Pune: Doctors bust myths about C-section deliveries

As C-section deliveries are increasing in the country, the Pune Obstetrics and Gynaecologists Society Pune (POGS) had arranged an awareness workshop on Thursday for giving modern perspective about normal and Caesarean deliveries

  • Doctors at the workshop said that there is need to change the attitude about Caesarean delivery in society.
  • The awareness workshop underlined that through C-section deliveries there is more scope made available to ensure safety of mother and child.
  • The conveners were Dr Vaijayanti Patwrdhan and Dr Mangala Wani.

In the total number of deliveries witnessed in Pune, more than 40 per cent were C-section deliveries. Although, Pune witnesses around 50,000 deliveries every year around 20,000 deliveries are C-section deliveries. The statistics were revealed at an awareness workshop for giving modern perspective about normal and Caesarean deliveries.

Dr Nishikant Shrotri, Gynaecologist and Organising chairperson of the workshop, said, “WHO survey says that if the percentage of C-section deliveries is less than 10 to 15 per cent then it is not a healthy indication. It underlines that the healthcare services have not reached people. Also, tertiary hospital will see more C-section deliveries because they get complicated and referred cases.”

Dr Vaishali Biniwale, a gynaecologist who was present for the event said, “These days high risk patients are increasing these days with more number of pregnant women being obese and over 30. Also, modern technology is helping in early diagnosis of completions. In some cases, parents opt for just one or two children. All these reasons are responsible for increase in C-section deliveries. Patients should be made aware that C-section deliveries are last moment decisions. Then, taking their consent becomes easy for doctors.”

Dr Nitin Gupte, senior gynaecologist from Pune, said, “Educated and economically higher strata of society asks for C-section deliveries. Also, in the private practice there is mistrust seen by the patients when doctors advice for C-section. There are many misconceptions about C-section deliveries which need to be solved.”

Doctors emphasised saying, it is only when there are complications and when normal delivery is unsafe for mother and child, it is then that doctors resort to C-section delivery.

Dr Manish Machave, a Pune gynaecologist, said, “People should put forth their queries and doctors should speak with the patients and resolve all doubts. Whenever C-section deliveries are demanded by patients, we do perform C-section deliveries.”

Dr Chinmay Umarji, gynaecologist, said, “Women are scared of normal deliveries. But these days birthing counsellors are helping women to solve the fear about pain in normal delivery. Also, painless normal delivery is an option which should be suggested to patients.”