What is fat fasting? Learn about when and how to do it

If you have digressed from your diet and wants to get back on track quickly, fat fasting can be the solution to your problem. Fat fasting is found to be a great tool to have control over your appetite once again after having eaten large amounts of carbohydrates

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This type of fasting works effectively, especially among diabetic people. According to Megan Ramos, program director at the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) program, they began utilising fat fasting several years ago in the IDM program wherein one diabetic patient was having difficulties to fast again

The patient was asked to eat bacons and eggs as well as avocados and olives for two weeks. After two weeks, he had easily returned to fasting again and was feeling great.

Fat fasting lowered his insulin by over 50 per cent. He just ate as he was told and barely felt hunger on the third day of consuming a fat-filled diet plan.

The patient ate less and less of those bacons and eggs each day and eventually stopped eating them. He naturally didn’t want to consume any of those foods anymore and, right there, began to fast again.

The thought of this plan is focused on satisfying your cravings of fatty foods for a few days before starting to abstain from food again. Once you are satiated, you will start eating less of it and, finally, will not want it anymore.

Observing fat fasting can aid your body in quickly achieving its fat-burning mode. The particular diet plan shows not many negative outcomes like having hunger pangs and headaches.

Fat fasting is recommended when following a high carbohydrate diet or in periods of stress.

When abstaining from consuming fats, eat as often as necessary first – when you are hungry or until full. Dairy products, except for a small portion of heavy cream in your coffee or tea, should be avoided as well as nuts during fat fasting.

Ramos said that fat fasting works so well for two reasons. First, the diet plan is a monotony of a few foods that are allowed suppressing your appetite. Secondly, people tend to eat less fatty foods when cravings were already satisfied.

When fat fasting, eat foods like eggs, bacon, salmon, olive oil, butter, avocado, bone broth and tea or coffee.