Do not give up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel

37-year-old Shibani Gulati suffered kidney failure in 2004 and lost her confidence. She will be running the Mumbai Marathon 2017 after successfully completing 21 kms in 2016

For Shibani Gulati (37), participating in Mumbai Marathon is special as it gave her the confidence in herself which she had lost after she suffered from kidney failure in 2004. Gulati then underwent a kidney transplant in 2010.

Gulati, who has been fitness freak, said she decided to participate in marathons after her transplant to prove that kidney transplant is not the end of living life.

“My first experience as a runner was at the Pinkathon in 2012 to spread awareness on Breast cancer. Then, I ran for 3 km and it gave me the much needed confidence which was at its lowest after the transplant,” said Gulati.

She said the 2012 marathon run was a turning point in her life as it made her ascertain the believe that kidney transplant is not the end of living life. “I took up running seriously after 2012 and started preparing for marathon. It was not very easy as no trainer was ready to take the risk of training me. I decided to start training myself and run 10 kms in 2013’s pinkathon,” said Gulati.

With more confidence and better preparedness, Gulati participated in Mumbai Marathon 2014 and completed the 21km run. “I choose to live a more active life after the transplant rather than sitting at one place. I want other patients to be aware of this fact that transplant survivor can have healthy life too,” said Gulati.

Gulati, who is originally from Delhi, had kidney transplant in 2010 at PD Hinduja Hospital-Mahim. Her younger brother Varun Malhotra donated his kidney.

“My family and doctor have played a major role in my transformation as a confident individual. My younger brother did big sacrifice without thinking of his own future. Whatever I have achieved so far my husband supported and encouraged me,” said Gulati.

“Destiny is in your own hands and Shibani has very well lived it. Even after such a traumatic phase of life she has showcased courage and strength to steer life in positive direction. Inspiring not just the world around but even within family. Till a few years ago, she was wife of Gautama Gulati but now it’s proud feeling to be known as husband of Shibani” says Gautama Gulati, her husband

Her doctor, Dr Jatin Kothari, nephrologist at PD Hinduja Hospital describes Gulati as a fighter who is now an inspiration to all the end stage kidney patients undergoing kidney transplant. “She is a fighter and inspiration for the treating team including me. I wish her a great life and journey ahead she will be an inspiration to kidney patients across the world with her positive attitude and mind-set to overcome all odds,” said Kothari.

Gulati says one should never give up in life. “There are both good and bad days in our life. We must fight it out. Do not give up. Because end of the tunnel there is always a light,” she said.

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