Take a heart: India’s has always been a friend to the ailing from Pakistan

Rohan, a four-month-old from Lahore, has recently been granted medical visa for heart surgery in India. He is among many from Pakistan, who India has welcomed for medical care

Little Rohaan from Lahore is not alone in his battle against a congenital heart disease. Even the Indian government stands firm by his side.

Notwithstanding the political turmoil between the two countries, a medical visa was provided to the four-month-old in a bid to give him a new lease of life.

Rohaan has a hole in his heart, which needs immediate medical attention.

Recognising the delicateness and urgency of the situation, the Indian government has opened its borders and welcomed the little boy. Despite the tension and animosity between the two countries over several issues, India has gone beyond politics, and stands firm for a medical cause.

Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs

Rohaan was granted a medical visa by the India government on June 2, 2017. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj intervened after his father, Sadiq Kanwal, tweeted to her Sushma Swara, about the child’s medical condition. After getting visa, Rohan’s father tweeted back: “Humanity prevails”.

According to Jaypee Hospital, Rohan and his father will reach India on June 12, 2017. He will undergo a heart surgery under the supervision of Dr Rajesh Sharma, a well-known paediatric surgeon, attached to the hospital. Rohan has been suffering for the past few months, and his father wanted to get the surgery done in India.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Jaypee Hospital CEO Dr Manoj Luthra said, “Rohaan is suffering from a heart disease, and immediate intervention is needed. We must thank to honourable minister Sushma Swaraj as she has intervened in this case. We will provide all the necessary care to him.”

Rohaan is among the countless patients from Pakistan who have been welcomed in India for treatment. According to the website of Pakistan daily Dawn, Indian hospitals such as Apollo, in New Delhi, have previously reported receiving around 500 patients from Pakistan every month. Patients from the neighbouring nation also fly to Chennai, which is considered the hub of heart treatment.

A report in Live Mint stated, 1,921 patients from Pakistan visited India on medical visa in the year 2015-16 alone. In 2015, five-year-old Basma was treated for an emergency liver transplant surgery in India. Forty-year-old Pakistani national Mohammed Zubair Ashmi, had got a new lease of life after he underwent a heart transplant surgery at a Chennai hospital in April 2013.

According to reports, in the past five years, India has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of patients coming from Pakistan to India for treatment. At least 70% visit India for liver transplant. Patients with heart diseases and children with congenital health issues also come to India seeking medical help.

These numbers show India has rated humanity over everything else. Kanwal’s tweet is proof enough.