‘That’s when I had stopped using lipstick’

After transforming from Lalita to Lalit, Tuesday, literally was Lalit’s day out. For the first time, Lalit stepped out of the hospital to return to his native place as a man. Lalit says he is eager to join his police duty soon and his very optimistic about his new life and new changes in the body

“In 2009, I came to know that I am different from the other girls, that is when I stopped using lipstick. Then I never looked at it nor did any make-up. I could feel from the inside that I was different. Finally, I have my own identity now,” said Lalit Salve.

Lalita finally got her back her identity as Lalit. After spending 15 days in Mumbai’s state-run St George Hospital, Lalit finally walked out of the hospital as a man. Lalita underwent sex reassignment surgery on May 25.

As Lalit was about to leave the hospital, My Medical Mantra had a brief chat with him. During the conversation, he smile said a lot. He looked happy and eager to reach his native place.

“When I got to know about myself. I decided that I would not live like this. I was searching for a number of medical options. My family and relatives supported me a lot,” he added.

After undergoing surgery and being hospitalised for 15 days, as a precautionary measure, finally, it was Lalit’s day out.

“I want to join the police force as soon as possible. After taking the due rest for a brief period, I will rejoin,” says Lalit.

Lalit further added, “People like me should not live in fear and trauma, they should come out and speak. I urge the society to please accept these people.”

But, Lalita’s transformation into Lalit was not that easy. Lalita had to face a lot of hardships during her struggle. She knew the path, to becoming Lalit, will have a lot of agreements and disagreements. Firstly, the fight was with herself, and later on with the department and the society. But, she kept on fighting even though the police department rejected her application earlier. Owing to which, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis had to intervene in this matter.

“I am obliged to CM sir and DGP sir. They helped me a lot in this long-fought battle,” added Lalit.

While Dr Rajat Kapoor, the plastic surgeon who operated on Lalita, said, “Lalit’s health is improving gradually. After these complex procedures, there are chances of developing a skin infection. But, he is doing fine. After taking a week’s rest, he can join his duty.”

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, Superintendent of St George hospital, said, “Lalit’s health is fine. After keeping him under observation, he is now discharged.”