First cadaver donation of 2017 at Sion Hospital

The deceased person’s heart was allocated to Fortis hospital. The liver was allocated to KEM Hospital. One kidney was allocated to Hinduja hospital, while other was allocated to Sion Hospital

First cadaver donation of 2017 at Sion HospitalThe first cadaver donation of the year happened in Sion Hospital on Sept 28. Abraham John, a 35-year-old man’s organs were donated to the various hospitals in the city. Abraham who was from Kerala was hospitalised in Sion Hospital on Sept 26 after he met with a railway accident. His heart was allocated to Fortis […]

Avoid kidney stones in 11 easy ways

Researchers still are not exactly sure how and why kidney stones occur, although they are one of the oldest medical conditions known to affect humans

Avoid kidney stones in 11 easy waysKidney stones are solid deposits of minerals and salts that have crystallized together in the kidneys. Usually, the fluid in urine prevents waste products from coming into contact with each other. Kidney stones begin to form when there is not enough fluid or too much solid waste content in the urine. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 1 in […]

11-year-old saves four lives

Organ donation is the new catch-phrase these days. In another case of organ donation, parents of a 11-year old with a farming background have donated her heart, liver and kidney to save four lives after she was declared brain-dead, yesterday

11-year-old saves four livesIn yet another case of organ donation, parents of 11-year-old who belongs to a family of farmers have donated her heart, liver and kidney to save four lives, after she was declared brain-dead, yesterday night. The heart was donated to Fortis hospital in Mulund, to a 7-year-old boy and liver was donated to a 23 […]

Father of nephrology, Dr Chugh no more

Determined, strong-willed and proficient are words synonymous to Dr Kirpal Chugh. Chugh, who was 85-years-old, was an inspiration for many and passed away on Sunday morning, due to blood cancer. While the entire medical fraternity is saddened because of his death, My Medical Mantra remembers him for his wonderful achievements

On Sunday morning, Dr Kirpal Chugh passed away owing to blood cancer, with which he was diagnosed with about two years ago. He will be fondly remembered as the father of nephrology in India, who single-handedly separated this discipline from medicine and then developing it into a super-specialty. He was a renowned professor and the former […]

Ruby Hall clinic performs robotic surgery to treat kidney stone 

The surgery was performed on 35 year old woman, who was suffering from kidney stone since last few years. Doctors claim this is the first of it's kind of a surgery performed in Pune and Maharashtra

A HR professional named Ashwini, (name changed), a 35-year-old woman whose kidney was infected due to stone formation. She was successfully operated at Ruby Hall clinic using next generation robotic surgery. This technology has helped doctors from Pune to overcome the barriers associated with open and laparoscopic surgery. Doctors at the hospital claim this is […]

Pune hospital performs robotic surgery to remove ‘renal hydatid cyst’

Pune Ruby Hall hospital claims that this is India’s first robotic surgery, wherein a man diagnosed with a renal hydatid cyst has undergone a surgery. The surgery was a challenge due to the large size of the cyst

A 37-year old patient couldn’t fathom what was wrong with him. For the past few years, he was suffering from pain in the flank. When the pain became too unbearable for him to tolerate, he decided to see a doctor to ease him from the agonising pain. After multiple tests such as sonographies and CT […]

‘Don’t need money, but awareness on organ donation’

A man who is on dialysis since last 20 years, appeals people to donate organs, as it can give a new lease of life to someone

Today, there is a lot of awareness among people regarding organ donation. But in the past, not many people knew about this Nobel deed. Hence, due to the lack of awareness, Prakash More who is on dialysis since last 20 years, appeals people to donate organs. More who is fighting for his life death every […]

Mumbai Hospital performs first robotic kidney transplant surgery in Maharashtra

An Andheri resident was admitted to the hospital with renal failure. His wife Leena decided to donate her kidney to set her husband Murlidharan back on the path of recovery. The family agreed to go in for robotic surgery, after they were apprised about the latest technology and its benefits, including lesser risk of infection, less pain, and faster recovery

CN Murlidharan (59) is all set to return home after becoming the first person to undergo a robotic kidney transplant in Maharashtra. Murlidharan was operated on July 2 by Dr Inderbir Gill, Head of Department, Urology and Robotics at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital (HNRF), who led the team of doctors at HNRF The Andheri […]

Want to combat kidney ailments, try these asanas

Diabetes also has adverse effect on kidneys. According to a WHO study done in 2015, 8.7% of Indian population are living with diabetes. It means 69.2 million Indian people have diabetes and in more than 36 million people it remained undiagnosed. The increase in life expectancy and the spread of diabetes may increase the number of cases of chronic kidney failure

Want to combat kidney ailments, try these asanasChronic kidney failure (CRF) is a medical condition characterised by progressive renal dysfunction, which affects patient’s quality of life. Recent studies have reported that there is strong association of oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and psychological stress with CRF. Several scientific studies have shown that yoga reduces oxidative stress, psychological stress and inflammation. Thus yoga will […]

Drosophila models human genes responsible for genetic kidney diseases

Nephrotic syndrome (NS) is a cluster of symptoms that signal kidney damage. Research teams have identified mutations in more than 40 genes that cause genetic kidney disease, but knowledge gaps remain in understanding the precise roles that specific genes play in kidney cell biology and renal disease

The majority of genes associated with nephrotic syndrome (NS) in humans also play pivotal roles in Drosophila renal function, a conservation of function across species that validates transgenic flies as ideal pre-clinical models to improve understanding of human disease, a Children’s National Health System research team reports in a recent issue of Human Molecular Genetics. […]