NMC Bill: WMA warns the Indian govt

In a letter to the Chairman of India’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare, The World Medical Association (WMA) leaders warn that the Indian Government’s Bill the (National Medical Commission Bill) to replace the Medical Council of India would lead to more Indian doctors leaving the country, affecting patient care

Indian Medical Association

  • The Indian Government’s plan to dismantle the professional self-governance of Indian physicians has been strongly criticised by the WMA.
  • The letter, jointly signed by WMA President Dr. Yoshitake Yokokura and WMA Chair Dr Ardis Hoven, says that ‘there is absolutely no evidence from anywhere in the world that the regulation of a profession is better done by government’.

The WMA says that professional self-governance facilitates professional autonomy and clinical independence. A shift from a democratically elected, autonomously governed body to a politically established and government directed body would be counterproductive for patients and for furthering the development of the medical profession in India.

The WMA leaders added, “India suffers from a strong brain drain, especially of physicians to other countries. Taking away a part of their professional identity will increase dissatisfaction and frustration, and probably lead to an even higher attrition rate.”

As per the WMA, Indian physicians are working and are welcomed and looked after in many places in this world. Making their home country and their communities less attractive would not be wise. With all those factors in mind, we support the efforts of our Indian colleagues to stop or categorically amend this law – for the benefit of Indian physicians and, most importantly, for the benefit of Indian patients and the population.

Rajya Sabha secretariat has published the notification regarding National Medical Council Bill. The RS department related standing committee has asked to send comments on the bill. The IMA has accordingly issued a format for all its braches to submit comments on the bill.

Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, National President of Indian Medical Association said, “Recently, we had a strong representation from our end on NMC Bill. They were very receptive and we are looking forward for a favourable outcome.”