Aurangabad: Ghati Hospital resident doctors call off mass bunk

Resident doctors agreed to resume their duty after speaking with the hospital administration. They had organised this mass bunk in response to an assault on one of their colleagues

On Wednesday, April 25, Dr Harshad Chavan was manhandled by a group of 20 odd men who were accompanying a patient at Aurangabad’s Ghati Hospital. To show their solidarity against this attack, 322 resident doctors who work at the hospital had organised a mass bunk. They have not joined their duty since past three two […]

7-year-old Gondia girl gives new lease of life to 3-year-old

The family of the brain-dead girl from Gondia, Maharashtra decided to donate her organs after being counselled.  Her heart has been given to a three-year-old from Mumbai who was suffering from a heart ailment

7-year-old Gondia girl gives new lease of life to 3-year-oldOn Friday, the organ retrieval procedure was done at Nagpur’s New Era Hospital. Rivya had met with an accident and was later declared brain-dead by doctors. After counselling Rivya’s family consented for donating her organs. Rivya has given a new lease of life to four people. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Anand Sancheti from […]

Maha govt begins survey to gather data on cadaver donation

The Medical Education Minister of Maharashtra, Girish Mahajan has written a letter to Tata trust, seeking help in creating a mechanism which can help boost cadaver donation in Maharashtra state. The state has requested Tata trust to design a model to activate government hospitals to identify and declare brain-dead patients and to counsel their family to donate the organs

Maha govt begins survey to gather data on cadaver donationThe incidents of organ failure are rapidly increasing in the state as well as the country. And the only way to meet the shortfall of the organs is to promote cadaver and deceased organ donation. The Maharashtra government has requested the Tata trust and Mohan Foundation to help boost the organ donation campaign in the […]

Aurangabad: Resident doctor attacked by angry mob, colleagues on mass bunk

In a fresh case of assault on doctors, on Wednesday, April 25, a resident doctor working at Ghati Hospital, Aurangabad was attacked during his night rounds

Dr Harshad Chavan had asked a group of 20 odd men who were accompanying a patient, to vacate the ward and wait outside, upon this they lost their cool and began to beat the doctor. In retaliation of this attack, 322 resident doctors who work at the hospital have organised a mass bunk. They have […]

‘Increase stipend or face mass strike,’ medical interns to Maha govt

The medical and dental interns state that the unwillingness of the Maharashtra government to look into this matter has compelled them protest. The protesters said that if their demands are not met within a week’s time, they will be going on a pan-Maharashtra indefinite strike of interns

Today, members of Association of State Medical Interns, Maharashtra, protested on the behalf of around 3,000 medical and dental graduates for a hike in their current internship stipend. Around 350 odd medical interns protested with placards held in their hands at Sir JJ Hospital. Their demand is that the state government must increase the stipend […]

Maha: Doctors remove key which was pierced in man’s skull

In a shocking incident from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra where patient was treated by doctors for a key which was had penetrated his skull

A 25-year-old man was admitted to Anand Rishi Hospital with a key which was stuck in his skull. Doctors treated him by performing a procedure known as craniotomy also known which burr hole surgery. This is a surgical operation in which a bone flap is temporarily removed from the skull to access the brain. The […]

Aadhar made mandatory for nutrition benefit scheme, leaves activists fuming

In order to curb the rising women and infant mortality rates in the country, the union government had launched ‘Sabala’ and ‘Amrit Aahar’ yojana. The aim of the scheme is to provide nutritious food for the expectant mother, lactating mothers, and adolescent girls. But, in order to be a beneficiary under these schemes. The government has made it compulsory to have an Aadhar card to gain access to the benefit schemes

Health activists said that with the Aadhar linking mandatory, many women will not get the benefit of the government scheme. Malnutrition in the tribal and rural areas, is the biggest challenge, the government machinery facing. And to reduce the rising mother and child mortality rates is a herculean task before the state machinery. To help […]

Maha: 3,533 infants die within the first hour after birth, reveals RTI

In a recent Right to Information (RTI) query, shocking facts have emerged from Maharashtra, which has shown malnutrition to be one of the biggest contributing factors for the rise in infants and child mortality

424 infants died in Mumbai within first hour of the birth 1,525 babies died within one year after their birth Pneumonia is responsible for the death of 111 babies. While, 12 babies died due to diarrhoea To curb the increasing infants and child mortality rates in the country, the union government has undertaken various projects […]

Body Donation: Solapur family donates conjoined twins body to medical college  

The Shaikh family has shown tremendous courage and have donated body of their two-days-old conjoined twins to Dr Vaishampaiyan Memorial Medical College. Doctors at the medical college said that the body will be kept in a glass box, so that medical students can learn from this

Body Donation: Solapur family donates conjoined twins body to medical college    In their time of grief, by gathering great amount of strength a family from Solapur, Maharashtra has taken a difficult decision. With tears  in their eyes, the Shaikh family has taken a decision to donate their conjoined twins body for the purpose of medical education. Doctors said the conjoined twins body will be preserved […]

A tribal health camp changes the life of this 19-year-old

The National Health Mission and the Epilepsy Foundation has been organising health camps since the last eight years in villages to provide medical facilities to the poor living in remote Adivasi areas . These camps have been instrumental in treating lakhs of patients. One such camp has proved to be a boon for a 19-year-old who was suffering from epilepsy since birth

Sheshrao Jivtode (19), who hails from Kitadi village in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra was suffering from epileptic attacks since birth. For the past 19 years, he has been living with this horror every day. But, today, he is completely free from epilepsy. Sheshrao is currently undergoing treatment at Bombay Hospital in Mumbai. While speaking to […]
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