Pune: Woman with rare condition delivers a baby

Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) is a condition in which arteries of lung and heart get narrowed or blocked. It is a condition in which doctors’ advice not to get pregnant, as it is associated with high mortality rate. Doctors suggest that only 10 to 52 cases per million of PH are reported globally and it carries 30 to 50 per cent mortality rate

Expecting women who were suffering from a rare disease called pulmonary hypertension (PH) successfully delivered babies at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), Pune. Two young women recently delivered babies in the SGH.

Dr Shilpa Naik, Gynaecologist at Sassoon hospital Pune, said, “A young woman who was first time pregnant came to us in the condition where her arteries were opened. Growth of the foetus was slow. She also had a seven by four centimetre fibroid on her uterus. She was very thin. In such cases when a patient is suffering from PH, we counsel the patient to not conceive. But she was already 29 weeks pregnant when she approached us. In this case we then decided to tap all the available resources and were able to handle the case successfully.”

The patient stayed in the hospital for two months. Doctors applied interdisciplinary approach for the patient. We ensured that she got a high protein and nutritious diet while she was also kept under continuous monitoring.

Dr Pradip Sambarey, Dr Shashikala Sangale, Dr Hemant Kokane were other doctors who were involved in the case.

Dr Ramesh Bhosale, Gynaecologist at SGH said, “In the last month, we had another case of PH where we performed C-section on her. Interdisciplinary approach is needed in such cases. Also anaesthesia should be given carefully, as post operation patient can go in failure if not it is not administered properly.”

  • Smit Janrao

    Nice work by Sassoon doctors