103-year-old marathoner to show younger generation how it is done

Nashik's Dagadu Bhamre will be running 4.3km category in the Mumbai Marathon for the first time, says he wants to highlight the fact that age is just a number. He is the oldest participant this year

Nashik resident Dagadu Bhamre celebrated his 103rd birthday on January 8

Mumbai Marathon is one event which has given several inspiring stories of its participants year after year. On Sunday, January 15, the city streets will be ready to host 14th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM). Among some of the finest athletes from across the world participating in the race, there will also be Nashik’s 103-year-old Dagadu Bhamre.

Bhamre, who is the oldest participant of SCMM this year, will run marathon for the first time. The Nashik resident expressed his wish to participate in SCMM last year when he got to know about the event.

“I came to know about the marathon last year when I was visiting my daughter who stays in Vikhroli. But, it was too late and I could not apply. I got inspired by the people who were running in last year and I also decided to participate in the next edition. So, this year will be my first marathon run,” said Bhamre.

Bhamre, who celebrated his 103rd birthday on January 8, will be running the 4.3km category for senior citizens. He says he wants to highlight the fact that age is just a number.

“I am a vegetarian since birth. I have always believed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps you live longer and keeps you healthy. Even at this age, I do not have diabetes or high blood pressure,” he said.

Looking at today’s generation which is struggling with a number of lifestyle diseases and health issues, the Nashik resident said exercise is the key to healthy living.

“I sleep early and wake up early. Everyday, I walk 4km. My diet includes protein and calcium-rich foods like green vegetables, fruits and milk. By following a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to run the marathon even when you’re 103-year-old,” he said.

Mrunalini Amrutkar, Bhamre’s daughter, said her father is an inspiration for them.

“He is very particular about eating on time, sleeping on time and exercising. Apart from common cough and cold, he has never suffered from any other illness. I feel proud that even at age 103, he has decided to participate in Mumbai Marathon,” said Amrutkar.

Bhamre believes that eating, sleeping and exercising on time is key to good health.

“By participating in Mumbai Marathon, I want to send across a message to younger generation that one should eat well, sleep well and exercise. Never take up any addiction, even if it’s for fun and be happy, always,” said Bhamre.

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