Best and worst foods for your thyroid health

The attention to food and nutrients to encourage proper functioning of the gland is often ignored. The nutrients that the thyroid gland needs are easily available in many food items. Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya lists out some food stuffs to consume and avoid, in order to boost the thyroid health

Best and worst foods for your thyroid healthYour thyroid is your body’s silent workhorse-most of the time; it functions so smoothly that we forget it’s there. But this little, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck helps regulate your metabolism, temperature, heartbeat, and more, and if it starts to go haywire, you’ll notice. Though the thyroid is small, it’s a major […]

Diwali: Simple precautions for good eye health

Diwali is the festival of light. Perhaps its most iconic celebration is the colourful and dazzling display of fireworks. As beautiful as it looks, fireworks account for thousands of emergency room visits each year during the festival. City doctors lists our some vital eye care tips

Diwali: Simple precautions for good eye healthDiwali is a festival of lights that brings light into our lives. Eye care is essential during Diwali. Many people can get chronic eye infections; the repercussions of cracker burning at the time of Diwali can be serious sometimes. The smoke that is produced from the crackers can harm one’s eyes and can cause many kinds of […]

Diwali: Special diet tips for diabetics

Diwali is a time when varieties of mithai, fried food is served and it becomes difficult for any individual especially a diabetic to take care of his/her diet. Food during Diwali is traditionally sweet. Sugar and ghee are present in many of the foods which means, they are often highly calorific and the sugar will raise blood glucose levels quickly. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and it is very important to take care of the dietary intake to maintain good control

Diwali: Special diet tips for diabeticsThe results of a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and long working hours have become worrisome. And diabetes, which is known as the silent killer, happens to be the most dangerous of them all, plaguing millions across the world. It not only puts people at the risk of obesity, heart disease and a stroke, but also triggers an […]

Binge! Celebrate a guilt-free Diwali

Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated in India & all over the world with great vigor and joy.  It is one of the main festivals related to Indian culture. The main highlights of this festival are the lights, fireworks, and decorations, said Khyati Rupani, Founder and Head of Balance Nutrition

Binge! Celebrate a guilt-free DiwaliPopularly known as the festival of lights, Diwali brings immense joy. However, this happiness turns into guilt after having festive sweets and savouries mindlessly. “Our area of concern begins when the richly prepared sweets and dishes start appearing making it very difficult to keep weight in check during this season. We end up consuming extra calories […]

This Diwali, dazzle with these useful skin and hair care tips

The festival of Diwali is an occasion that is close to the heart to millions of Indians. People start preparing for the celebrations weeks in advance, but as the day approaches, one should bear in mind a few important points to enjoy the festivities at their best. Dr Sharmila Patil, Consultant Skin Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund talks about the various steps one could take in order to keep their skin and hair in good condition during this festival season

This Diwali, dazzle with these useful skin and hair care tipsWhile you slave over getting your house, your clothes and your sweets ready, don’t forget to spenda little time making yourself look good. The anticipation of a wonderful festival will bring a glow from within, but you also need to work on the outside. Dr Sharmila Patil, Consultant Skin Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund has put […]

Digital detox to recharge and reboot you

A digital detox is switching off electronic gadgets such as mobiles and smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers for a certain period of time. This allows you to spend some screen-free time and enjoy whatever you are doing

Digital detox to recharge and reboot youFeeling anxious by just thinking about giving up your smartphone and missing out on social media updates for a day? It may not be as bad as you think – if you’re prepared. Dr Harish Shetty, consulting Psychiatrist at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, explained, “Continuous use of smartphones and other gadgets can cause neck […]

#WorldFoodDay: ‘Eat seasonal, local and regional food’

Prehabilitation is like immunisation, it’s about taking preventive measures in the form of modified life style so that we don’t land up with any kind of diseases in future. Or if at all a person is suffering from any disease, it will help in the management of the disease. As development of a disease is a process, it doesn’t happen suddenly. So give your diet a healthy boost

#WorldFoodDay: ‘Eat seasonal, local and regional food’Prehabilitation is necessary as I see rise in a number of cases of the youngsters having hypertension and diabetes. So, to combat these diseases, one has to make healthy lifestyle modifications. Prehabilitation is related to diet (ahar), physical activity (vihar) and sleep (nidra). While talking about diet, these are few questions that on should keep […]

Men, are you stressed out? You may be suffering from andropause

Ageing in men leads to a dramatic drop in testosterone, similar to the loss of oestrogen experienced by women during the menopause. Andropause is commonly seen in men, after the age of 40 and can be managed by making lifestyle alterations, say doctors

Men, are you stressed out? You may be suffering from andropauseAndropause is a condition that is associated with the decrease in the male hormone testosterone said doctors. Dr Prakash Kothari, Padma Shri and consultant sexologist, said, “Andropause in men, is similar to menopause, in women. In menopause, there is abrupt stoppage of hormones, while, during andropause, the decrease in testosterone and the development of symptoms is more […]

#WorldSightDay: Control diabetes and go for regular eye checkups

A quarter of the world’s blind population is estimated to be in India, about 12 to 15 million. This is bound to increase as diabetes is one of the leading causes for loss of vision in India. With an estimated 51 million people currently living with Diabetes, India leads the world in the prevalence of diabetes, and this is predicted to go worse by the year 2030, says Dr Ajay Aggarwal, Senior Consultant, Department of Endocrinology, Fortis Hospital, New Delhi

#WorldSightDay: Control diabetes and go for regular eye checkupsThis is true that people with diabetes do have a higher risk of blindness than people without diabetes, but it is equally true most people with diabetes can keep these problems to minor. It is very important to realize that good blood sugar control; regular and timely check-up, proper testing and eye care can often […]

The role of rehabs and support groups in aiding youths with #mentalhealth issues

Getting help from rehabs makes sure that someone is constantly evaluating the patient to make sure all his or her needs are met in a supportive atmosphere. This is done to take proper steps for each person to get them on the right path to recovery

The role of rehabs and support groups in aiding youths with #mentalhealth issuesApproximately 1 of every 5 individuals suffer from one or the other mental illnesses. Amongst the youth in particular, depression, anxiety and stress is common. One needs to understand that whatever the concern is, they need to speak to someone close or to a psychiatrist or a support group in order to get appropriate help […]
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