Miscarriage may trigger post-traumatic stress disorder

Women who have recently had a miscarriage are at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, doctors at Imperial College London have said.

Miscarriage may trigger post-traumatic stress disorderAt their early pregnancy loss clinic, a third of the women have PTSD symptoms. Nicole Martin had three miscarriages in a year, her “dark days”. “Everyone thinks because you’ve already got a child it’s easier. In a lot of respects it definitely is easier than not having a child, but I wanted another child for […]

Women’s health: Here’s what you can do to prevent a miscarriage

Pregnancy can already be stressful both physically and emotionally to a woman’s reproductive life. Any risk of miscarriage that can bring more of these pressure should be rightfully avoided

Women’s health: Here’s what you can do to prevent a miscarriageHere are several tips you can apply to lessen risk of pregnancy loss. Observe hand washing It is important to practice good hand hygiene. Catching a great number of viral or bacterial infections causing miscarriage, infant deaths or stillbirths can be easily avoided with proper hand washing. Get checked by your doctor or midwife Seek […]

High blood pressure before pregnancy interlinked with miscarriage risk

Higher blood pressure prior to conception may increase the risk of miscarriage, even in women not diagnosed with hypertension. The study involved women who had already experienced at least one pregnancy loss and were trying to conceive again. If confirmed, the findings imply that lowering heart disease risk factors in young adulthood may also improve reproductive health

High blood pressure before pregnancy interlinked with miscarriage riskWomen with slightly elevated blood pressure before they get pregnant may have an increased risk of miscarriage even when they’re not diagnosed with hypertension, an American study suggests. Researchers examined data on 1,228 women with at least one previous pregnancy loss who were trying to conceive. Out of the 797 participants who became pregnant during […]

Maternal age has no effect on IVF success, conclude researchers

Researchers have shown that maternal age may not influence the implantation potential of embryos in IVF or the likelihood of miscarriage. The study concludes that whilst older women produce fewer euploid (healthy) embryos, age does not affect implantation or live birth rates, if healthy, high-quality embryos are used

Maternal age has no effect on IVF success, conclude researchersThere have been several studies that suggest that age causes a decline in the reproductive potential for women. This has mainly been attributed to the decrease in the yield of oocytes (eggs) and an increase in aneuploidy (embryos that have less or more than the requisite number of chromosomes). According to research, the rates of […]

Heavy use of common antibiotics may increase risk of miscarriage

Researchers found that use of certain antibiotics in early pregnancy increased risk of miscarriage by as much as twofold.

Heavy use of common antibiotics may increase risk of miscarriageA link has been found by researchers at the University of Montreal in Canada between the use of macrolides, quinolones, tetracyclines, and some other common antibiotics in early pregnancy and an increased risk of miscarriage. These findings were recently reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Miscarriage is defined as the spontaneous loss of a […]

Air pollution increases the risk of miscarriage in women, reveals study

Pregnant women are at an increased risk of miscarrying if they are exposed to elevated levels of a type of air pollution, a study suggests. Researchers in the US found a 16% increase in the risk of miscarriage among women exposed to higher levels of nitrogen dioxide, a gas created by petrol and diesel vehicles

Air pollution increases the risk of miscarriage in women, reveals studyAir pollution is as bad for pregnant women as smoking in raising the risk of miscarriage, according to a scientific study. They said the finding was upsetting and that toxic air must be cut to protect the health of the next generation. Air pollution is already known to harm fetus by increasing the risk of […]

Recurrent miscarriage linked to faulty sperm, reveal researchers

Fathers’ faulty sperm could be an underlying cause of repeated miscarriages, which have typically been attributed to health problems with the mother, according to a new study

Recurrent miscarriage linked to faulty sperm, reveal researchersThe early-stage study, from scientists at Imperial College London, investigated the sperm quality of 50 men whose partners had suffered three or more consecutive miscarriages. The research, published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, revealed that, compared to men whose partners had not experienced miscarriages, the sperm of those involved in the study had higher levels […]

Paternal smoking can increase miscarriage risk, warns study

Based on data for nearly 6 million pregnancies, researchers found that women whose partner smoked during the first few months of the pregnancy were 17 per cent more likely to miscarry than women with non-smoking partners

Paternal smoking can increase miscarriage risk, warns studyWould-be fathers may increase their partner’s risk of miscarriage by smoking during the pregnancy, or even during the time leading up to conception, a large study from China suggests. Women whose partner quit smoking around the time of conception had an 18% lower risk of miscarriage than those whose smoking partner didn’t quit, the study […]

7 common causes of miscarriages

There is no experience more difficult than having to go through a miscarriage during pregnancy. Miscarriage is not only physically taxing, but very emotionally challenging as well. Yet, pregnancy loss can be even harder to deal with especially when it occurs time and time again

7 common causes of miscarriagesOne out of every 5 to 6 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage i.e. the pregnancy is lost. And if it happens three times in a row to a woman, then it can be disastrous. Recurrent pregnancy loss is one such situation which carries the burden of immense emotional stress to the couple concerned. To understand […]

4 surprising factors that can raise miscarriage risk

A miscarriage is the loss of a foetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. More than 80 per cent of miscarriages occur within the first three months of pregnancy. For most women, a miscarriage is a one-off event and they go on to have a successful pregnancy in the future

4 surprising factors that can raise miscarriage riskMiscarriages occur in approximately 10 percent of all clinically recognized pregnancies, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists reported. Common risk factors for naturally losing a baby during early pregnancy are advanced maternal age and prior early pregnancy loss. We’ve listed four additional risk factors that could surprise you. Daylight Savings Time Women undergoing in […]