Fortis Hospital hosts two-day neonatal and paediatric care workshop for NICU nurses

In its 4th successful year, over 300 nurses from cities like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vapi, Surat, Mumbai, Nashik, Jaipur, Delhi, Assam etc., attended the seminar hosted on May 19 and 20

In India, 3.5 million of the 27 million births are premature and not every medical facility is well equipped to treat these cases. To help bridge this gap in outcomes, Fortis Hospital, Mulund conducted a two-day Neonatal and Paediatric Care Workshop for NICU nurses from various cities. The workshop has been conceptualised and conducted by […]

#SaveDhanashree: Parents of four-year-old make an appeal to 125 crore Indians

It has been 11 months since Dhanashree Mujmule has been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. She is in dire need of a heart transplant. Her parents are doing their best to treat their daughter but are struggling to gather funds and require your help

“It was the month of June 2017, when Dhanashree suddenly fell ill. We did not know what had happened. The doctor told us, Dhanashree, will not survive. My world came crashing down within seconds. Those words are still ringing in my ears. I kept on asking myself one question. Why? Why my daughter?” After meeting […]

Shlok receives new heart, further treatment a daunting task ahead for parents

Shlok has undergone a heart transplant procedure at Mumbai's Fortis Hospital, Mulund, last week.  Luckily, Shlok got a heart in the nick of a time and he is recovering as well. But, the herculean task which now lies in front of his father is to arrange for the funds for his treatment

Shlok Bansode, a three-year-old from Pune, is currently recovering at Mumbai’s Fortis Hospital. Shlok, who was suffering from cardiomyopathy, has undergone a heart transplant in Fortis Hospital just a week ago. The family of this three-year-old toddler is very happy. As he got a donor heart, just a week after he was registered for a […]

Bed-ridden Iraqi woman walks again after 15 years

Salih had not stood up independently and walked for over a decade and a half and was riddled with arthritis of the back. Not one to give up hope, her family decided to bring her to Mumbai for treatment

For over 15 years, an 81-year-old Iraqi national, Salih was bedridden with no mobility in her legs. Due to obesity which was shrouded by immobility, she was unable to go about her daily activities and thus became dependent on her daughter-in-law. Wanting to explore treatment options in order for her to walk again, her family […]

Complex tumour in kidney lands man with massive heart emergency

A man was rushed to Fortis Hospital, Mulund with a heart emergency after complaining of a throbbing pain in the abdomen. The biggest challenge for the doctors was to ensure that bits of tumour did not go beyond the right heart into the lungs, which could block its blood circulation

Complex tumour in kidney lands man with massive heart emergencyLalit Singh (name changed), a 55-year-old experienced shooting pain on the right side of his abdomen while going about his daily routine last week. When the pain became unbearable, he was rushed to the emergency room of Fortis Hospital, Mulund. Tests revealed a large mass in his right kidney, the mass had also extended into […]

Organ donation: Brain-dead 40-year-old woman saves five lives

Medical Social Workers at the hospital counselled the distraught family and explained them about the procedure of organ donation, eventually, her husband, along with other family members consented to donate heart, liver, lungs and kidneys. Concurrently, this marks Mumbai’s 86th heart transplant since August 2015

Organ donation: Brain-dead 40-year-old woman saves five livesA landmark surgery was performed at Fortis Hospital in Mulund, the Cardiac and Hepatic Transplant Surgeons, Physicians, Cadaver Maintenance Team, Medical Social Workers and nursing teams, worked in exceptional coordination to enable Maharashtra’s first Heart and Liver transplant surgery on a single recipient, a 24-year-old man. The surgery was enabled when the husband and family […]

Heart transplant: ‘Even your smallest contribution can help save my wife’

Pooja Pachange is suffering from a serious heart ailment and the only option for her survival is to have a heart transplant. But her family hails from a very poor background and they are struggling to gather the money required for her treatment. Her husband, Sachin makes an appeal to the people who can help him save his wife

“On the day when doctors informed me, that I will have to undergo a heart transplant, I had become completely numb. My husband and I felt as if an earthquake had struck us. And within no time our dreams were shattered. We didn’t know what to do. Our world just crumbled in no time.” Pooja […]

This doctor is going an extra mile for heart patients

After undergoing the heart surgery, a patient has to take the necessary precautions. The patient’s life can be at risk if proper care is not taken. Keeping this in mind, a doctor from Solapur has come forward to create awareness on the same

Since three years, Dr Vijay Andhare, Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Solapur, is creating awareness. He conducts a camps and guides people. Since last three years, he has conducted 281 camps. Why should people go for regular check-ups, what problems can arise? Reasons behind hereditary heart problems, various heart diseases and what should be done to prevent them are […]

Miracle: Baby weighing 520 gms survives in Bangalore

Triplets were born to a couple through IVF in Bangalore. Unfortunately, all the three infants had fragile health and other morbidities. Of the three, doctors could only save one of those. The infant weighed only 520 gms at birth. Miraculously, she was saved by the doctors. The 26 week preterm baby is healthy now and weighs 2.25 kgs

According toWHO, India has the greatest number of preterm births, with nearly 3,519,100 preterm births every year. Every year an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (before 37 completed weeks of gestation) and this number is rising. Given these stats, a unique case came to the forefront at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore. Triplets were born […]

Organ donation: Mumbai witnesses 81st heart transplant

The young man’s family was counselled by medical social workers on organ donation to which they willingly consented to donate his organs. With this, the family has helped save the lives of at least four critically ill patients

Organ donation: Mumbai witnesses 81st heart transplantWith 2017 coming to a close end, surgeons at Fortis Hospital Mulund worked in perfect tandem along with medical social workers to enable Mumbai’s 81st Heart Transplant. The donor heart was implanted into a 40-year-old male recipient; this became possible after the parents of a 21-year-old male from Bhopal consented to donate their son’s organs. […]
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