#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for Holi

Holi is all about colours, but it’s also an excuse to eat foods that awaken the senses and keep your spirits high. Not only for the bevy of colours, we love to be immersed with but also for the mouth-watering delicacies like puran poli, sweet gujiyas, crisp papads, masala kachoris and so on. With variety of deep fried food dishes and sweets in front of you, it is really difficult to control yourself. So, if you cannot lose weight, at least try not to put on extra pounds. Here, experts list out what to eat and avoid

#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for HoliDon’t make Holi an excuse to binge on unhealthy calories and invite health risks. Just make them in a healthier way which does not affect your waistline or disrupt your weight loss plans. Dr Ankita Ghag, Clinical Nutritionist, Vacchan Aarogya and Diabetes Care 365 said: Instead of bhang consume milkshakes, aam panna, jal jeera, thick lassi, veggie smoothies, lemon […]

Excess pregnancy weight gain tied to risk for delivery complications

Women who gain more weight than recommended while pregnant may increase their chances for serious complications at delivery, a study of more than a half-million births in New York City suggests

Excess pregnancy weight gain tied to risk for delivery complicationsIn particular, women who gained more than 20 pounds above the guideline amounts had significantly higher rates of heart failure, severe high blood pressure and needing a transfusion or ventilation, researchers report in Obstetrics & Gynecology. “We have seen a huge surge in maternal mortality in this country, and when we look at the risk […]

#WorldKidneyDay: Avoid kidney stones in 11 easy ways

Researchers still are not exactly sure how and why kidney stones occur, although they are one of the oldest medical conditions known to affect humans

#WorldKidneyDay: Avoid kidney stones in 11 easy waysKidney stones are solid deposits of minerals and salts that have crystallized together in the kidneys. Usually, the fluid in urine prevents waste products from coming into contact with each other. Kidney stones begin to form when there is not enough fluid or too much solid waste content in the urine. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 1 in […]

11 foods to eat if you have dementia, Alzheimer’s or brain disease

Dietary choices including eating plenty of spinach and drinking orange juice are said to help slash the risk of early memory loss for men. But there’s more of dietary choice and foods which can help boost memory. Read on to know more

11 foods to eat if you have dementia, Alzheimer’s or brain diseaseI have fond memories of sitting at the bench seat in my grandparent’s farm house, preparing organic vegetables from the garden for meals and then, upon completion, sharing a pot of tea with honey, along with a couple of biscuits, with my grandmother. My patient and highly-informed grandmother shared stories about the world, her days […]

Diet rich in fish helps fight asthma, reveals study

A clinical trial led by La Trobe University has shown eating fish such as salmon, trout and sardines as part of a healthy diet can reduce asthma symptoms in children

Diet rich in fish helps fight asthma, reveals studyThe international study found children with asthma who followed a healthy Mediterranean diet enriched with fatty fish had improved lung function after six months. Lead researcher Maria Papamichael from La Trobe said the findings added to a growing body of evidence that a healthy diet could be a potential therapy for childhood asthma. “We already […]

Dietary fibre reduces brain inflammation caused by ageing, reveals study

New research suggests brain inflammation to be reduced by foods high in fibre. According to a new study from the University of Illinois, dietary fibre may be the much needed remedy to reduce brain inflammation

Dietary fibre reduces brain inflammation caused by ageing, reveals studyAs mammals age, immune cells in the brain known as microglia become chronically inflamed. In this state, they produce chemicals known to impair cognitive and motor function. That’s one explanation for why memory fades and other brain functions decline during old age. But, according to a new study from the University of Illinois, there may […]

Temporary low-calorie diet may reduce inflammatory bowel disease, reveals study

A low-calorie diet may help alleviate the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). That’s according to experiments with mice with IBD who were fed a low-calorie, low-protein diet and had reduced intestinal inflammation and a regenerated gut as a result

Temporary low-calorie diet may reduce inflammatory bowel disease, reveals studyIn humans, IBD includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which both cause inflammation of the intestines. They have been associated with a combination of genetic and environmental factors, including a diet high in animal protein. Valter Longo and his colleagues at the University of Southern California fed 18 mice with IBD symptoms a reduced-calorie diet […]

Want a healthy heart? Switch off your TV and eat a healthy breakfast

People who spend less time watching TV and regularly eat an energy-rich breakfast may have a lower risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke, a study suggests. The study found that people who watched TV for less time and ate a healthy breakfast showed significantly less plaque and stiffness in their arteries

Want a healthy heart? Switch off your TV and eat a healthy breakfastWant a healthy heart? Turning off the TV, being active and eating an energy-rich breakfast of milk, cheese and cereals everyday could be the key, suggest researchers in a new study. The findings of the study showed that people who watched more than 21 hours of TV per week were 68 per cent more likely […]

How to lower high triglycerides

Triglycerides are the most common fat in the body. Most of the foods that people eat, whether from animal or plant sources, can have an impact on the levels of triglycerides in the blood

How to lower high triglyceridesThere are many different types of fats, from polyunsaturated fats found in olive oil to the saturated fats found in red meat. They all contribute to triglyceride levels in the body, but they do so in different ways. When a person eats more calories than their body needs, the body stores these extra calories in […]

9 health benefits of sweet potatoes

There are plenty of reasons to love the humble sweet potato and here’s why you need to include these antioxidant and fibre rich veggie in your diet

9 health benefits of sweet potatoesPacked with antioxidants Not all sweet potatoes are orange. Their skins and insides can be white, yellow, brown, red, pink, and purple. The range of colour brings different nutrients to the table. Purple-fleshed sweet potatoes are thought to contain super-high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. As these substances pass through your system, they balance […]
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