Doctor removes pendant stuck in year-old child’s food pipe for 5 days

Child was rushed to Fortis Hospital, wherein the small pendant was removed using endoscopy procedure under full general anaesthesia

Pendant swallowed
The swallowed pendant was removed successfully from the one-year-old child’s food pipe using endoscopic instruments

An accidentally swallowed pendant stuck in food pipe of a one-year-old Mumbai child was removed by doctors of Fortis Hospital, Mulund.

Aarav Koli (name changed) had swallowed a small pendant with Lord Ganesha’s picture on it and it remained in his body for five days.

Dr Nutan Desai, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Fortis Hospital who treated Koli, said, “After doing the necessary pre-procedural evaluation, an abdominal X-ray was done to locate the foreign object. Thereafter, an endoscopy procedure was performed under full general anaesthesia. The pendant was removed successfully using endoscopic instruments.”

Desai informed post endoscopy, a CT scan of neck and chest did not reveal pressure effects of pendant on other organs.

“Koli was gradually given oral feeds and discharged a day after the procedure without any complications,” added Desai.

Cases of toddlers ingesting objects are very common and these can sometimes cause grievous harm.

“It is important to seek medical intervention well in time even when the child shows no symptoms so as to mitigate any possible complications. In this case, we were able to treat him before his condition could get any worse” said Desai.