#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Laproscopic surgery should be made available in rural areas’

Women are the pillars of strength of every home. The stability of a home depends on the health of women. A happy and healthy woman builds a strong foundation of a happy home. If a woman is unwell for a day, the home is in disarray

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Laproscopic surgery should be made available in rural areas’Women, today, are career-oriented and put in the same hours as the men. During the process, they are subjected to severe stress from the work and home fronts. Sustaining this pressure for a long time takes a massive toll on their bodies, and they end up paying a heavy price. Earlier, in case of complications, […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Our aim should be to serve the poor’

Diverse, vigorous and vibrant states contribute towards building the nation. India will become even more dynamic and economically strong, provided we have well-rounded health infrastructure available for our citizens

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Our aim should be to serve the poor’It should be advanced, state-of-the-art and affordable for all. Healthy states help develop a Healthy Nation. A nation’s health banks upon two major factors – a well-educated society and well-aware and informed citizens. Maharashtra is a progressive state and has achieved a good health index due to its positive outlook. But, to build a state […]

‘Identifying defects in special senses, is essential for treatment’

Children are our future, and hence ensuring their health and structuring their development should be the prime focus. Systematically planned healthcare right from early childhood is a must to ensure the healthy future of every nation

‘Identifying defects in special senses, is essential for treatment’In today’s times, medical advancements have shown promising results, especially in early intervention for special senses dysfunction. Special senses, as the name suggests, are truly special. They give us the real taste of the world but are also equally vulnerable to several disorders. Identifying these defects is the need of the hour. But, unfortunately, public […]

‘Take advanced healthcare facilities to remote tribal areas’

Tribal communities form 10% of Maharashtra’s population. They live in remote corners of the state, virtually cut-off from the world. They have the worst health indicators and well-being status compared to those who are living in the cities. However, tribal healthcare continues to remain a neglected subject

‘Take advanced healthcare facilities to remote tribal areas’Since Independence, a lot has been talked about improving tribal healthcare, but there has been no visible change. Tribal health can be improved by building a sustainable infrastructure and concentrating on the below listed objectives: Reducing child mortality Community-based management for severe malnutrition Providing basic healthcare facilities Curbing adult mortality rates Without overcoming these critical […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Restore patients’ faith in PHCs in rural and tribal areas’

Primary Health Centres (PHCs) are the real temples of our villages. Unfortunately, the saddest part is our government has not bothered to maintain the sanctity of these temples. This may sound harsh, but the state has left the poor to survive on their own

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Restore patients’ faith in PHCs in rural and tribal areas’Our PHCs are in an utter state of neglect despite being the backbone of healthcare system in the state. How can Maharashtra be healthy if its backbone is weak? If you look at today’s scenario, 90% of the doctors are in big cities, even those from rural areas, whereas 80% of the people live in […]

Organ donation: Meet a health ambassador who creates awareness on railway stations

Keeping in line with our stories which share a theme of organ donation, today we bring you the inspiring story of an individual who is truly 'out there' to spread awareness on organ donation. This 68-year-old health ambassador is on a mission to spread awareness on tobacco-related diseases and organ donation

Organ donation: Meet a health ambassador who creates awareness on railway stationsAfter retiring from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 68-year-old Ramesh Dongre took up the mission to educate people about the ill effects of tobacco, about organ donation, noise pollution, cleanliness and so on with the help of a board on Kandivali railway station, Mumbai, for an hour daily. He wears the banner and creates awareness […]

‘It’s time to establish Aarogya Swaraj in Maharashtra’

Maharashtra, as the name itself suggests, is ‘Mahan Rashtra’ – a great state. However, despite being the economic engine of India, the poor and needy are devoid of basic medical care. A state with diseased population can never grow, prosper and advance. The dream of Healthy Maharashtra can only be achieved through ‘Aarogya Swaraj’ (आरोग्य स्वराज)

‘It’s time to establish Aarogya Swaraj in Maharashtra’Illnesses bring enormous suffering to the poor, not just physically but also as a huge financial burden. What we should ideally aim at is a Maharashtra that is not dependent on doctors, hospitals and drug companies. The principle of Aarogya Swaraj will lead us to this. Identifying potential risk factors of rampant death and diseases, […]

Know about the places where you will encounter the most germs

Sticking to a healthy diet, sleeping well and practising stress management are all important to build immunity, which also protect us against the various germs that we come into contact every day. But if your immunity is not up to the mark, keeping certain objects clean and being aware of places that are filled with germs could keep harmful bacteria leading to diseases at bay

Know about the places where you will encounter the most germsIn fact, a study found that 340 different types of bacteria are found in 30 objects that we use regularly such as cellphones, keys, microwave and makeup products among others. Using hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, using water and bleach on these products could help remove the germs from them. The Centers for Disease Control and […]

Madhya Pradesh: Government to table #RightToHealth Act in assembly during winter session

The fundamental objective of the law is that everyone should have access to healthcare services when and where they need without discrimination and financial hardship. And the aim of the health conclave is to enact a comprehensive, implementable, attainable and sustainable framework of the law 

Madhya Pradesh: Government to table #RightToHealth Act in assembly during winter sessionThe Madhya Pradesh government will table the draft law Right to Health Act during the winter session of the assembly Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath stated this during the two-day health conclave in Bhopal The law will ensure delivery of basic healthcare services to all within 3 kilometres Soon, all the citizens of Madhya […]

Delhi residents struggle to breathe, as air quality remains in ‘severe’ category

The Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority has declared a public health emergency across the National Capital Region with pollution levels entering the ‘emergency’ category for the first time since January. Air quality in Delhi has plummeted post-Diwali, which Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said was the ‘lowest in five years’

Delhi residents struggle to breathe, as air quality remains in ‘severe’ categoryAs the thick smog has chocked the national capital on the second consecutive day, Delhiites are forced to breathe toxic air. The pollution level in Delhi is still considered to be in the ‘severe’ category, there is a steep rise in respiratory illnesses reported in the city. Doctors informed that they are witnessing a sharp […]
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