7-year-old Gondia girl gives new lease of life to 3-year-old

The family of the brain-dead girl from Gondia, Maharashtra decided to donate her organs after being counselled.  Her heart has been given to a three-year-old from Mumbai who was suffering from a heart ailment

  • On Friday, the organ retrieval procedure was done at Nagpur’s New Era Hospital.
  • Rivya had met with an accident and was later declared brain-dead by doctors.
  • After counselling Rivya’s family consented for donating her organs.
  • Rivya has given a new lease of life to four people.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Anand Sancheti from New Era hospital said, “Ravya, was declared brain-dead, and her family gave their consent for donating the organs. Her liver has been given to a 40-year-old in our hospital, both kidneys have been sent to Orange City Hospital and the heart was flown to Mumbai with a specially arranged flight, to be transplanted onto a three-year-old. In India, paediatric organ donation is very few and far in between and we need to spread awareness regarding this.”

In India, paediatric heart transplants are rare, whereas, the International Society for heart and lung transplant figures says that approximately 500 to 600 paediatric heart transplants take place globally and 10 to 12 per cent of those transplants are done upon children. In India, the scenario is worrisome, as paediatric heart transplants are peculiar and challenging in nature

In India, Paediatric heart transplant program started in 2015. Yet, there is not enough awareness about paediatric organ donation in India. Paediatric organ transplantation is still a challenge.