidity: Cigarette smoking Alcohol Excessive intake of oily foods Large meal gaps Excess intake of tea or coffee Overeating Being overweight […]

Brother-sister duo tours Maharashtra to create awareness about blood donation

In a city like Mumbai, around 25,000 blood donors are required to fulfil its blood requirement every month. However, during summers, as people go on vacation, the city faces a shortage of blood

Brother-sister duo tours Maharashtra to create awareness about blood donation  Metro cities like Mumbai, Pune face the shortage of blood during summers as many people travel outside the city for vacations. In order to motivate people to donate blood, a brother-sister duo from Pune are on a Maharashtra tour to create awareness among people. Snehal and Manesh started their journey on May 02 and […]

Know about summer health problems and prevention

Dr Amit Gupte, a Consultant Gastroenterologist, Wockhardt Hospitals, shares his insights about the health problems occurring in summer and its prevention

Know about summer health problems and preventionWhile summer is quite harsh in most parts of our country, it is a season that many rejoice as it brings along freedom from exams, long holidays, and mangoes! It is also a time when people avoid staying indoors, especially, during evening-time, to beat the sweltering heat. However, we should be aware that summer activities […]

Hottest summer in Pune leads to a rise in gastro cases

As Maharashtra is reeling under a severe heat wave, Pune is bearing the brunt of the heat. As the mercury soars, doctors in Pune are witnessing a rise in gastroenteritis cases

Hottest summer in Pune leads to a rise in gastro casesThis year, Pune is witnessing its hottest summer. With a continuous rise in temperature, the hospitals are full as gastroenteritis-related cases are on the rise. Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the stomach and intestines, caused by bacterial toxins or viral infection. Doctors are seeing many patients with vomiting and diarrhoea-related ailments. Dr Abhijit Lodha, a Physician […]

Health tips for pregnant women to cope with summer heat

During pregnancy, a woman has to undergo many types of problems but the summer heat can add to her problems. People generally like to eat and drink cold foodstuff during this season but doing so can cause swelling in pregnant women. If you are going to become a mother in the coming few months then adopt some helpful measures to avoid the heat

Health tips for pregnant women to cope with summer heatCommon problems faced by pregnant women in summer: Low blood pressure Dehydration Urinary tract infections Sunstroke Prickly heat Fever/cold Precautions to be taken: Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water Don’t step outside during the peak hours of the day (11 am to 4 pm), when the sun light is harsh Eat fruits containing high water […]

What causes nosebleeds during summer and how to prevent them

Nosebleeds are caused by a small blood vessel rupturing. There are two main types of nose bleed, upper and lower septum nosebleeds. In children, many doctors feel that nasal drying is a common cause of nose bleeds. Although the sudden trickle of blood may make an individual get panicky, nosebleeds are hardly a serious cause of concern

What causes nosebleeds during summer and how to prevent themThe medical term for a nosebleed is epistaxis. Because of the position of the nose – right in the middle of the face – and its high density of blood vessels, most of us will have had at least one nosebleed at some time during our lives. Although seldom a cause for alarm, nosebleeds can […]

Guidelines to beat heat exhaustion, sunburn

Dr Farah Ingale, Internal Medicine Specialist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, and Dr Sanjay Shah, a Consultant Physician & Internist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, share their insights on how to tackle this scorching heat and stay safe

Guidelines to beat heat exhaustion, sunburnThe Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) recently issued a heat wave warning in north Maharashtra, and the maximum temperature reached closer to 41 degrees Celsius, Mumbaikar’s must be equipped to tackle the scorching heat. While most people prefer to stay indoors when the sun is at the top, many are forced to step outside for various […]

Five roadside food items you must avoid during summer

Managing summer heat does not just mean what to eat but also what not to eat, which is equally important for one to know. To take care of yourself and prevent your body from being affected from various health problems, one must avoid consuming the following roadside food items during the summer

Five roadside food items you must avoid during summerWhile the summer is getting warmer day by day, people are getting more lethargic, and thus, some people avoid preparing food at home and tend to eat more outside food. That might not only affect the body but could also cause other health related problems in the long run. Therefore, managing summer heat does not […]

FSSAI cracks down on artificial ripening of fruits

Every year, we see people throng the markets to buy summer fruits like mangoes and watermelons. People gorging on watermelons at fruit stalls are a common site at fruit stalls. Come April-May, the markets are flooded with different varieties of mangoes

FSSAI cracks down on artificial ripening of fruitsHave you stopped for a moment and thought about the ripening process of these fruits. Whether they are natural or artificially ripened?  This year, you need not to worry as the FSSAI is by your side watching out for your health. All states and union territories are directed by Food Safety and Standards Authority of […]

What to do during a heatstroke and how to prevent it

With the hottest season of the year in progress, Mumbaikar’s are bracing themselves to deal with the extremities that summer brings. Although, it’s a great time for a range of activities, like sports, vacation time etc., summer brings along several health problems. Number one on that list is the probability of experiencing a ‘heatstroke’

What to do during a heatstroke and how to prevent itWhat is a heatstroke? A heatstroke is a result of prolonged exposure to extremely high temperatures, and is earmarked as a medical emergency. Usually combined with dehydration, this ultimately leads to a failure of the body’s temperature control system. The core body temperature stretches farther than 40 degrees Celsius, which is a hallmark symptom of […]