‘Dialysis is a painful expensive process with scarcely available resources’

This World Kidney Day, Centaur Pharmaceuticals and Kibow Biotect have tied up to market Renadyl in India, a strategic therapeutic drug for healthy kidneys. In an opening address, Gregory Taevs thanked Centaur and Kibow for inviting him to the occasion and wished the strategic alliance a grand success

Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in India is 17.2% and rising Dialysis is a painful expensive process with scarcely available resources The US patented and clinically tested product helps maintain healthy kidney functions Centaur Pharmaceuticals and Kibow Biotect tied up to market Renadyl in India. Starting this March 8th, on the eve of World […]

Kidney transplant or dialysis: Sad dilemma for financially weak

Farmer Sunil Shinde and his family sold their four-acre plot to undergo kidney transplant six months ago. He needs a repeat transplant for not being able to afford expensive post-care

When Anita Shinde sold their four-acre agricultural land for her husband’s kidney transplant, little did she know that this would come to nought. Sunil, a 41-year-old farmer from Varud village in Ahmednagar district, needs yet another kidney transplant as the previous procedure could not meet with success due to medical complications. “He was undergoing dialysis […]

Say goodbye to dialysis, as scientists develop world’s first artificial kidneys

The world’s first bionic kidney can be inserted in a body by a common surgical procedure and it has proved to work efficiently. It is now proving to be the perfect replacement for a damaged kidney. The bionic kidney consists of several microchips which are moved by the heart. The bionic kidney also filters out toxins from the blood in the same way as a normal kidney

The National Kidney Foundation estimates that over 100,000 patients are on the waiting list for a donor kidney, and over 3,000 are added list each year. The average patient spends 3.6 years waiting for a viable transplant, and may be treated with dialysis while they wait, but only one in three dialysis patients survives longer […]

Sister donates kidney to brother, celebrates Raksha Bandhan in hospital

On Monday, Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, witnessed an emotional Raksha Bandhan celebration in the hospital ward, after a sister donated kidney to her brother, who was successfully operated last week

Raksha Bandhan signifies love and strengthens the bond between the brother and the sister. On this occasion, brother pledges to protect his sister, through the thick and thin. But 68-year-old Bakulaben Maniar became an inspiration, as she donated her kidne,y by granting a new lease of life to her 67-year-old brother Dhirenbhai Maniar. Dhirenbhai Maniar, […]

Who will lend her support?

Today, social worker Seema Hande is alone. For several years, Seema who was like a ray of hope for children suffering with cancer, is today struggling for her own survival as her health is deteriorating due to kidney failure. She is in search of a helping hand which will offer her love, support and care

Byculla resident, Seema Hande is a social worker who counselled children suffering from cancer by lending them support, affection and care. But the lady who gave fought for others is today all alone, in a lot of pain and struggling for her survival. Who will lend her support? The question remains unanswered question. Currently, she […]

India’s first-of-its-kind dialysis centre for HIV positive patients a ray of hope for many

Apex Sunshine Dialysis Centre has only four beds, but this Govandi-based centre has been dedicatedly serving the HIV positive patients, who are suffering from kidney failure, without any bias. Presently, it does 250 dialysis every month

Apex Sunshine Dialysis Centre has only four beds, but on these beds many lives are thriving, finding their much-needed treatment. A first-of its-kind centre in India, it is dedicated to treating HIV positive patients, who are suffering from kidney failure, without any bias. The centre, located in Govandi, was started with the intention to serve […]

Kidney transplant best option for those with end-stage kidney failure

While abroad pre-emptive kidney transplant is seen as the best option for most patients whose kidney disease is progressing to kidney failure, in India many end-stage kidney patients continue to live on dialysis

Kidney transplant best option for those with end-stage kidney failureAn end-stage kidney disease patient will live longer with a kidney transplant than dialysis, say nephrologists emphasising on the need to have more cadaver donations to meet the demand for kidney transplants in the country. On December 22, My Medical Mantra had reported about a 31-year-old Mumbai girl who has been on dialysis for 17 […]

Mumbai woman amazes doctors, survives on dialysis for 17 years

31-year-old Ganisha Mohite, daughter of a handcart-puller, was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease 17 years ago. Poverty and unable to find donor in family has forced her to undergo dialysis for so long

Mumbai woman amazes doctors, survives on dialysis for 17 yearsIt’s been 17 years since Ganisha Mohite has been visiting Holy Spirit Hospital thrice a week to undergo dialysis. Doctors treating Mohite say poverty and unable to find a suitable donor in family has forced Mohites to embrace this struggle for life. Mohite, a 31-year-old Andheri (Mumbai) resident, and her parents have however surprised doctors […]

Mumbai woman’s desperate plea to Maha CM for unrelated kidney transplant permission

The woman, a 51-year-old single parent, urgently needs a kidney transplant after she faced difficulty in getting a donor in her family

While Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was discharged from AIIMS in Delhi today after a successful unrelated kidney transplant, a 51-year-old Mumbaikar with end-stage kidney disease has approached Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis seeking permission for unrelated kidney transplant. During winter session at Nagpur, noted lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar, along with BJP leader […]