Diet rich in fruits and veggies can help reduce lung disease risk

Compared with individuals who had never smoked and who ate five or more portions of fruits and vegetables, current and former smokers who ate fewer than two daily portions were 13.5 times and six times more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary (COPD), respectively

Diet rich in fruits and veggies can help reduce lung disease riskThe health benefits of eating a range of fruits and vegetables are well documented; reams of research have already made this clear. For instance, increasing their consumption helps reduce cardiovascular risk, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and stave off cancer, to name but a few. Recently, there have been a number of studies demonstrating that […]

Buried penis syndrome: A unique clinical challenge, says doc

Obesity is the mother of all diseases. Obesity also has morbidities and a Buried penis (hidden penis) could be one of the major problems. Similarly, Shekhar Shah (name changed) visited a city doctor with a buried penis syndrome (BPS)

Buried penis syndrome describes a penis, normal in size, but lacking an appropriate sheath of skin. It could be a congenital disorder in which the ‘buried penis’ is located beneath the integument of the abdomen, thigh, or scrotum. The penis may also be buried within its own skin. Dr Deepak K Jumani, professor and sexual […]

Dip in temperature: Cold and cough grip Mumbaikars

The unpredictable weather, chilly winds, incessant smog in the city, along with multiple mixes of weather conditions are surely making us all to feel dryness in our throat and many respiratory conditions. My Medical Mantra speaks to experts in Mumbai to see what can be done to stay away from the harmful effects of such iffy weather

‘Adrak wali tea’ and ‘hot coffees’ are currently our best friends. And trust us; it’s not only for you! The winter is all out and in full swing, bringing along with it some unpredictable weather and respiratory problems. During winters, the body temperature usually drops as the environment cools. At the same time, the body […]

Pune: Doc uses novel technique, saves COPD patient

Pune doctors used a novel technique to save a 66-year-old resident of the city, suffering from advance Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Timely intervention by modifying the existing technique in a novel way helped him to get a new lease of life

ECMO stands for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) therapy, which delivers oxygen to the blood is commonly used these days. But, in Pune, doctors used a similar technique like ECMO to reduce carbon dioxide level in the blood. As per doctors, the technique is gaining support in the western countries. While, very few centres in India […]

Mumbai pollution: Respiratory illness on rise among pregnant women

For, an unusual sight even for winter, Mumbaikars woke up to dense haze on Saturday morning. And it continued to envelope the city through for almost three to four days, leading to low visibility. The pollution took a toll on the health of many. However, the number of respiratory illness have increased from 6 to 9 per cent and can increase further, said experts

Mumbai pollution: Respiratory illness on rise among pregnant womenA dense haze had descended over Mumbai, affecting visibility on the streets and putting respiratory disease patients in peril. According to doctors, this poor air quality can lead to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) makes it difficult for you to breathe. Also, the impact of pollution has been seen on the pregnant women. Also, it can […]

Smog: Mumbai witnesses rise in respiratory illnesses  

Outdoor activities such as jogging and running are known to be quite helpful. However, such an outdoor activity in Mumbai during the mornings could have a hazardous on your respiratory system. Doctors advise people against going for morning walks as they will be prone to fall ill with upper respiratory illness

What seemed like a usual foggy winter morning on Saturday turned out to be a prolonged pent up smog for the city. The air quality index ranged from poor to very poor in the day, not coming anywhere close to moderate or satisfactory. At 6pm, the air quality index in the city clocked 302 in Borivali, […]

13-year-old on a mission ‘NO SMOKING’

At the age of 13, children aim to excel in studies and sports. But, Disha Tiwari who resides in Indore is working towards a noble cause. Her goal and vision is to make India free from the crutches of cigarette smoking

‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health’, is written on the cigarette packs as well as when we go to watch movies in the theatre. Often, we are warned about the ill effects like heart disease, stroke, cancer, lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) but we never pay attention towards it. But, 13-year-old, Disha […]

Air pollution ups COPD cases in metros, say docs

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is broad term to describe progressive lung disease that may include emphysema, bronchitis, breathlessness and irreversible asthma and so on. With Delhi’s smog becoming a discussion in the entire country, a burning question about non-regulated air pollution is in front of us. My Medical Mantra tries to understand how air pollution is a leading cause of rising COPD in metro cities

Delhi’s smog has become the topic of discussion these days. With air pollution becoming one of the prominent causes for COPD, doctors across the countries say it is worrisome. Most cases of COPD are caused by inhaling pollutants; that includes smoking (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc.), and second-hand smoke. Owing to which, people experience breathlessness and […]

Restrictive lung diseases can be managed with medication and exercise regime

Following a treatment plan and sticking to certain lifestyle changes can help alleviate the symptoms of a restrictive lung disease and improve a person's quality of life

Restrictive lung diseases can be managed with medication and exercise regimeRestrictive lung diseases are chronic lung conditions that limit the ability of a person’s lungs to expand during inhalation. Most cases of restrictive lung diseases are not curable, but they are often manageable with medication and exercise regimes.What are restrictive lung diseases?Long-term lung conditions are traditionally separated into two main categories based on how they […]

These 8 signs indicate that your lungs maybe failing

The most common culprit of lung problems is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and surprisingly, it may be damaging your lungs too

  When your lungs struggle, you struggle. It’s normal to think that lung disease would mess with your breathing patterns, but some of the symptoms aren’t that obvious. Your body can send out an SOS in many different ways. Recognizing these signals can help you treat your flagging lungs and breathe a little easier. The […]