‘Health insurance should be affordable and accessible by one and all’

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) healthcare conclave hosted a session on insurance and last mile challenges in insurance like coverage offered, procedural issues related to maintenance. As per the experts, the innovations such as insurance must be made hugely available and affordable

Life insurance is the need of the hour. How much we take care of our health, with a change in time and technology and the environment, lifestyle diseases can wreak havoc in our life unexpectedly. Chances of life threatening diseases have also increased by leaps and bounds. Thus, we need a protective circle that protects our health from getting worse and our pockets as well. So, it is important to get a health insurance policy.

By keeping this in mind, The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) hosted a brief discussion about insurance. Dr Tarang Ginachandani, Chief Executive Officer of Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, who chaired the discussion said, “There are no two ways about the importance of health Insurance. It is a necessity.”

Some experts stressed on making health insurance mandatory for all. “We make it compulsory to have motor insurance but many of us don’t have it. Let’s make it a law to take health insurance,” said Dr Sameer Paltewar, senior Neurology Surgeon and CMD of Meditrinia Institute.

The last mile challenges include coverage offered, distribution reach, procedural issues related to insurance payments and maintenances. “Last mile challenges are a major one. However, we haven’t become so equipped to even reach the last mile challenges,” said Dr A Velumani, chairman of Thyrocare.

While talking at the session Rana Mehta, partner of PwC said, “Biggest roadblock in the health care sector is finance. Healthcare innovations such as insurance must be made hugely available and affordable.”