Soon: BMC hospitals to get additional 230 ventilators

Everyday, thousands of patients are admitted to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) hospitals for treatment. Not, only from Mumbai, a large number of people come from Maharashtra and across the state. But as compared to the number of patients the number of ventilators is less. Owing to which, the BMC’s health department has decided to increase the number of ventilators

  • Expenditure: 24 crores
  • 230 ventilators will be purchased in the first phase.
  • The ventilators will be available at the KEM Hospital, Sion Hospital, LTMG Medical College, BYL Nair Hospital and Cooper Hospital.
  • The ventilators will be fixed in the ambulances.

As per the information received by the My Medical from the source, Tender process for ventilator has been initiated. And a proposal has been put forward before the Standing Committee.

Dr Saeeda Khan, NCP corporator had given the proposal to the administration, regarding the purchasing of the ventilators. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr  Khan said, “Ventilators should be equal to the emergency beds in Hospitals. Irrespective of the department and age of the, there is the long waiting list for the ventilator. Owing to which, the relatives have to wait for a longer time. Now, the BMC has initiated the tender process for the ventilators.”

In the four BMC-run hospitals and 18 suburban hospitals, total 450 ventilators are there. Amongst which, 95% are working. The BMC has proposed 135 ventilators for adults and 53 for the children, which means 188 ventilators. And the remaining ventilators will be fixed in the ambulances. For which, in the year 2017-2018, a budgetary provision of 30 crores has been made.

The availability of the ventilators:

  • KEM Hospital: 41
  • Sion Hospital, LTMG Medical College: 23
  • BYL Nair Hospital:18
  • Cooper Hospital: 25
  • Trauma Care (Jogeshwari): 20
  • Suburban hospitals: 28

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ramesh Bharmal, Dean, BYL Nair Hospital, said, “In Mumbai’s Major BMC hospitals, Trauma Centre, Cooper Hospital, V N Desai Hospital and the other hospitals in suburbs, there are around 900 to 1000 beds. But, all the beds do not have the ventilator facility. Owing to which, the critical patients do not get the ventilator.”

He added, “In the private hospitals, patients live on ventilator for many days. The charge of the ICU Bed and the ventilator is at least 10 thousand per day. The relatives get burdened financially if the patient is on ventilator for many days. To avoid the inconvenience to the patients, the number of ventilators will be increased.”

In the BYL Nair Hospital there are 65 ventilators. Since there are large numbers of patients, the additional ventilators will be given to the KEM, Sion Hospital, LTMG Medical College, BYL Nair and the Cooper Hospital.

Along with the BMC hospitals, the BMC is taking efforts to provide 1 ventilator for every bed of the suburban hospital’s ICU department.